May 26,2023

Are Fat Tire Electric Bikes Worth It?

The sales of electric bikes have been soaring. An increasing number of people are switching to ebikes instead of driving a car. Due to this trend, ebike brands have been trying their best to release a variety of ebikes to meet different needs. The fat tire ebike is one of them.

During these years, fat tire ebikes take over the whole ebike market. Most ebike brands have sold fat tire ebikes. So, are they really worth it? Keep reading and let’s find the answer.

What is the point of a fat tire ebike?

Literally, fat tire electric bikes come with tires of extra width. The width can be 4.0’’ or more. For example, Magicycle’s fat tire Cruiser is equipped with 26’’ x 4’’ fat tires. To make a fat tire ebike, it is not simply replacing the tires. There is still quite a lot to take into consideration, such as the frames, the fenders, the wheels, and even the motors. All these components need to be specially designed to match the fatter and wider tires.

Compared to tires of regular width, fat tires electric bikes can run at a wider range of air pressure, which depends on the needs of riders. If you want to have more grip, then the recommended PSI may be 15 -20. And if you prefer speed rather than grip, then the PSI should be higher than that. Of course, this is an estimate. To make yourself feel great, the best way is to give it a try with different PSI.

Fat tire electric bikes, worth it or not?

Absolutely, fat-tire electric bikes are worth it. Otherwise, how can it be caught on in the electric bike market? Below we will give you several reasons to let you know clearly.

1. Less susceptible to bad weather

Simply, fat tire electric bikes are capable of adapting to bad and unpleasant weather. I dare say the weather has a huge impact on ebike riding. And I believe many of the ebike accidents you hear about are related to bad and severe weather like snow or rain. That’s because it contributes to worse road conditions. Even if you could ride at a lower speed, there are still a lot of unexpected situations.

So what is the reason that fat tire ebikes are less susceptible to bad weather? People who are familiar with ebikes may know that the fat tire electric bike is also known as the all-terrain electric bike. That means they can adapt to all kinds of terrain. When you ride a fat tire electric bike under severe weather conditions, you won’t easily slip or stuck in snow or mud, keeping you safer.

2. More Diverse

A fat tire electric bike can be turned into different models for a lot of uses. For instance, many fat tire ebikes are electric mountain bikes as well. The wider tires can help riders get more grip and traction when they are riding off-road or on mountain bike trails. Also, many fat tires are made to be non-slip and puncture-resistant, which could keep riders out of many troubles as well.

Moreover, fat tire ebikes can be turned into folding ebikes too, being folding fat tire electric bikes. When it comes to storage, this ebike can be folded to a small size so that it won’t take up too much space. Compared to regular folding ebikes, fat tire folding electric bikes can be used on challenging terrains, which is absolutely helpful in specific scenarios.

All in all, when combined with other features like foldability or a full suspension system, a fat tire ebike can become a versatile ebike.

3. Easy to handle and bring more comfort

This is the very reason why I would like to purchase a fat tire ebike. It is simply more comfortable. Electric bike fat tires are made of softer and more elastic materials, which have a great advantage over regular tires in absorbing shocks and vibration. That is to say, you could have an upgraded suspension when you are riding fat tire ebikes off-road or on tough terrain. No wonder a fat tire ebike brings more comfort.

Maybe you are a newbie to electric bikes, but that’s fine. You could give it a try on fat tire electric bikes as they can give you a sense of security by providing more traction and grip. By riding fat tire electric bikes, riders can also get more confident as it is quite easy to maneuver.

4. Save maintenance time and costs

Like I said above, it is not simply replacing tires to produce a fat tire electric bike. Some other ebike components should be redesigned to match the fat tires. As electric bike fat tires are heavy than regular bike tires, the frame should be rigid and firm to prevent further damage. Also, as the bike gets heavier with fat tires, a powerful motor and a large battery are essential. This is to make sure fat tire electric bikes work smoothly.

So basically, fat tire ebikes are of higher quality and stronger compared to ordinary electric bikes. In this scenario, a fat tire electric bike needs less maintenance, which saves much more cost and time.

5. Bring a lot of fun

If you really give it a try, you will find fat tire electric bikes can bring lots of fun. There are many full-suspension electric bikes that are equipped with fat tires. As mentioned above, fat tires provide suspension, so a fat tire full-suspension electric bike can almost give you pretty much the most suspension you can get from an ebike. You can just take it for off-road riding, getting the best riding experience.

Of course, there is not only one sort of fat tire electric bike. You could choose any kind you like depending on your own needs.

What are the best 2023 fat tire ebikes?

Magicycle Ocelot Pro

Step thru fat tire electric bikes

The Ocelot Pro is a step-thru fat tire ebike from Magicycle. It has a 750W motor that can reach a maximum power of 1100W and can easily climb uphill, even though with heavy fat tires. As a fat tire electric bike, the Ocelor Pro has a pair of hydraulic brakes, providing responsive braking force. They are my favorite components as they make ebike riders easier and more relaxing. Compared to mechanical disc brakes, I don’t need to put much effort into the brake levers of hydraulic disc brakes. This can make a huge difference in ebike riding.

Also, the removable battery on Magicycle Ocelot Pro is 52v 20Ah hour, providing a range between 60 - 80 miles. Maybe you think that a large weight can consume more energy. With the Ocelot Pro, you don’t need to worry about that problem anymore.

Magicycle Deer Ebike SUV

full suspension ebike

Magicycle Deer is the first full-suspension electric bike available from Magicycle. Also, it is an ebike SUV, which has a lot of features like a full suspension system, comfort, large load capacity, and long range. Like the Ocelot Pro, Magicycle Deer is equipped with a 52V 20Ah large battery, a 750 Motor, and hydraulic disc brakes.

The most special part about Magicycle Deer is its design. It could the first step-thru full-suspension electric bike available on the market, which is contributed by the Magicycle design team.

Magicycle Deer Ebike SUV is now available at only $2,600. Now you can use the code FH300 to get $300 off. Limited Offer, come check out and grab one.

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