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Best Electric Bikes for College Students in 2023

Do you still remember what your college was like? Maybe they are like waking up, getting a refreshing coffee, having the lessons for the day, doing some recreational activities, then repeating.

Colleges always have a large area, which requires students to get to point A from point B. This is how electric bikes come in handy. Combining the convenience of a traditional bike with the added power of an electric motor, these eco-friendly vehicles offer an efficient mode of transportation ideal for going around campus grounds and urban environments.

Below we will tell you why every college student should get an ebike.

1. Easy Commuting

There are mainly several models of electric bikes, and I could say folding ebikes are one of the best models for college students, just because they are foldable.

The feature of folding ebikes allows college students to carry them and store them easily. When the day comes to an end, they can take the bike to their dormitories without having to park them downstairs. With the bike folded, it will not take up too much space.

I am not saying that you can’t park an ebike downstairs, but it is not that ideal as you have to worry about rain or the safety of the bike. (Too many ebike thefts nowadays.)

See Magicycle’s 750W Powerful Folding Fat Tire Ebike.

2. More Affordable

All kinds of electric bikes offer a more affordable commuting solution for college students. With rising fuel costs and limited parking options, owning a car can be impractical and expensive. Electric bikes, on the other hand, require minimal maintenance and run at a fraction of the cost of a car or even public transportation. By investing in an electric bike, college students can save money in the long run while enjoying the freedom of independent transportation.

Honestly, electric bikes are kind of expensive when they first come up, but now as more and more ebike brands continue to emerge, there comes a great number of budget electric bikes that are affordable for many college students.

3. Time-Saving

No longer will you need to worry about rushing if you are on an ebike. Electric bikes can transform what would be a 20-minute walk into a 5-minute ride, making your commuting more enjoyable as well.

Most ebikes can reach a speed of over 20 mph, and this is totally enough for commuting within your college area. Of course, we don’t recommend riding too fast in college in case somebody gets hurt.

4. Get Healthier

College life often involves many hours spent sitting in the classroom, and many college students don’t have much time to do exercise due to the heavy schoolwork. Electric bikes offer a perfect opportunity for college students to incorporate physical activity into their daily commuting. By pedaling along with the electric assistance, students can enjoy a low-impact workout while improving cardiovascular health, stamina, and overall well-being. Electric bikes also provide an excellent option for students who may have physical limitations or prefer a less strenuous form of exercise.

Learn more about getting healthier on an ebike.

Best Electric Bikes for College Students in 2023

1. Magicycle Commuter

The stylish commuter ebike from Magicycle. It is equipped with a belt-drive system that allows riders to go for noiseless bike rides, especially in colleges.

2. Magicycle Ocelot Pro

A long-range ebike built with a step-thru bike frame. Its 52V 20Ah battery allows for a range of up to 80 miles per charge. The Ocelot Pro is equipped with a 750W motor that can reach a max power output of 1100W. Ride in style on it!

3. Magicycle Deer

As the first ebike suv in the US, Magicycle Deer has a lot of features that improve the overall riding experience. The bike comes with a full suspension system, a 52V 20Ah large battery, a 750W motor, and a load capacity of 400 lbs. It will be the best choice for any college student to ride on campus. All eyes on you with Magicycle Deer.

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