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Is Tannus Armor Worth It?

Getting fat tires is annoying, especially when it is extremely hot and we are in the middle of the ride. The last time I had a flat tire on my conventional bike there was nothing I could do but push it home, really tired and frustrated.

If you get flat tires on electric bikes, I would tell you this is way worse than on traditional bikes. Ebikes tend to be heavier and nobody wants to push them home, I promise. So, I believe every ebike owner wants to avoid flat tires, but the truth is that nobody can 100% stop their ebike tires from getting flat. What can we do then? Here is how Tannus comes into play.

How Does the Tannus Armor Work?

Generally, Tannus Armor works as a protective liner between the tire and sharp objects that cause punctures. The liner is made from a unique polymer compound that offers excellent puncture resistance. When it is installed inside the tire, Tannus Armor creates a solid barrier that prevents sharp objects from penetrating the tire and causing punctures.

When encountering a road hazard, Tannus Armor absorbs and distributes the impact, reducing the risks of punctures. While it may not provide the exact same riding feel as pneumatic tires, many Magicycle fans who used Tannus Armor report that the difference in comfort and performance is too small to be noticeable.

The Benefits of Installing a Tannus Armor

1. Puncture Resistance

Tannus Armor is a tire liner made from a unique polymer compound designed to provide exceptional puncture resistance. By acting as a shield between the tire and road hazards, such as glass shards or thorns, Tannus Armor significantly reduces the likelihood of punctures at various pressure points. This feature alone can save cyclists from frustrating flat tire situations and potential ride interruptions.

2. Low Maintenance

Tannus Armor eliminates the need for constant tire maintenance. You no longer need to fill up tires with air or deal with flat tires. Once it is installed, you can forget about checking tire pressure before every ride, making it an attractive option for riders who pay more attention to convenience.

3. Durability

Tannus Armor is constructed solidly, which ensures impressive and incredible durability. These tires are built to withstand harsh and unfavorable road conditions and offer a longer lifespan compared to traditional air-filled tires. If you frequently ride on rough surfaces or encounter challenging terrains, Tannus Armor can be a reliable choice that won't let you down.

4. More Confidence in Performance

Tannus Armor provides consistent performance in terms of rolling resistance and grip. This feature offers stability, control, and predictable handling during your rides. Regardless of the road conditions, you can trust that your tires will perform consistently, enhancing your overall riding experience.

How to Install a Tannus Armor?

Check Tannus Armor compatibility: Ensure that the Tannus Armor you have purchased is compatible with your electric bike’s rim size. I always hear people complaining about the incorrect size of  Tannus Armor. It comes in various sizes to fit different rim diameters, so make sure you have the correct size for your electric bikes.

Fit Tannus Armor onto the rim: Align one end of the Tannus Armor with the valve hole on the rim. Starting at the valve hole, work your way around the rim, pulling and stretching the Tannus Armor until it fits snugly onto the rim. Be patient in case you damage the Tannus Armor during this process.

Seat Tannus Armor evenly: Ensure that the Tannus Armor is evenly seated on the rim all the way around. This ensures proper alignment and prevents any potential issues during the ride.

Install the tire: Once the Tannus Armor is properly seated on the rim, it's time to install the tire. Place one side of the tire onto the rim and use your hands to push the tire bead into the center of the rim. Use tire levers if necessary to assist with mounting the tire onto the rim, taking care not to damage the Tannus Armor in the process.

Inflate the tire: With the tire fully installed on the rim, inflate it gradually using a bicycle pump. Check the recommended tire pressure for your specific Tannus Armor model and ensure that the tire is inflated to the appropriate pressure.

Final checks: Before you head out on your ride, double-check that both tires are properly inflated and secure. Give them a quick test spin to ensure they rotate smoothly without any issues.

Of course, if you're unsure about the installation process or encounter any difficulties, consulting a professional mechanic can be helpful to ensure everything is going smoothly.

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