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Ebike battery: How to Avoid Fire Hazards?

In the past few years, we have seen millions of people in the United States fall in love with electric bikes. Thanks to that, the sales of ebikes have increased dramatically. Looks like everything is going well. However, this phenomenon has contributed to the manufacturing of those cheap and unqualified ebikes, which can lead to lots of safety problems.

Speaking of the safety problems of ebikes, battery fire should be the most critical and fatal one. Over the past couple of years, New York City has seen lots of ebike battery fires. Some of them are even fatal and devastating to those victims.

To keep you away from this risk, do come and discover the ways and tips below to avoid ebike battery fires.

How can a lithium-ion battery catch fire?

When it comes to a battery fire, there are many factors to consider. If a battery is exposed to fire or explosion, it is going to explode as well, which is quite easy to understand. Every ebike battery will be labeled with a safety reminder like “ keep it away from the fire source.”

Of course, ebike batteries are more prone to fire in the summer when it can be very hot. That is all about the temperature. While those factors are crucial, the biggest reason could be the battery itself.

As mentioned above, the sales of unqualified ebikes have surged, and so has the number of unqualified batteries, which are so-called off-brand batteries. Every ebike battery that is certified and high-end should basically feature a BMS(battery management system). This system aims to prevent ebike batteries from overcharging as a great number of ebike owners are prone to charge their ebikes too long because they forget to unplug the charger. However, uncertified batteries don’t come with the BMS. Once they are charged overnight, chances are that they are going to explode without being noticed. Besides fire hazards, unqualified batteries perform far worse than high-end ones, like running out faster and being less efficient.

How to prevent ebike battery fires?

fire hazards

No matter what leads to devastating fire hazards, we need to take some effective measures to prevent them. This is essential for those who already own an e-bike or will soon have one. Below are 4 tips for you, please check them out.

1. Don’t even think about buying an uncertified battery to save money

As mentioned above, a large number of ebike fires are caused by uncertified batteries. To put it simply, we can’t rely on those trash batteries. Who knows when they are going to explode?

So, the first priority when you are going to purchase an electric bike is to make sure the batteries are Ul certified. Just take some moments to ask about that. Magicycle provides 24/7 customer service. The service team is always ready for any questions and offers expertise in electric bikes for adults. You are welcome to come and give it a shot.

2. The way you charge matters

Sometimes, battery fires are not only related to the battery itself, but the way the owners charge it. Even though the battery on your ebike features a BMS, you are still not recommended to charge for too long.

You can charge a UL-certified battery overnight in some regular situations. However, we do not advise that. When a battery has been used for a few ages, it might not work as well as it used to, which means overheating can possibly happen to it. Therefore, when your battery is fully charged, you’d better disconnect it from the charger.

Also, be sure to use the original charger to charge your ebike battery. An ebike battery charger is not like a phone charger, which can be applied to phones from different brands if the charging port matches. Different ebike brands can make use of a variety of techniques to produce ebike batteries and chargers.

Most importantly, do follow the manufacturer’s instructions and precautions, which is always underestimated by most users.

3. Remember to contact the manufacturer

A simple rule is that whenever there is something wrong with your battery or it is just broken, you can contact the bike shop where you bought your bike. If you did that purchase online, then try to contact the service team with the pictures or videos of the battery. All that matters is that you need to find out the exact problem with the help of those experts.

If your battery is damaged not because of man-made causes, you are likely to get a replacement battery for free. It is up to whom you bought the bike from. For instance, Magicycle has a 2-year warranty covering every bike sold, which let people order with confidence.

4. Never play with your battery

I know some of you have rich ebike expertise and are confident in yourselves, but I don’t think you could just open your battery directly without any training. Batteries from different brands are not designed and made in the same way. We don’t mean to offend, but maybe you are just familiar with a specific kind of battery. What about the hundreds of batteries left? So, the best way is to leave it to those engineers for servicing your batteries in case you break your battery unintentionally.

To reduce the risks of your battery catching fire, please remember to follow the 4 tips above. Also, it is important to follow the instructions of manufacturers. Whenever you are going to purchase an ebike, be sure to select a trustworthy ebike brand.

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