May 26,2023

6 Tips for Keep Longer Battery of Ebikes

What's the real magic behind the electric bike? Absolutely is a battery. The Battery almost powers every part of your electric bikes, electrifying your riding adventures and memories. It’s one of the most crucial components of an electric bike which is the reason why the maintenance of the battery is essential. Whether you're considering purchasing an electric bike or are an experienced electric bike cyclist, knowing how to maintain your battery in top shape keeps you enjoying your electric bike at ease for years to come.

Taking care of your ebike battery is not difficult. The key is to know what to do or not. To that end, this article will equip you with all the necessary information. By following these tips offered, you will improve the ebike battery life and performance.

1. Use the Correct Battery Charger

Magicyclebike Charger

Different Battery has its system and given structure when it comes. Every data and attribute is set by the factory. If you charge the battery with another brand or cheap charger, the connection or some attribute may not fit perfectly, which may cause a battery explosion or sparks. The consequences would be disastrous. When charging the battery, use an e-bike battery charger that came with the battery does the job at a steady rate rather than a speed charger that rapidly charges your battery.

If your charger is lost, it’s better to buy one which is in corresponds with the battery. But sometimes you couldn’t find the same charger as the lost one, because some ebike brands you choose just retail and they haven’t owned factories and production lines to provide the extra charger. Therefore, when you consider buying an electric bike, it must have its factories such as Magicycle, which will ensure that you can get the best accessories or after-sales when you need them. Then you can be sure that your e-bike battery is charged properly.

2. Avoid a Long-Term Full or Empty Battery

To expand the battery life, you actually should avoid this scenario the battery charging to 100 percent which extremely stresses the battery. It’s better to charge to 85 percent if you know you don't need a full battery.

If you ride semi-regularly or don’t ride very often, it’s important that knowing how to the battery remains properly charged when the e-bike is idle. Keep the power at 50% when storing. The battery will self-discharge over time, so if you haven’t ridden for two months or more, be sure to check the charge every once in a while and charge it to 50% when lack of power.

The same for discharging, don’t charge the battery until the battery has been used up. Just put yourself in the position, if you’re very starving to eat something, your stomach will gradually shrink so you couldn’t eat much as usual. On the contrary, you’re not so hungry but can eat more and feel better, that's why You should charge the battery before it runs out, instead of fully exhausted. This food analogy applies to the quick charger as well. Keep in mind that the first 50% of charging will not stress the battery; it is the remaining 50% that causes stress to the battery. The charging of the latter 50% needs to be eased.

3. Clean Carefully and Regularly

Always remove the battery from your electric bike before cleaning your ebike. Prevent the electrical components from getting wet and do not place a direct water jet on them. Cleaning the plug terminals from time to time with a damp cloth will not harm.

You may charge the battery while it is still on the bike. However, it's a good idea to remove the battery after regular intervals to clean it. You should use the opportunity to check the connections and remove all useless and foreign stuff such as dust, water, gunk, etc. They can cause corrosion and result in a poor connection.

4. Do not leave it on Ebike When Transport

Magicycle Pearl White All-Terrain Cruiser

When transporting the ebike on the rack, don't leave the battery on the ebike - the battery doesn’t support to strong drop. It’s common, a big enough bump in the road and a poor ebike/battery connection can bounce the battery off the road. This could break any of the many soldered connections between the cells.

Water can damage the battery model’s electrical components, so be sure you use a waterproof cover while transporting if the forecast is rainy. Magicycle battery storage bag with highly fireproof and waterproof is a convenient way to safeguard your Magicycle batteries during charging, transit, and storage, which made of 100% inner fireproof fiberglass fabric, interlayer non-woven fabric with flame retardant effect, and PVC fiber outer layer, which effectively isolates the outer and improves the safety when charging.

5. Do not Store Battery under Extreme Temperature

Storage of the battery should also be done in a dry and well-ventilated space between 45°F and 85°F. Due to its high energy density, lithium-ion batteries have many advantages such as long span life and low self-discharge rate. Despite their many strong points, they are particularly sensitive to both extreme low temperatures and extremely high temperatures. Any temperature above or below is considered extreme and unhealthy for a battery. That’s why it’s important not to leave the battery in your car when you transport or store it. Even with an ambient temperature of 60 degrees, your car will exceed these limits within 20 to 30 minutes in direct sunlight.

If it’s not convenient to park your electric bikes for adults at your residence or office, you can only park it outside. In that case, direct and strong sunlight will seriously affect battery life and cause danger sometimes. The best suggestion we have given is to take the battery into the Magicycle battery storage bag, and then you can take it with you and can also prevent theft. If you can't take it with you, lock it back on your ebike. This will make it safer and cooler than inside the car.

6. Prepare an Extra Battery

Magicycle 20Ah Large Capacity Battery

Electronics are reputed to have a limited lifespan. As mentioned above, many factors affect a battery’s life: battery technology, environment, power, or even the frequency of use and usage habits, which also affects its life. Hence, excessive use of the same battery will eventually cause the battery to die due to hardware aging and corrosion. Therefore, preparing an extra battery is necessary, which not only gets the spare but also can be replaced to reduce the frequency of battery usage and keep the battery healthy.

Our Magicycle uses a good quality electric bike battery in all of our ebikes for sale. We want our customers to have a good riding experience and this starts with the heart of the bike. Magicycle provides two kinds of batteries for the majority of electric bike enthusiasts - 15mAh and 20mAh. The 52V 20Ah batteries with relatively low current help reduce the risk of overheating the battery system, which ensures a long life span and high performance. Our long range is over 80 miles per charge on pedal-assist mode and around 50 miles on pure electric power mode. We also offer a 2-year warranty on batteries, which provides you with longer battery life and more securer for your riding journey.

Last Words

Finally, as long as you show your love by taking care of your battery, in exchange, your battery will love you back with a longer life and more riding miles! Use these helpful tips to avoid range loss and get the most smiles out of your ride. For additional information on how to maintain your ebike, focus on Magicycle

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