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6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying an Electric Bike

Here's What E-bike Shoppers Need to Know

So you've decided you want an e-bike, right? Congratulations -- you are about to step into the exciting world of e-bike riding, with all its accompanying benefits of health and fun. Most likely, you have discovered the predominance of fat-tire electric bikes. Fat tire e-bikes (including EMTB, ESUV, full suspension e-bikes, etc.) are becoming more and more popular every week. There are several very good reasons for the fast-growing popularity of fat tire e-bikes. These include...

1. Better stability and balance

2. Improved traction

3. Smoother "cushy" ride

4. Big and powerful look

5. Enhanced rider confidence

If you are interested in more than just commuting, then fat tire e-bikes are definitely for you. The pedaling assistance that comes from a strong motor and capable long-range battery opens all sorts of biking possibilities. Even people who thought their bike-riding days were long gone are finding they can once again enjoy biking for pleasure, sport, heart-healthy exercise, and even commuting. Fat tire e-bikes are gaining a broad segment of electric bike fans, partly because they can easily go places that a thin tire cannot go.

As you would probably suspect, mountain biking contributes to the appeal of fat tire e-bikes. Since March of last year, mountain bike sales have grown by 60%. Total sales in the US last year reached $1,464,000,000. It's truly amazing that 47,000 bikes are being sold every day. Electric fat tire bikes are claiming their share of the bike industry's growth. It's no wonder -- people are discovering the joy of riding off-road, far from exhaust fumes and heavy traffic.

So Many E-bikes -- Help!

Electric bikes for adults

E-bikes continue to grow in popularity, including the fat tire electric bikes. In fact, you might call it a boom. Sales are up more than 145% since 2019, and still climbing! Thanks to that massive demand, a wide variety of e-bike styles are now readily available. Most certainly, there is one for you. The ongoing advances in technology and the incredible increases in sales have given rise to an amazing number of e-bike brands, styles, types, and sizes. Deciding on which e-bike best fits your needs can be a bit daunting. 

It is extremely important, more so than ever before, that e-bike shoppers take the time required to "do their homework" before making a purchase. If you will remember to ask the following five questions, it makes your shopping experience easier and more productive.

5 Questions Every E-bike Shopper Should Ask

How Will I Use my E-bike?

The kind of riding you prefer and the location where you expect to ride should affect your choice of an e-bike. Remember that as you gain riding experience, you will very likely expand your interests. If possible, allow for those possibilities and if you err, err toward the side of a multipurpose e-bike.

You may plan to use an e-bike primarily for commuting, or perhaps you expect to spend most of your riding time on trails and gravel roads. Or maybe you think your rides will be 50/50, half of your time on city streets or running errands in your neighborhood, and half your time on park trails, forest pathways, or sandy beaches.

When you want to ride off the pavement, you naturally should expect to encounter higher impact conditions. Terrain that includes gravel, large rocks, dips, holes, tree roots, sand, etc. make a tougher bike very desirable. EMTBs have the capability of taking you safely into these types of terrain.

Most likely, you will want an EMTB  or ESUV that is equipped with fat tires of at least 20" in size. A good 4" wide fat tire goes a long way toward helping your EMTB absorb those high-impact bumps -- not to mention your personal comfort while riding the trails. You'll also be looking for a good rear suspension. The more high-impact and technical the trails you prefer to ride, the better your suspension needs to be. You'll definitely want high-quality front forks, and excellent rear suspension as well. All that bump protection is also appreciated every time you encounter one of the nasty potholes on paved roads.

Will you ride 2 or 3 times monthly for enjoyment and a little fresh air? Perhaps you expect to ride almost daily, and regular exercise is important to you. If you ride frequently, then choosing an e-bike company that maintains consistent quality control is very important.

Is this an E-bike Company that Owns a Factory?

Factory ownership is an often-overlooked key to purchasing a reliable e-bike that will give you many years of riding satisfaction. The purchase of any fat tire e-bike is a significant investment in health and outdoor fun. Protect that investment by insisting on a quality brand name. The consistent performance and reliability of Magicycle e-bikes is the result of factory ownership.

Magicycle Inc. is proud to be one of the very few e-bike brands that manufacture e-bikes in its own factory. The 107,000 sq. ft. Magicycle factory employs 150 workers and features state-of-the-art technology with an output of 300,000 units annually. More information is available at or by phone at +1 213-559-1861.

The Magicycle brand has always focused on providing a high-quality product at a very consumer-friendly price point. Many riders have noted that no other company can match the quality and power of a Magicycle in the same price range. The tradition of quality control and economical pricing is a very important combination. 

When a company has award-winning fat tire e-bike designs like the Magicycle Design Team and the company also owns the factory that builds the e-bikes, complete quality control is available. Magicycle Inc. excels in quality control all the way from original design to manufacturing to shipping. That's exactly what consumers want for their e-bike brand.

Does the Motor Have Enough Power?

An e-bike purchase is a substantial investment, so you want to ensure that your new fat tire e-bike has the power to take you to all the places you enjoy riding. If your e-bike cannot handle the steep hills or won't provide the speed you need, then your riding is severely limited. Look for a 750-watt hub motor, and further, check to be sure it is a motor that provides plenty of torque, at least 85 Neuton Meters and preferably 95 NM or more.

Magicycle fat tire e-bikes are equipped with motors that provide at least 600 watts of power, and most models provide 750 watts and up to 1100 peak watts. Of equal importance, these motors generate amazing torque -- more than any competitor in the same price range, and more than many higher-priced brands. Depending upon the Magicycle model you select, you'll be getting from 86 to 96 Neuton meters of torque.

Newton meters (Nm) is a standard measurement of torque. This scientific technique for measurement was invented by Isaac Newton and is still very much the standard for measuring torque today. And MAGiCYCLE provides the highest torque of any fat tire e-bike in its price range. That's about the same amount of torque provided by an 800cc motorcycle motor! Without getting overly technical, why do e-bikers care about torque?

It’s actually fairly simple — torque is important because of its relationship to power. You can think of torque as the power available for turning the rear wheel on your e-bike. The torque can be provided by a motor or by the pedaling of a bike rider. The harder the rider pedals, the more torque is applied to turning the rear wheel. In the same manner, the more the rider twists the Magicycle throttle, the more torque is applied to turning the rear wheel.

Can I Take Long Rides on this E-bike?

Many factors affect the available range of a fat tire e-bike. These include tire pressure, the weight of the rider, the amount of gear loaded on the bike, wind speed, and terrain. But the biggest factor is the strength and "lasting power" of the battery that energizes the motor. The best e-bike motor in the world is no good without a great battery to provide electrical energy.

Most e-bike brands have their products equipped with a battery that provides 48 volts or less, and 14 amp hours or less. This is a situation where more is better, and more also allows for longer rides. In other words, your e-bike's range is limited by the voltage and amp hours of its battery. You'll appreciate the 52V ebike battery that Magicycle has selected for its e-bikes. You'll also love the excellent range available because of Magicycle's 20 amp hour battery.

How Much Weight can this E-bike Carry?

Payload is the total amount of weight a fat tire e-bike can carry safely. The most significant portion of the payload is the weight of the rider. However, you must also include the weight of any gear or accessories you may want your bike to carry. Look for a minimum of 300 pounds, and more is better, especially if the rider tips the scales at close to 300 pounds.

The more body weight a rider carries, the higher payload he or she will need. Magicycle fat tire e-bikes give the rider an exceptionally nice payload. These bikes will safely carry from 350 to 400 pounds depending on the model you select.

After Your Research...Easy Online Shopping

When shoppers have understood the importance of these five questions, it's time to settle on a consumer-friendly brand like Magicycle. Compare the quality, power, range, payload, etc. and you will quickly realize no other brand has an equivalent product at Magicycle's competitive prices. Without ever leaving the comfort of your home, you can select your Magicycle as you browse the informative Magicycle website. Best of all...your shiny new Magicycle will arrive at your doorstep already 90% assembled and in only a week from the day you place your order.

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