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Can Ebikes Be Used for Touring? Here Are the Things You Should Know

In the past time when there were still no electric bikes, most people had to go touring by cars or public transportations. Nowadays, as the electric bike market is booming, more and more people, including bike riders, are trying to go touring by riding ebikes.

For ebike experts, ebike touring can be a lot of fun. However, for amateurs, it could be both wonderful and unpleasant if handled improperly. So to get the best experience and avoid making inadequate preparation, here are xx things you should know first, just watch till the end.

Can ebikes be used for touring?

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To get it straight, electric bikes are useful for touring. Thinking about those times when you went touring by driving, did you really have fun? The world population is growing rapidly, which means that there are a growing number of people driving out for touring. This has exactly resulted in all kinds of problems like traffic jams, pollution, rising temperature, etc. With all these troubles, I don’t think going touring with cars can be a good choice.

But, with electric bikes for adults, things will be a lot easier. You can just ride to any corner that a car is not able to reach. All you need to do is pack things up and hop on your ebikes happily.

Things you need to know before ebike touring

Alright, once you decide to go ebike touring, there are still some things you should know before that.

1. Have a Suitable Ebike for Touring

What is the best ebike for touring? Different will have a variety of answers. Here I will give two recommended models: Long-range bikes and Folding EBikes.

Ebike touring is not the same as a picnic. Most riders would have to ride further and farther for better spots and scenery. However, long-distance also means that the ebike battery will drain out more quickly. In this case, selecting a long-range ebike will be quite necessary.

Magicycle’s got a long-range step-thru ebike - Magicycle Ocelot Pro. This ebike has a 52V 20Ah battery, which can provide a max range of 80 miles. With this ebike, you are going to have a longer tour without charging.

For the second recommendation, you may ask why I suggest folding ebikes for sale. That is because sometimes you may have to stay in hotels, but your ebikes are at the risk of being stolen. If you own a folding ebike, you can just carry it in the hotel room, which will not occupy much space. The Jaguarundi Folding Ebike from Magicycle is a great fit for this situation. It can just be folded up to a size that is small enough for storage.

2. Get to know the max range

Most ebike manufacturers will tell you the max range of their products, but normally, your ebike range won’t be that long due to various factors. Therefore, you have to know exactly how far your ebikes can go. Here are some essential factors to be taken into consideration.

I. The capacity of your batteries. It is the most important factor.

II. The way you ride. What I mean is that your ebike range will depend on how you use the full power model and PAS. Simply, the more you use the full power model, the quicker your battery will drain out. So you have to keep a balance between the full power model and the PAS.

III. The terrain you are about to ride on. The terrain can have a huge impact on your ebike range. If you are riding off-road, definitely your ebikes won’t run as long as you expect due to the resistance.

3. Make sure you can charge your ebikes halfway

Magicycle Pearl White Long Range Powerful Electric Bike

No matter how long your ebike range is, you will have to charge them one or more times unless your tour is a short one. Therefore, before riding out for that tour, remember to take a charger. What is more important is that you need to check if there is someplace where you can charge your ebikes. There may be charging stations in some specific spots. If you can’t find any of them, a socket is enough for you to plug in your ebike charger.

A lot of riders couldn’t accept the long charging time, but this is not a problem if you own a Magicycle Cruiser Pro. The charger that comes with it needs only 3-5 hours to fully charge the batteries. And sometimes you don’t have to fully charge them, just keep it enough for you to finish the rest of the journey.

4. Watch the weather forecast

Bad weather can ruin your tour. Whenever you are going to have a tour, make sure you check the weather forecast, especially for ebike riders. Obviously, compared with drivers, ebike riders will get wet more easily on rainy days. Moreover, it will be dangerous if you ride on the road in the pouring rain. Anyway, the best method is to select a fine day of suitable weather.

5. Get Insurance

Going for an ebike tour will not be dangerous if you do it in a proper way. However, you can not expect anything. The insurance can help you handle those urgent situations such as getting hurt or having injuries. Of course, it is up to you whether you are going to pay for insurance or not. But, if you would to get yourself covered, you must have a comprehensive understanding in case you make some mistakes.

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