May 26,2023

Magicycle: A Fully-Loaded Fat-Tire Electric Bike Powerhouse!

Magicycle entered directly and rapidly into the electric bike market which values more than 17 billion and continues to grow steadily worldwide aims to provide customers an up-to-date concept of traveling. 

New Kid on the Block!
Magicycle bursts onto the American scene with an unusually high-power cruiser, complete with 4-inch fat tires for the excellent experience in comfort and stability.

The power-packed 52 volt system can climb hills with consistent ease, and the fully customizable 9-level Pedal Assist feature is phenomenal.  The full range of accessories for the traveler makes commuting a breeze, along with fun weekend journeys. With a clean stylish look and high quality components, the Magicycle Cruiser always offers the consumer “more for less.”

Magicycle aims to help every rider find satisfaction and enjoyment through its leading technology, cost-effective products, customer-care policies, and fun activities. Magicycle is committed to building a "Healthy Life Ecosystem" so that every rider can get a comprehensive solution for enhancing healthy living which includes fresh ideas, topics, helpful tips, flash sales, contests, and more! By providing quality services, we continue to be the customer-responsive e-bike company.

Magicycle Cruiser E-Bike Review
The Magicycle cruiser reminds me of a beach cruiser that can easily traverse the scenic beaches. The comfortable wide seat, full fenders, and all-terrain tires make cruising streets, trails, or beaches a real treat!

In short, Magicycle does all its efforts - long distances, smooth pedaling, and sure-footed travel on grassy slopes, fire road hills, gravel trails or forest pathways.

Magicycle High Voltage Bike
At its core, the Magicycle Cruiser is a powerhouse electric bike. Some of the majority of widely sold Mountain Ebikes on the market utilize a 36 volt battery, while others step up to a 48v system to energize the ride. Magicycle chose to “go the extra miles” with a 52v 15 amp-hour system to add unmatched power and punch to your riding experience. Magicycle riders get the satisfaction in range, power, and endurance with no worries about recharging after only a few miles. In fact, you could get more than 50 miles on a single battery charge.

To complete the power package, Magicycle cruises with a 750 watt motor that boasts more torque than any similarly priced e-bike! You’ll love its quiet reliable performance with speeds in excess of 28 mph.

Magicycle…Easy on the Eyes, Easy on the Rider
Operating this beautiful cruiser's electric system is intuitive and simple. Included and pre-installed is a full color LCD display, with easy readouts and understandable controls.

Magicycle Mechanics
Mechanically, the entire array of familiar e-bike components comes together with one thing in common…high quality! Magicycle goes out of its way to make sure all the components come from reliable brand-name manufactures. You'll find Shimano 7-speed gearing, KCM rust-resistant chain, alloy front adjustable suspension, 180mm disc brakes, comfort grips, and brand name puncture-resistant tires just to name a few. The 18-inch frame accommodates a wide variety of riders while offering a laid-back riding style with cruiser handlebars. This is a comfortable ride for anyone, and when you're ready to dismount…the heavy-duty rear mounted kickstand easily supports the bike, even if the sturdy rear rack (pre-installed) is fully loaded with extra cargo.

The Magicycle Cruiser includes all the necessary electric bike accessories to get the commuter started on the road quickly. And more, Magicycle adds a bike lock, top tube phone bag with touch-screen access, a motion alarm for security, and a good-looking Magicycle hat! Even a full tool kit is provided, and the very responsibility in customer service. Magicycle is truly a compelling value proposition.

Dreaming of an elegant, strong-framed, high power e-bike that will last you for a lifetime? No company in the same price range can equal a Magicycle, and even several higher-priced rides fall short of Magicycle quality.

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