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Magicycle versus Aventon

Purchasing a quality ebike is an important investment in your health, happiness, and general quality of life. It is definitely worth the time to be sure your investment gives you the very best quality for a lifetime of cycling! Here’s two of the most popular fat tire e-bikes, the Magicycle Cruiser and the Aventon Aventure. Let’s take a closer look:

Magicycle Cruiser

Aventon Aventure
There are three considerations that are at the top of most e-bike shoppers interests — specifications, price, and looks. Yes, looks! Every e-biker wants to enjoy the looks of a beautiful ride. Of course, beauty is a very subjective criteria, but we feel that the Magicycle Cruiser is the best-looking ride you will ever find! And very importantly, the beautiful appearance of the Magicycle reflects more than just good looks.
The Magicycle may look similar to other fat tire ebikes, but in fact, it is unique. Its design includes many patents that come from 11 years experience in designing e-bikes. This high quality of design work is widely recognized, even bringing the designer an award for the best-selling bike in the United kingdom for 2020. It is also important to note that the beauty of Magicycle is more than skin deep!
Yes, it looks great, but the design also adds strength to the frame and protection for other components. For example, the rear brakes are placed in such a manner that they are protected by the frame, and vibration when braking is almost non-existent. If you look carefully, you can see that the top tube is carefully gradated, reducing its size from front to rear. This adds to the graceful appearance of the Magicycle while maintaining the extraordinary strength of its unified triangle frame design. Best of all, this beauty and strength comes to you at a price no other e-bike can match.
While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the other two top considerations, specifications and price, are not subjective at all. We can simply make note of the facts.
Having established the Magicycle Cruiser as a great-looking perfectly designed e-bike, it’s time to check the all-important specifications. Which e-bike provides the best overall attributes that combine to give you the perfect ride? This chart makes the answer quite obvious:

Notice that Magicycle leads in 7 of the 11 categories! Magicycle gives you a more powerful motor and battery, more versatile pedal assist, better range, etc. In fact, the Aventure leads in only one category…brakes. Some riders prefer mechanical brakes for their simplicity and ease of repair, while others prefer hydraulic brakes for greater stopping power.
Because braking is the only specification where Aventure leads, let’s consider this for a moment. If you realize that Magicycle is clearly the overall better choice of these two e-bikes, but you really prefer hydraulic brakes, what can you do? Ah…there is a very easy solution.
Changing from mechanical to hydraulic brakes is a simple and inexpensive task, and the highly rated Juin Tech hydraulic brakes can be purchased for a little as $147. A quick Google search for Juin Tech M1 will give you several options for purchase. You can install them yourself easily, with several YouTube videos available to guide you. Optionally, you could have them installed by your local bike shop.
Since Magicycle leads in the majority of specifications, what should be expected when it comes to pricing? Not what you might think! Yes, the Magicycle Cruiser provide you with a higher quality e-bike, but it also gives you the best pricing.

At $1549, fully equipped, the Magicycle Cruiser is easily the best-priced fat tire cruiser with such high quality components. On top of the great price, it also comes with several very nice gifts, and often you can find a coupon to make the price even better. The Aventon Aventure is currently priced at $1899, making Magicycle the clear leader on affordable pricing, and without sacrificing quality or reliability!
Even if you decide to upgrade the brakes, Magicycle remains the leader in pricing. Let’s assume you do prefer the hydraulic brakes, so the total price for the Magicycle is now $1549 plus $150 for the brakes upgrade. That brings the total to $1699 and you still get a superior e-bike for $200 less than the Aventure. That’s an amazing good deal for electric bike shoppers!
Price, Specifications, and Looks
Which has the best price? Clearly Magicycle! Which has the best specifications? Clearly Magicycle! Which has the best looks? We think it’s Magicycle! You will be very glad that you chose Magicycle for dependability, comfort, power, and a lifetime of beautiful riding experiences! And here’s another tip for you…order your Magicycle now while prices are still low. The entire e-bike industry is under pressure to increase prices, and it will happen soon, so take action now.
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       By Craig

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