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Top 4 Things That can Ruin Your Ebike Rides

We always say that electric bikes for adults can bring you a lot of fun, and it is absolutely true when we have the right ones for us, on which we can commute, go camping, travel, etc. But, to be honest, it could not be that fun all the time as there are just a few things that can possibly ruin your ebike rides. One of them can be annoying noise that will bug you the whole way around your loop. Another one can be a problem that could potentially bring your ebike rides to a halt, meaning you’ve got to push your electric bikes home, which is not a lot of fun of course.

However, you don’t have to worry too much about them because a lot of them are quite easy to fix at the side of the trail. So, it is time for today’s Magicycle blogs, let’s get to it.

1. Closed brake after transporting

You can’t even begin your ride if you’ve run into problems already. Now, this one usually happens when you are transporting your electric bikes without the front wheel in it, meaning that the front wheel has been pulled and the front brake pads have closed together. In this case, your front wheel won’t even go into the right place easily.

Seriously sometimes when you remove the front wheel on your electric mountain bikes, you may not be able to put it in the right position, so how are you going to fix that? You can flip your electric bikes for adults upside down first, just making sure your brake levers and your handlebar are put over something so that they are not scratched. Then, you need to look at your front brake caliper to see how close up the pads has actually gotten. Next, you need to free them with a small flat blade screwdriver, opening them up a little bit. One important thing is that you have to go really steady with this as it is quite easy to damage these brake pads. Don’t worry if you think you put it too wide or anything because as soon as you squeeze that front brake, they are going to reset back to how they were.

Once you’ve got these brake pads with a big enough gap to fit your rotor in, simply plonk your front wheel in, and flip your ebikes for sale back up onto two wheels, then give that lever a squeeze, which is going to restore that bike point on the lever, then you can go, easy, right?

2. Badly adjusted gears

Magicycle Cruiser

Something that can really annoy you on your ebike rides is your gears. One click at your shifter should denote one shift at the rear derailleur. If you are not getting that, then chances are you need to be checking your barrel adjuster or the cable tension adjuster on your shifter. In that way, you can be able to adjust that tension and resolve all those shifting issues. When it comes to adjusting your gears, there is no need to be reaching down for that rear derailleur whatsoever, it’s purely going to be down to cable tension which you can adjust at the shifter end. All you need to do is locate that barrel adjuster and adjust the tension there.

If you are not getting your up-shifts nice and crisp, then you may need to increase that cable tension. However, if you are not downshifting properly, then you need to decrease the amount of tension.

3. Stuck Chain

Sometimes your chain can get jammed between the bottom of your chainring and your chain stay. It can absolutely make a mess and happen with every chainring revolution, so it is a pretty nasty one. Also, it usually happens on a muddy ride where you’ve got a lot of mud built up around your chainring. In this case, you need to get off the bike and clean both sides of your chains, using something like a small flat blade screwdriver, just to get all that gunk off your ebikes for sale. If you are really prepared, you should have some chain lubricant in your pannier bag as well, just making sure your chain is also going to be nicely lubricated. That’s going to help those rollers come off the chainring as it passes by. You just need to spend a bit of time cleaning your drivetrain and you should be able to get on your way hassle-free.

4. Rubbing Brakes

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Brakes are something you definitely need on your ebike ride, but brakes that rub the whole way around your die or squeak all the time will simply annoy you. It is super easy to fix it. If you’ve got brake noise that is constantly rubbing all your ride, that means the brake caliper is not centralized over the rotor properly. Maybe one of your pads is continuously in contact, hence that horrible noise just occurs. To fix this, all you need is a simple multi-tool, which includes a 5 mil Allen key or maybe a t25 Torx, then insert the Allen key or Torx bit into the bolts on the back of your brake caliper. There should be two on there and you just undo them to let that brake caliper move nice and freely.

One of the most important parts of this setup is squeezing that front brake or rear brake, and holding it on throughout this whole procedure until you’ve tightened those bolts up. You can squeeze lever, then do the bolt up just nice and evenly to make sure that the caliper is going to be nice and centralized over that motor. Once you’ve done the bolts up, you can release your lever, then give that wheel a spin and it should be running nice and freely.

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