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Magicycle Electric MTB Components and Accessories for Sale

Electric assist bike motors and batteries add to the weight, power, and size of their frames and it has been inevitable that specific accessories and components have been developed to optimize their durability, safety, and performance.

In recent years, manufacturers have launched a dizzying race to increase their offer of electric assistance models in the face of the growing demand for these bikes, but the design and manufacture of components and accessories that are adapted to their characteristics. The frames were modified to house the motor and battery, but the same components used by conventional bikes were maintained. Magicycle has changed and specific products for electric bikes are being developed. 

Specific components for electric MTB bikes

Due to their special driving demands, the greater weight of the bikes, and the delivery of power, it is on these bikes where it is most important to look for these components, especially on Trail and Enduro bikes: suspensions, wheels, brakes, and transmissions offer and to special products to guarantee its duration and driving quality.


They are the first to adapt to the new requirements of electric MTBs and immediately there were forks for electric bikes that are identified with specific stamps and logos that define them as products for eBikes. In some cases, especially in shock absorbers, they are limited to modifying the compression with a firmer factory setting or calibration to face the greater weight of the cyclist-bike set. Magicycle has developed new products with reinforcements and changes in the design of their components to maintain their rigidity and optimal behavior with higher loads and inertia.


Brakes are the most important component to ensure safety. Check out Magicycle’s brakes: https://www.magicyclebike.com/collections/brakes

Awesome disc brakes from Tektro, mechanical and hydraulic disc brakes, easy to brake with only 2 fingers, offering strong braking force.

Tektro Ebike Disc Brake

Made of stainless Steel, high heat dispersion and heat tolerance.

A wide braking surface maximizes brake compatibility.

Package includes 1 pcs Disc Brake Rotor and 6 pcs bolts.

Magicycle Ebike Disc Brake

The Ebike Disc Brake is Made of stainless steel, with high heat dispersion and heat tolerance.

Package List

Model Deer: 1 pcs Bengal Disc Brake Rotor and 6 pcs bolts

Model Jaguarundi: 1 pcs Logan Disc Brake Rotor and 6 pcs bolts

Model Commuter: 1 pcs JAK Disc Brake Rotor and 6 pcs bolts

On wheels and tires

Magicycle has already started to launch specific products for eMTBs.

The MAGICYCLE E-bike Fat Tire is available for all terrains.

The Kenda fat tire features a Reflector and Kenda tire liner.

About Kenda K-Shield:

Kenda's first line of defense - since 1995. A layer of light, flexible rubber containing aramid and ceramic particles inside the tire under the tread area only. Designed to prevent punctures and increase tire life.

Bike rack for eBikes

In the case of car bike racks, it is essential to choose one that is suitable for the dimensions and weight of the bikes.

Usually, an electric bicycle needs a specific bike frame, and choosing the right model plays a vital role in the use of the electric bicycle. The average weight of electric bikes, which is above 20 kg, and their oversized downtubes, rule out many models. 

Magicycle’s rack fits all the models of Magicycle, and you can find it here: https://www.magicyclebike.com/category/racks. Let’s say you want to find the best rack for your e-bike and then choose the type of your e-bike model.

Locks for eBikes

An anti-theft device is one of the essential accessories if we need to separate ourselves from our bikes during use, especially in urban environments. When it comes to an eBike, this is not substantially different, but the investment in its purchase is important and we have to pay special attention to its safety. Both for our peace of mind and for its approval by insurance companies. There are chain models combined with a padlock that will be easy to transport in a backpack, and, for urban environments, the safest are the U-type and the folding ones, which can be easily integrated into the frame with their supports. It is also important to protect the battery with a lock, as it is an expensive item that can be targeted by thieves.

Although many specific products have already been developed for our electric mountain bikes, the electric segment in all its modalities is undergoing a continuous and unstoppable evolution, and accessories and components will follow in its wake, to optimize performance and safety. This has only just begun and we recommend you to be attentive to the news that occurs since most of them will be able to contribute to enjoying your electric bikes much more, especially mountain e-bikes.

In Magicycle stores and in our online store we are specialists and you will find the widest range of electric bikes and complementary products.

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