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What Are the Pros and Cons to Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bikes?

Setting out to find and purchase an electric MTB requires you to make a series of decisions. You need to determine what you’ll be using the e-mountain bike for, what frame size you need, find a powerful motor and capable battery, etc. Most of the decisions you need to make come down to personal preference.

However, some decisions are more technical. For example, you have to choose between a hardtail electric mountain bike and a full-suspension electric mountain bike depending on your riding style and the type of terrain you’ll usually ride in.

If you’re reading this, it means you want to understand full-suspension electric MTBs to determine whether they’re the right choice for you. Now, a full-suspension electric mountain bike is different from a hardtail ebike because they feature front and rear suspension.

Both shocks work to absorb impact from uneven terrain, bumps, rocks, and vibrations. This means you’ll be more comfortable and therefore more efficient when riding on rougher terrains. A full-suspension electric mountain bike also provides better control, handling, and traction.

If you plan on trail riding and going downhill, a full-suspension electric mountain bike is the right option for you. But what are the pros and cons of it? Let’s find that out!

The Pros of Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bikes

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Full-suspension electric mountain bikes are quite popular among beginners and expert riders alike. There’s good reason for that, so if you’re considering getting one of these EMTB bikes, here are the most important pros to keep in mind:

Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bikes Are Safer

An electric MTB is safer because the front and rear suspension keep the tires in touch with the terrain. In other words, a full-suspension electric mountain bike tracks the ground, so it doesn’t constantly bounce off things.

This is why you need this type of mountain ebike if you want to ride on rocky and rough terrains. Now, it’s not uncommon for riders to feel more confident with a full suspension system. However, you need to ride within your skill level. Otherwise, you’ll expose yourself to unnecessary risks and the full suspension won’t keep you safe.

They Provide Better Control

Because a full suspension system allows your electric mountain bike to absorb the bumps on the road and provide more traction, it allows you to control your bike a lot better. Since the front and rear tires will always be in touch with the ground, you will have a better, more controlled grip on the handlebars.

Full Suspension Electric MTBs Will Last Longer

Full suspension systems contribute to a longer life span. The fact that it absorbs shock saves your components a lot of stress. As such, they won’t wear as easily. Of course, you need to take proper care of your bike and keep up with maintenance. Overall, compared to other types of bikes, full-suspension electric mountain bikes last longer.

They Can Elevate Your Riding Experience

Having a full-suspension electric mountain bike can provide an elevated riding experience, especially if you’re quite the veteran. Remember, the tires will maintain contact with the ground, shock will be absorbed more efficiently, and vibration will be dampened.

These benefits allow the rider to be more stable, have more control, and therefore be more efficient. Your bike won’t move around like crazy on rough terrain and it will bounce off rocks, which means you won’t lose forward momentum.

Full Suspension Systems Allow You to Ride Faster

Another great thing about full-suspension electric mountain bikes is that this type of system allows you to reach higher speeds and maintain them when you’re riding on technical trails. This, combined with all the other pros discussed so far, make full-suspension electric MTBs the best option for all types of mountain biking experiences.

The Cons of Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bikes

Of course, nothing in life is perfect, and full-suspension electric mountain bikes are no exception. Here are a few drawbacks you need to be aware of:

Full Suspension Electric MTBs Cost More

The main drawback of a full-suspension electric mountain bike is the price. Usually, they cost between $800 and $1,200+ more than hardtail ebikes. Even if you do find a full-suspension electric MTB at the same price as a hardtail ebike, the components won’t be as high quality.

They’re Not the Best Learning Tool

Full-suspension electric mountain bikes are a lot more forgiving, so it’s easy to ride above your skill level because the margin of error is wider. As such, they’re not the best learning tool for beginners. You need to make mistakes to learn how to ride properly, so a full-suspension electric MTB can lead to bad habits that will be very difficult to unlearn later on.

Full Suspension Electric MTBs Tend to Be Heavier

To ensure a comfortable ride, full-suspension electric bikes will have more components. Typically, full suspension systems will make the full suspension electric mountain bike heavier than a hardtail bike. However, the added weight does not affect its performance, because it is paired with a powerful motor.

They Require More Maintenance

Lastly, full-suspension electric mountain bikes require more maintenance. These types of electric bikes for adults have more moving parts, which means periodic maintenance is not something you can neglect. The more moving parts, the greater the risk for wear and tear, and issues. It’s a drawback because periodic maintenance can be stressful for riders who aren’t mechanically inclined.

Are Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bikes Worth It?

Yes, they are! If mountain biking is your passion, having a full-suspension electric mountain bike is the only option that will make sense. It will allow you to enjoy smoother long-range riding and it will surprise you.

Here at Magicycle, we have an upcoming full-suspension electric bike that will blow you away. The Magicycle DEER full suspension ebike combines comfort and performance to provide a high-quality Ebike SUV.

It will suit adult as well as older riders and provide all the features you need. So, stay in touch for updates! In the meantime, you can also browse our website and check out all the other Magicycle products that help you have the best bike riding experience.

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