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Are Fat Tire Electric Bikes Worth It?

In the past several years, electric bikes have become more and more popular. When I start to realize that, people around my neighborhood were already riding electric bicycles on a daily basis. Without any doubt, more and more citizens are considering having an electric bike instead of driving a car. If you are one of them, you will find that a lot of ebike riders will recommend fat-tire electric bikes.

Of course, there is always an opposite side to something. Some riders just don’t agree with the statement that fat tire electric bikes are worth buying. So in this blog, we will let you know if fat tire electric bikes deserve such popularity.

Pros of Fat Tire Electric Bikes

Magicyclce Deer fulll suspension ebike

1. Unstoppable on any terrain

Honestly, ordinary electric bikes have a big drawback: Most of them are designed to be used on flat and smooth streets or roads. When it comes to tough terrain that requires extra effort, those regular electric bikes just can’t perform as well as you are expecting. You know that your bike rides are not going to be limited to flat roads. We will climb hills, ride off-road, and even ride in cold winter when roads are covered in snow. What can you do with merely a traditional electric bike without fat tires? That’s why it is great to invest in a fat tire electric bike. Fat tire electric bikes feature better grip and traction, allowing riders to have fun on rough roads.

In the past, I tend to avoid riding off-road on a traditional bike as I am just a normal bike rider without any skills compared with pro mountain bike riders. It is not good at all to go on bumpy trails. Now with a fat tire electric bike, things are going in the exact opposite direction. I have started to enjoy mountain bike trails, sandy beaches, and snowy roads because They just allow me to comfortably engage in a different riding experience.

2. Ride in any season

Many people tend to ride their ebikes on a daily basis. They take joy in it not only because electric bikes help them get enough exercise, but also because they are free to go whenever they want to explore around and leave all those stress behind.

However, regular electric bikes just don’t go well in winter. That is what frustrates most ebike riders. The extreme cold and snowy roads keep telling us to stop doing bike rides, and you can find many bike-related accidents happen under wet conditions.

Luckily, a fat tire electric bike fixes the issue. As mentioned above, fat tires bring a better grip and improved traction. While riding fat tire ebikes on wet or snowy roads, you won’t skid or get stuck in the snow. Also, as far as air pressure goes, fat tires are much more flexible. You can inflate them to various PSI based on your own needs. A high PSI leads to faster speed and a low one brings greater traction. You can check our blog to have more details about the PSI of ebike tires.

3. Beginner-friendly

What we were discussing above seems to be about electric bike veterans who have already ridden ebikes for quite a long time, but another good point about fat tire ebikes is that they are friendly to ebike beginners. That's because fat tires have more contact on the ground, offering more grip. They can make bike rides more stable and steady and provide a sense of security. Therefore, even newbies to e-bikes may be intimidated, but fat tire ebikes are suitable for them to get acquainted with this wonderful mode of transportation.

Cons of fat tire electric bikes

1. Heavier than ordinary ebikes

Apparently, a pair of fat tires add a lot of weight to the bike itself, not to mention that electric bikes are commonly heavier than traditional non-powered bikes. Some people may wonder if such a weight can affect the speed of the bike. In fact, if the fat tire ebike comes with a powerful enough motor, the weight won’t cause any problems.

Magicycle has a fat tire electric bike for sale called Ocelot Pro. It comes with a 750W 96 Nm motor. The max power output of the motor can reach 1100W, which drives the Ocelot Pro to a maximum speed of 28 mph.

2. Take up more space

Due to bigger tires, fat tire ebikes feature larger bike frames. They just take up more space and are not so friendly for storage. It might not be a problem for those who just put their ebikes outside in the yard, but it is an issue for riders that live in apartments.

In this case, you can consider folding fat tire electric bikes. As the name suggests, it is a sort of fat tire ebike that can be folded and save a lot of space.

Fat Tire Ebikes Recommendation

Besides Magicycle Ocelot Pro, the Magicycle Deer is another great choice. It features 26-inch fat tires and a 1100W(peak power) hub motor, fast and strong. And most importantly, it has a full suspension system, which absorbs shocks and bumps effectively. With the combination of fat tires and the full suspension system, the comfort of riding can reach a higher level.

Moreover, Magicycle Deer is equipped with a 52V 20Ah large battery. 52V 20Ah means higher efficiency and a large battery capacity. In the current ebike market, a 52V 20Ah battery represents one of the highest levels of battery technology.

For more excellent ebikes, please check out the category.

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