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Best Electric Bikes for College Students - Magicycle Is Always Ready

There are different kinds of ebike on the market designed for all ages as the global sales of ebikes are skyrocketing. They can be used almost anywhere, anytime, and this convenience makes ebikes so attractive to college students. Also, there are some other reasons for college students to choose electric bikes. In this article, we will tell you exactly why ebikes are beneficial for college students and how they can select the best ebikes to lead to wonderful college life.

Benefits for College Students to Have Ebikes

Magicycle Cruiser

1. Save More

Most college students mainly focus on learning or enjoying college life while few of them would like to take a part-time job. As is known to all, college tuition can cost them a lot, not to mention the indispensable daily expenses. Therefore, it will be great to save some bucks with ebikes, but how?

First, with ebikes, you don’t have to buy a car even though you live a little bit far from your college because there are long-range ebikes on the market. Compared with the price of a car, the cost of ebikes will be much less than that absolutely. Moreover, after buying a car, you still have to pay for the insurance, maintenance, and something else important for a car while they are not necessary for ebikes.

Second, as the gas price has been soaring year by year, many drivers are tired of owning a car. However, if you own an ebike, this is not a problem at all as you just need to charge it when your ebike runs out of battery. Of course, the electricity won’t cost too much.

2. Make College Life More Convenient

This is one of the most common reasons for college students to own ebikes. When you are in the morning rush to your college, you don’t have to wait for public transportation or for somebody else to pick you up in a car. Also, I don’t think that it is a good choice to drive in the morning rush as you may be stuck in the traffic, but if you ride an ebike, there will be many options of roads for you.

Also, ebikes can be used on the campus as they will not be prohibited normally. You can just ride your ebikes anywhere in your college for all kinds of purposes, such as dining, moving to other classrooms, or pick-ups. You won’t bother anyone with ebikes as they can almost be regarded as traditional bikes and won’t take up much space. With Magicycle Jaguarundi Folding Ebikes, you can even put them at the corner of your dormitory or your house, which won’t take up too much space as well.

3. Improve Health

Believe it or not, riding ebikes can help people get fit, including college students. You may think that the ebike motor will do all the work, but if you ride it in a proper way, you can get fitness definitely. For example, ebikes for sale normally have PAS (Pedal Assist System). It allows riders to get specific power output while pedaling so as to gain fitness without being too tired. Also, if you own a Magicycle Ocelot Pro, the PAS will be much more convenient as it has 7 levels of it, and the power output of each level can be adjusted based on your own needs.

How to Choose the Best Ebikes for College Students

Magicycle Cruiser Pro

Owing an ebike for college students is a huge advantage, but before jumping to the click button, you have to think about what ebikes are suitable for you. Here are some factors you need to consider.

1. Battery Capacity

To put it simply, an ebike for college students should be long-range. Like I said above, they can not only use electric bikes for adults for commuting from home to campus but for some daily commuting like picking up some stuff or just hanging around on campus. This will drain out the battery quickly if it is only 10Ah or less. Also, for those who live far from campus, a long-range ebike can make sure they won’t have to stop halfway because the ebike runs out of battery.

2. Powerful Motor

One of the hugest advantages of riding an ebike to campus is that it can go freely without being stuck in the traffic, but if the ebike can not go as fast as you expect, it does not make sense either, especially when it is the morning rush, how is it going to help you if the ebike goes slowly?

3. Easy on and off

Here what I mean by “ easy on and off” is that college students can choose an ebike for a step-thru frame design, which is convenient for them. When they are in the rush to classrooms, dining halls, or somewhere else, they can literally get on and off the ebike easily. It may seem unnecessary, but details make a huge difference.

Magicycle Ocelot Pro — First Choice of College Students

Magicycle Ocelot Pro

Magicycle Ocelot Pro has a 52V 20Ah large battery, offering a maximum range of 80 miles. The large voltage can help the bike itself go faster. Also, the 750W 96Nm powerful rear-hub motor can take you anywhere fast and quickly. The 750 watts is the rated power while its peak power is 1144 watts. 96Nm is equivalent to the torque level of an 800cc gas-fueled Motorcycle. Moreover, the awesome step-thru frame allows riders to easily get on and off, providing a much more comfortable riding experience.

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