May 26,2023

How Important Is Suspension On Ebike?

There are many different types of electric bikes, including electric mountain bikes, as well as various suspension systems to choose from.

If you’re a beginner in the industry of ebikes, you may be wondering what’s the difference between all of them, how to choose one, and which type is best for your goals. In this post, we share all the information you need about that and more.

Making a decision like that is not easy, and you should have all the information necessary to analyze all possible aspects.

Keep on reading to discover the incredible world of suspension systems, their characteristics, and their benefits. Plus, which ebike is perfect for you depending on your budget, needs, preferences, and style?

What Is Suspension On An Ebike?

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The suspension on an ebike is one of the most important things you need to analyze when looking for your next electric bike.

In essence, the suspension is what will impact your performance in terms of controlling the bike, getting from one place to another with ease, safety, and more. They help make your full suspension ebike or hardtail ebike more effective to use when encountering uneven terrains and riding long distances.

There are two different types of bikes that have suspension, which are full-suspension ebikes and hardtail ebikes.

The first group features both front and rear suspension, perfect for extra comfort and increased stability. Whereas the second only has front suspension.

There are four types of suspension systems you can find on bikes available on the market. They are the following:

● Resistance rubber

● Hydraulic

● Pneumatic

● Spring

Spring and hydraulic suspension systems are the most common ones found on ebikes, and some models can feature both systems in the same bike.

Pros Of A Full Suspension Ebike In General

Now that we’ve explained what suspension is and identified the different types available, we gathered a few pros of owning full suspension ebikes in terms of their suspension.

To begin, having suspension on a bike is perfect for having more control over it since it can aid in absorbing rocks and bumps without you having to make a huge effort to manage the ebike.

Apart from this, with a full-suspension ebike, you won’t become tired after some time riding, especially if you like riding in mountains or on uneven terrain. You don’t need to be in the best shape possible to enjoy a nice ride in nature.

Further, the suspension helps keep both tires on the ground, therefore you don't need to struggle with your ebike every time you want to explore a new place or do something out of your comfort zone.

Finally, a suspension system is a key to making your ebike last longer. These models do require maintenance, but nothing you can’t solve in a few minutes every now and then.

If you have a functional full-suspension ebike, you won’t leave it in the garage for years waiting for the perfect opportunity to use it. This is why full-suspension ebikes have a greater lifespan compared to other ebikes for sale.

What Suspension Is Good For Your Bike?

Depending on which type of bike you’d like to purchase, what your goals are with your new bike, where you want to ride and more will determine the type of suspension recommended for you.

For people who only use or plan to use their bike for cruising around their city, on paved roads, or on occasional cobblestone streets, a simple hardtail ebike will be perfect.

That is, you don’t need to have the most advanced suspension system since you won’t be getting near a mountain or riding on uneven terrains.

If you want to have a simple ebike for going to school or to work but also want to explore new terrains during the weekend, then a full suspension ebike is going to be just fine.

Opting for a hardtail ebike is great if you want to enjoy a more comfortable ride than a regular ebike but don't have the money to commit to a full suspension bike (or you just simply want an option that is not very technological but still good).

For experienced riders or people who want to start mountain biking more seriously, then a full-suspension ebike is the go-to choice. You can enjoy all the benefits from the front and rear suspension and take your riding to the next level.

Considerations For Suspension Systems & Ebikes

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Apart from the information just mentioned, we thought it was appropriate to share some considerations when it comes to suspension systems and ebikes so you can have the full picture and decide for yourself whether they can benefit you or not.

Depending on the suspension system chosen, your bike can weigh more or less. This is very important to consider if you don’t have much strength and need to carry your bike alone, as well as if you’re planning on using your car to transport it.

What’s more, you should also consider that electric bikes for adults have different maintenance routines and costs depending on which suspension system you select. Hardtail ebikes have little to no maintenance, full suspension ebikes require more attention to detail more frequently.

Finally, you should consider the price of each suspension system and determine which one will grant you the most benefits for the budget you set. Typically, hardtail ebikes are cheaper, and full-suspension ebikes tend to be considered an investment.

Where To Find Quality Full Suspension Ebikes

After reading this post you’re ready to start browsing for your next full-suspension ebike.

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