May 26,2023

Seasonal Cycling Outfits: What to Wear for Different Seasons

An electric bike is ideal transportation for commute or travel for your daily life, rides around anywhere, or any adventure in between. However, what to wear during the riding of different seasons can take time and effort. This article will introduce the dress code for seasonal cycling outfits. This might give you some idea about choosing your outfits, especially when unsure what to wear.

The right seasonal cycling outfit can help you enjoy your cycling with a better experience, no matter the weather.


Before the dress code, you need to be aware of your safety; safety is always the essential dress code during cycling; please make sure you have all the equipment that the list below.

Helmets, please remember, helmets are your best friend; they will protect many essential parts of your body. The research shows it can reduce about 48% of head injuries. And some states have laws of helmet-wearing regulations when riding with your e-bikes. For more details, you can click this link to check:

And Magicycle also has different styles of helmets on sale:

High-visibility outfit (reflective clothing or accessories) The high-visibility outfit can be an undershirt, go over any clothes you wear, and maybe helmets, tires, or anything with your bike; the function is to make cars or pedestrians easily to found you; in order to reduce the risk of collisions. 

Protective glasses: glasses can provide dust, flower, or other debris to enter your eyes, especially at sunset; remember to wear sunglasses, and better-polarized lenses, to protect your eyes. And maintain clear vision during cycling. 

Seasonal Cycling Outfits

electric bikes for adults

Spring is one of the best weather for traveling and riding your e-bike. And remember, spring always brings wet weather, so prepare a waterproof jacket and shoes in case the weather cannot be predictable. The dress code of spring is a base layer and a lightweight jacket.

Summer, keeping cool down, is our headline rule of dressing, and we also need to protect against the sun. Breathable and lightweight shorts are helpful. There have clothes, especially for cycling, on sale, and these materials are made to wick away sweat and more air to keep you cool down. Moreover, wearing sunglasses and sunscreen is essential.

Fall is another weather that suits us for the ride, but the same as spring, the temperature of fall also can be unpredictable. So prepare for the wind and rain; you can add a layer to cover your summer dress enough. And gloves are helpful!

Winter, KEEP WARM!!! Wear clothes which can provide sufficient warmth. A heavy cycling jacket and made for cold-weather shoes are needed. Due to the weather, remember to cover your face with a scarf or anything else.  

Cycling clothes could be slightly different during different seasons; summer cycling clothes are usually made of lightweight material, allowing you to feel more airflow. On the other side, winter cycling is made to keep warm for you. Wind and waterproof clothes are made to meet the changeable and unpredictable weather in spring and fall. 

More than just that, it is also different from ordinary clothes; first of all, it will use more tough material make, in order to meet the needs of the long-range ride. Second, most cycling clothes all with a certain degree of breathability. Last but not least, it must have a lot of pockets to store things and be reflective to keep safe on the road.


In addition to clothing, accessories also could be helpful to equipment for e-bikes rider. There are some accessories, especially for the rider.

Cycling gloves: Keep your hands warm and keep a grip on the handlebars.

Hats: Protect from the sun heating and cold weather.

Toe covers: Protect your toes, one of the popular items.

Glasses: Mentioned before.

Should not wear

There are also some clothes or accessories you should avoid wearing while riding an electric bike for adults. Please away from this item.

Jeans: The jeans material is not flexible, and it might impede when riding.

Dark clothes: Always wear reflective clothing or accessories during the riding.

Slippers: Never wear slippers!!!

Here are the seasonal cycling outfit tips for you; We hope this article will help you in some aspects. 

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