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The Reasons for the Investment in Ebike Fat Tires 

An electric bike is a kind of bicycle which is equipped with an electric motor that pushes you forward and helps you pedal effortlessly. However, despite having this category, there are various types of ebikes you can choose to ride. One sort of electric bike has thicker tires than standard ones, and also a fine example of this is Magicycle Fat Tire Electric BIkes.

Fat tires have become one of the most essential parts of an electric bike in 2022 because they bring many benefits to riders such as stability, style, etc. However, it is kind of superficial if I just put it simply in that way. In this passage, I will tell you guys those benefits of ebikes with fat tires and the reasons to invest in them.

4 Benefits of Ebike Fat Tires

1.Ebike Fat Tires Represent Comfort

The first thing to keep in mind is that fat tires indicate more comfort for you. Since they are made with more rubber and also include more air than regular tires, they can work with lower air pressure. When you hit rugged terrain, the fat tires offset the effect to make sure that you don't get hurt or fall off the ebike. With this better stability, you can ride your ebike freely. It's likewise possible to readjust the air pressure in the tires to much better adjust to various terrains, with lower pressure being more suitable for soft ground and higher pressure preferable for tough ground and also giving less resistance for long trip.

2.They Suit Any Terrain

Just like I said above, ebike fat tires can conquer rugged terrain. In fact, they can just work on all kinds of terrains, which is exactly what Magicycle All Terrain Ebikes do. With 26" x 4" Kenda fat tires, Magicycle can take you anywhere, whether you are on paved streets, bumpy routes, and even roads that are wet with rain and snow. Fat tires make the most of the traction you attain with the electric bike considering that they are so large and make even more contact with the ground than thinner tires. On top of that, the fat tires' thickness suggests that they're robust enough to withstand harsh surfaces without getting broken.

3.They Offer Workout and Exercise

Fat tires make your ebike heavier. Therefore, the weight can add to the intensity of your workout. On those bumpy roads, it takes much more effort to pedal without making use of the motor. In this way, you are able to get more exercise  than you would certainly get by riding a regular bike. Meanwhile, when you feel tired or exhausted, you can continue moving on by turning up PAS, reducing the intensity and keep the workout at the same time. Magicycle ebikes come with 7 levels of PAS so you can take on any type of scenario without anxiety of being required to stop while you're still far from home.

4.Ebike Fat Tires Are Great for Beaching Riding

You can see most cruiser ebikes are equipped with fat tires due to the fact that they just offer a better stability on the sand. It won't even be exaggerating to state that fat tires in ebikes are included exactly for this function. Once more, this perk truly comes a whole lot from the bigger surface the fat tires can cover. This attribute enables ebikes to handle most off-road terrains conveniently.

If you're going to be making use of a fat tire ebike frequently on the coastline, you may need  to purchase a great collection of sand security for your brakes and drive train. The same goes with protective safety glasses, but it's certainly optional.

Also, being excellent for beach riding does not imply it's going to be a stroll in the park each time. You may have to pedal extra regularly if you're not going to be depending too much on the electric motor. Otherwise, you can simply counter the added resistance by twisting the throttle.

With the 4 benefits mentioned above, I believe you can have a good understanding of the advantages of electric bike fat tires, but there are some drawbacks of them actually.
fat tire ebike

1.Harder To Pedal

The primary drawback to ebike fat tires is that they're difficult to pedal, particularly on flat ground where the entire tires are making consistent contact with the surface. The more the tires make contact with the ground, the more resistance you'll encounter while pedaling. The electric motor can indeed reduce or perhaps eliminate this issue altogether. Also, the PAS could help. Therefore, in this case, you need to learn to use both PAS and motor.

2.More Expensive

Fat tires are extra expensive than routine tires-- this shouldn't be any kind of surprise to riders. This is because fat tires require specialty components such as centers, edges, tubes, and also others. However, if you choose Magicycle ebikes, you don’t need to worry about the price. First, Magicycle ebike is one of the most affordable ebikes, which is only under $2000.

Also, it has puncture-resistant non-slippery fat tires, ensuring that those fat tires can last for long enough and help you avoid those situations where you may fall off the ebike while riding on slippery routes.


Even though there are disadvantages for ebike fat tires, they are absolutely worth buying in total. All you need to do is to make sure you select the best fat tires of high quality, just like those from Magicycle.

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