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Which Company Makes The Best Full Suspension Ebike?

The market is huge, but there’s only one company that is considered the best. Here, we share with you its name and why you should choose it

According to recent data, the e-bike market is tipped to generate around 53.5 billion U.S. dollars in revenue by 2027. With this in mind, there are many different ebike manufacturers out there.

In this article, we share information about the best one and why you should choose it for your next (or first) full-suspension ebike.

Reasons To Invent In A Full-Suspension Ebike

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Ebikes are rapidly grabbing attention around the world from many riders and nonriders. Some of the reasons why this is happening have to do with its enhanced structure, impressive technology, and that are very easy to use.

Full-suspension ebikes present a new way to ride a bike, maintaining the classic body movement you do but reducing possible injuries. This is possible due to the quality technology these bikes have that maximizes pedaling.

Apart from this, ebikes are the perfect option for all ages since they are very easy to use and help children, adults, and elders have a pleasant and comfortable ride.

Ebikes are becoming the go-to option for people who want to reduce their car usage and opt for a healthier option for their bodies. These bikes are excellent for exercising and you’re guaranteed a great time doing it.

There are many full-suspension ebikes available that will suit your budget, needs, and personal preferences. For example, electric mountain bikes, ebikes, and more.

The Company That Makes The Best Ebikes

Magicycle is the company that manufactures and sells the best full-suspension ebikes on the market.

We produce every full-suspension ebikes from start to finish, with high-quality materials worldwide level. Every bike goes through a rigorous quality control process to ensure they meet our standards and are optimal for use.

Wade, Magicycle’s creator, saw a necessity in the world of bikes for people who were not able to ride like they used to do. Taking this as motivation, he decided to build a bike that will make riding easier for everyone regardless of their physical capabilities.

When Wade’s father, his long-time cycling companion, began developing knee arthritis, their rides together had to stop. Thankfully, Wade had years of experience as an engineer, which combined with his love for riding bikes, allowed him to develop a unique bicycle everyone can use.

That’s how he turned his father’s regular bike into an ebike, giving him the opportunity to enjoy riding again. Seeing his father’s contentment, Wade embarked on a mission to help other people have access to ebikes too.

Now, Magicyle provides users with ebikes, quality e-Mtb, and other types of ebikes for all kinds of riders.

About Our Top-Quality Factory

We have our own factory, and that allows us to control every single part of the design and manufacturing process. Our standards are the highest on the market in terms of the quality of our bikes.

Located in Chongqing China, Magicicle’s factory has the best manufacturing technology for electric bikes for adults in the entire world. We stand strong and are committed to fighting the stigma related to products made in China, which people assume are made with poor-quality materials.

Magicycle brings quality electric bikes to the market at affordable prices and with an incredible community of riders who choose us every time.

As if this wasn’t enough, before having our own factory, Magicycle had over a decade of experience in the production of bikes, including product design services for brands located in Europe, North America, Australia, and Japan.

Here’s Why We Are The Best Full-Suspension Ebike Company

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Magicycle is considered the best full-suspension ebike company, but those are not our words, but the incredible voice of our beloved community.

We have an amazing owner and dedicated staff working all day every day to improve bikes and find new ways people can enjoy cycling. Apart from this, our experience in electric bike-making makes us the most qualified ebike manufacturer.

All of our bikes require the best materials and the highest standards in the manufacturing process. This has to do with the complexity of our bikes which need to be extremely safe to ensure you can enjoy your ride.

Magicycle has over 55 patents on design and innovation to guarantee your safety, and that you’re getting a unique electric bike. We’re well aware of the current statistics of cycling accidents, as well as how dangerous poorly-made bikes are. We’re committed to bringing quality, innovation, and safety at an affordable price.

As for our e-Mtb, ebikes, and more, they all have a 15-day return option in case you’re not satisfied with your purchase, and a 2-year warranty.

What’s more, Magicycle has (and is very proud of) an incredible community of riders who support our products and share their experiences with our ebikes. You can check it out here, as well as see pictures, videos, and more.

Magicycle’s Ebike Models

Magicycle has various ebike models available, and choosing the best one for you might be a bit tough.

In this section, we share the best tips for choosing your next bike:

1. Spend time searching. Deciding which ebike to get is not a quick decision, since there are many different factors to consider.

2. Determine what’s your goal with an ebike. Whether it is exercising more, reducing your car usage, or exploring the outdoors, your ebike model selection may vary.

3. Know your budget. Ebikes are not like regular bikes and investing in one signifies having a specific budget for any repairs you might need to make, as well as adding the appropriate accessories like lights.

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