May 26,2023

Men's vs Women's Ebikes – How Are They Different?

Riding an electric bike is certainly an enjoyable activity. In addition to saving you a lot of gas bills and reaps numerous health benefits, it is also a simple and eco-friendly way to move around. However, the truth is that it isn’t a simple task to get an e-bike that fits your size and meets your needs. When you choose an e-bike, you may have the question, what are the differences between men's and women’s e-bikes? This also is probably a common question for all of us. Maybe you are a seasoned cyclist who owns a lot of e-bikes, or maybe you want to buy your first e-bike. Your knowledge of the difference between men’s and women’s e-bikes can go a long way in helping you choose the e-bike that’s right for you; especially with the abundance of options that often pop up in an ever-evolving market.

Therefore, when it comes to getting the e-bike that will fit you best, it’s critical that you put some important things into consideration, and this is why this article on what men’s ebikes are different from women’s e-bikes is here to guide you in choosing the perfect electric bike for you. 

Why are electric bikes different for men and women?

Mainly anatomical differences between males and females. The differences between the different styles of e-bikes cater to these anatomical differences, so choosing the right e-bike can be a good fit for the rider’s body size and more comfortable to ride.

Men’s Electric Bikes vs Women’s Electric Bikes

Couple riding with Magicycle ebikes

There are specific sections of men’s and women’s e-bikes in all shapes, colors, and sizes on the electric bike market. Men’s e-bikes are usually larger. Some e-bikes are considered unisex, which means that women who are taller than average may find it easier to ride a unisex e-bike than a women’s e-bike.

Here’s how these differences for different e-bikes work in different parts of the e-bike…

Men’s vs. Women’s E-bike Features

Frame Structure

Magicycle Ocelot

Women are usually smaller than men with shorter arms and legs. Different types of electric mountain bikes are designed to accommodate these distinctions for frames. Women’s e-bikes have smaller frames than men’s. Magicycle e-bikes are made of 6061 aluminum alloy which provides higher strength, corrosion resistance, lightweight, durability, and an exquisite appearance. Magicycle factory also owns experts in hydro-formed and cataphracted welded joints, applying the best welding technology in the world. Magicycle customers will receive a strong, safe, beautiful high-tech frame with riding stability and comfort.

Step-thru or Step-over Frames

Step-thru design of Mgicycle Ocelot

You may be wondering why some women’s e-bikes have a stride frame, while men's bikes have a mostly horizontal top tube (sometimes called a crossbar). This is a gender-specific feature of bikes that dates back to the days when women only wore long skirts and skirts. A horizontal beam would force them to raise their legs high in an inappropriate way. Therefore, bike manufacturers have created a sloping bar that allows women to get on and off the bike without exposing their legs or underwear. Today, many bikes designed for women still have this feature. The design of electric bikes also follows this. Most e-bikes for women have a sloping bar that can accommodate dresses and skirts. But since most women don’t only wear skirts these days, most modern e-bike frames are adequate for any situation. The quality of electric bikes is getting better and better, and the development of electric bikes will also be gradually upgraded and optimized like components. So the structural differences between men’s and women’s e-bikes are starting to get smaller.

Magicycle Cruiser series provides two types - step-over and step-thru for you to choose from.

Top tube length

Top tube of Magicycle Curiser Pro

Top tubes on women’s e-bikes are generally shorter than on men’s e-bikes because women’s torso and arms are generally shorter. The shorter top tube shortens the distance between the seat and handlebar, making it easier for female cyclists to reach the handlebars from seated. However, if you’re a male, you probably don’t want to buy an e-bike with a sloping top tube. I need to tell you that no matter which electric bike you buy, make sure your back isn't so curved that you have easy access to the handlebars. Otherwise, only depend on what you prefer to choose your ebike instead of picking up the suitable one, which will cause some pain in your body.


The saddle of Magicycle Ocelot

The saddle is important to your comfort. An unsuitable seat will put pressure on the most vulnerable parts of your body. In women’s e-bikes, you’ll often find shorter and wider saddles to accommodate women’s wider hip lengths compared to the long, narrow saddles on men’s ebikes. Women’s saddles also usually have a long hole or mid-pipe and a shorter nose, which are placed lower and further back to reduce pressure on soft tissue. This design provides optimal sit bone support for female riders.

If you’re going on longer rides, it’s a good idea to have your e-bike with a gender-appropriate saddle for more comfort on long rides. Some brands often use unisex saddles, and high-quality unisex seats are designed to relieve the pressure on the space between the sides. Magicycle’s comfortable and quality unisex saddle for all e-bikes is greatly suitable for men and women both.

However, saddles come in a variety of sizes and shapes to accommodate different body types. As such, it is one of the easiest parts to replace in an e-bike.

Seat post

Magicycle Comfortable Seat Post

You can find many types and sizes of seat posts in lengths ranging from 3 inches to 16 inches. The seat post is adjustable to suit rider height, riding style, and terrain. Since women’s average height is lower than men’s, women’s e-bikes have relatively low seat post settings. However, the general seat post can be adjusted to a certain extent to suit the rider, so this point is not particularly important relative to other points.

Handlebars and Grips

The handlebar and grip of Magicycle Ocelot

Women’s bikes tend to include a shorter, narrower handlebar to fit the women's frame, which is narrower shoulder-to-shoulder width than men's. The handlebars for women have also been placed a little higher for easier reach with the shorter arms. Men's bikes have wider handlebars and a lower position to accommodate long arms and broad shoulders.

You’ll also notice that the handlebars are different on men’s and women’s bikes. Men hold wider and farther apart. This positioning allows for a stronger grip and better bike control. The overall diameter of the handlebars on women’s e-bikes has been reduced to fit smaller hands.


Tektro hydraulic disc brakes

Bikes tend to have the same brake and suspension settings, but those designed for larger e-bike riders can handle more stress. Brake levers are made smaller for female riders with smaller hands, while male bikes have wider brake levers for larger hands.

Crank Arm Length

Crank Arm of Magicycle Ocelot

The crank arms that mount the pedals may look similar on all electric bikes for adults, but there are differences. The average crank length for men’s e-bikes is 6.7 inches, while the average crank length for women's bikes is 6.5 inches. This caters to the longer legs of men. Women’s e-bikes have shorter crank lengths that allow them to reach the bottom of the pedals without difficulty.

The Magicycle Ocelot Pro is a universal step-by-step electric fat tire mountain bike that can meet all your riding needs, no matter your age and gender. A strong battery and an excellent motor will always bring you a steady flow of power. No matter what season you’re riding in, the Magicycle Ocelot Pro's suspension features give you the flexibility to ride on a variety of surfaces, from twisty country roads to bumpy and gravel trails. The Magicycle Ocelot Pro also features ultra-responsive hydraulic brakes to keep your ride safe. And, the Magicycle Ocelot Pro can also help you save money by receiving gifts worth $241 per bike, such as mounting kits and e-bike accessories (headlights, rear racks, and mountain bike fenders). You don’t need to pay extra to buy it. Magicycle also provides a two-year warranty and 24-hours online customer service, a high-quality after-sales guarantee, and service for you, so that you can rest assured that it is worth buying.

The Importance of Owning the Right Electric Bike

If you notice numbness in your toes or hands, knee or lower back pain after riding, or any other type of aches and pains, it’s most likely due to the e-bike’s imperfect fit (or not!)

Many people skip getting a professional e-bike that fits when shopping for a new e-bike. But if you want to ride pain-free and blend in with your e-bike, then don’t skip this process! Minor injuries can affect the way you ride your e-bike. My point is whether it’s a men’s or a women’s e-bike. Forget the men’s bike/women’s e-bike rule. Find what’s best for your ride!

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