May 26,2023

What Are the Different Types of Suspension in Electric Mountain Bikes?

Mountain biking can be an incredible experience, but much of it depends on having the right electric mountain bike. And by that, we mean having the right suspension system for your needs.

A full-suspension electric mountain bike like the Magicycle Deer is considered to be the best option overall. Why? Because having suspension in the front and rear will neutralize shock and vibrations a lot more effectively.

This is essential for mountain biking because your bike over all kinds of rough terrains, go up and down steep hills, and so much more. Having a full-suspension SUV Ebike will provide more comfort, save your body a lot of stress, and also keep you safer.

However, there’s a variety of options to consider before you make your choice. Today, we want to explore each type of suspension for electric mountain bikes so you can learn the differences and determine which suspension is best for your EMTB bike. Let’s get into it!

Types of Suspension Systems

electric bikes with suspensions

Before we discuss the types of suspension in electric mountain bikes, we’d like to introduce you to the four main types of suspension systems and explain how they work.

●Hydraulic Suspension System

This is the all-in-one suspension system and it’s one of the lightest options. It’s also the safest and most efficient at shock absorption. The hydraulic suspension system is very low-maintenance and it uses oil. The only drawback is that it’s one of the most expensive options, not only at purchase but also in the long term because repairs are quite costly.

●Spring Suspension System

Spring suspension systems are the most common because they are the most affordable option. However, they can still provide substantial shock absorption, which is why they’re often used in rear-suspension and full-suspension ebikes for sale. They can be a bit heavy, though!

●Resistance Rubber Suspension System

This type of suspension system is lightweight because it consists of resistance rubbers. They’re also low maintenance and they’re easier to adjust, so users can personalize their EMTB a bit more. However, resistance rubber suspension systems are more susceptible to wear and tear. Rubber deteriorates a bit more easily, so shock absorption will become less and less effective.

●Pneumatic Suspension System

This type of electric mountain bike suspension system works by compressing gas, which provides a good level of dampening. Pneumatic suspension systems can stand the test of time a lot better, but they can be susceptible to gas leakages, which can lead to air pressure imbalances in the system. This, in turn, can damage the suspension forks. However, this can be avoided with frequent calibrations, so you need to keep up with regular maintenance.

Types of Electric Mountain Bikes

electric mountain bikes

Now that we have a general idea of each type of suspension system and how they work, let’s discuss the types of electric mountain bikes.

●Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike

Also known as electric mountain bikes, full suspension electric mountain bikes are the most popular option. They’re the most effective at absorbing shock and vibrations because they feature both front and rear suspension.

Often, a full-suspension electric mountain bike will combine hydraulic and spring suspension systems. They offer better traction, stability, and control on all types of rough terrains, which is why they’re in such high demand.

Another advantage of full-suspension ebikes is that they allow you to traverse long ascents or descents at high speeds. Given that they have double shock absorption, your handling won’t be compromised and you can perform a greater variety of maneuvers.

Overall, a full-suspension electric mountain bike like the Magicycle Deer offers the most advantages. They’re worth the extra investment because they will make your experience much more enjoyable.

●Hardtail Electric Mountain Bike

Hardtail electric mountain bikes are also known as front-suspension ebikes, and they only have a front suspension fork on the front wheel. As such, the front fork of the bike is responsible for absorbing all the shock, providing cushioning for the impact of the terrain, and preventing damage.

Hardtail electric mountain bikes are less expensive than full-suspension ebikes and they can have hydraulic suspension systems. This type of EMTB bike is responsive because it features a rigid frame.

This allows you to feel the terrain while also remaining comfortable. Additionally, hardtail ebikes are more lightweight, energy-efficient, and provide good value for your money if you take the time to browse through the options.

Hardtail electric mountain bikes are easier to handle, so they can suit beginners really well. They are also relatively low-maintenance, provide a good riding range, and they’re quite versatile.

●Electric Mountain Bike without Suspension

Electric mountain bikes with suspension are definitely the best option for off-road biking, but no-suspension electric MTBs also exist. This type of ebike doesn’t feature any kind of suspension at all. At first thought, it may seem like a bad idea. What advantage could this possibly provide?

Well, when it comes to on-road biking, no-suspension electric bikes are a viable option. As long as you never plan on doing any mountain biking or going over 20mph, having no suspension won’t be an issue.

Most roads in the city are made of asphalt, so you will encounter very few bumps. The risk of dealing with shock and vibration is significantly reduced, so an electric bike for adults will function well on smooth surfaces without any suspension.

No-suspension electric bikes are super lightweight, they’re one of the cheapest options on the market, and they’re perfect for beginner urban riders. However, they lack traction and they can be more susceptible to damage when ridden on uneven or unpaved surfaces.


Understanding the different types of suspension systems and electric mountain bikes available will help you make the right decision.

Of course, suspension is not the only factor you need to consider, but it is one of the most important ones. So, think about it, compare options, and consider your needs.

For example, the recently launched Magicycle Deer is a comfortable full-suspension SUV ebike with an affordable price tag. Don’t hesitate to check it out and take advantage of this amazing electric bike for sale.

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