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Electric Bike Troubleshooting: The Most Common Problems and Solutions

Electric bike technology has been developing for many years. All this time there must be many technical or electrical problems with ebikes as it is the necessary process for them to become mature. Nowadays, all of us can feel the progress when we really go for an ebike ride. Although technology has been more and more advanced and mature, some common and unavoidable issues, like slipped chains and flat tires, still exist. To put it simply, things can still go wrong on your electric bikes. Today, we are going to look at all your problems and how we can possibly fix them.

Questions to Be Answered

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Before we get straight to the topic, I think we need to answer some of the most common questions about electric bikes as they are quite similar to those problems, both of which need to be settled and solved before people try to buy ones.

1. Are ebikes high maintenance?

Actually, it may depend on how you treat your electric bikes for sale. Some people love to ride off-road so they tend to buy electric mountain bikes. In this scenario, their ebikes need to be maintained more because they are most likely to be exposed to sand and dirt, which may be stuck in the battery, the frame, or somewhere.

For those who tend to get a commuter ebike, they are not supposed to maintain the bikes that often, maybe once a month according to their needs. For example, Magicycle Commuter has a belt drive instead of a chain drive, which is designed to work smoothly without slipping off. It doesn't need any lubrication or oiling. As for its motor, well, what is lucky for you is that most ebike motors are designed to be maintenance-free as well. All you need to do may be just cleaning the frame regularly.

So, here are my conclusions. There are two factors that affect the frequency of electric bike maintenance. First, the way you treat your bikes, and second, the quality of them. The second factor is quite simple, the higher the quality of your ebikes is, the less maintenance you will need as any component of them will not break or wear out easily.

2. Are ebikes expensive to repair?

If you really have to repair your ebikes, you must be clear about the cost of ebike servicing. On average, it costs electric bike owners about $100 to $150 for components yearly. With some pro fees charged by ebike professors, the number can increase more.

However, as I said above, the higher the quality of your ebikes is, the less maintenance you will need, so the servicing fees will be less as well. Also, you could save more of that costs if you try to do a lot of easy work by yourself, like changing tires, and replacing brakes and chains, and so on.

Common Ebike Problems

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Well, after common questions, we’d better get to those common problems that occurred in ebike riding.

1. Motor Bearing

There's a lot of talk about worn-out bottom brackets bearings and motor bearings in the ebike world, but if you look back to when we rode the traditional mountain bikes, your bottom bracket was a serviceable item that you replaced two or three times a year if you were doing a lot of miles. if you're out on the trail, and your motor's making more noise than usual, or there's the dreaded coffee-grinder noise every pedal, then I'm afraid it's time to get that bike back to the dealer. If it's still under warranty, you’d better get the motor bearings replaced.

When it comes to a motor fault, we strongly advise against digging around the motor, especially when your ebike is under warranty. That is because when you remove the cover plate and deep into the motor, you are going to instantly invalidate your warranty. However, if you are a competent mechanic and your electric mountain bike is outside of the warranty period, there are some fixes that are fairly accessible by just removing the outer motor covers, not the inner ones.

2. Speed Sensor

Another problem you might be experiencing on your ebike is that you're all set and ready to go, but all of a sudden, your ebike just dies off. It might also be accompanied by the speed reading on your display not coming up, just displaying zero miles an hour. It's all down to the spoke magnet. which is to determine how fast the back wheel is going. However, if it is dirty, fallen off, or turned around, you will get no data from the back wheel, and hence the motor cuts out.

If you're experiencing that problem out on the trails you need to refer back to your manufacturer's handbook and check that the distance between your spoke magnet and the receiver is in the correct location. Also, you need to check the wires from the speed sensor into the motor as well. These are quite common to get damaged by trail debris or get pinched between linkage bolts.

3. Dead Battery

A dead battery is every person’s worst nightmare. You've pushed the power button to turn it on and nothing at all lights up. First up you need to check the battery level indicator. Press the power button, and you should have a row of LEDs light up. If you've got it on there, that should show a fully charged battery. If not, you need to be asking yourself, was that battery in an extreme temperature? Was it stored in the shed or freezing overnight? All these questions stem from the fact that a battery will not charge if it’s too hot or too cold.

The other thing you need to check is the charger, was it plugged in, or was it even turned on? Was it connected to the battery? All these mean that you're going to plug a dead battery into your ebike.

Alright, with all mentioned above, we believe it will help you a lot while riding out. If you got any other problems, just feel free to tell us at

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