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Best Ebike SUV for Electric Bike Hunting - Magicycle Deer

Hunting ebikes are a big investment as they must be specifically designed to meet the basic standards and purposes. For those electric bike hunting specialists, the cost is understandable and reasonable.

However, with so many options in the ebike market, hunting ebikes can be various. A hunter can ask a question: How much is he willing to spend on a hunting ebike? If he chooses one of the lowest prices, it might be of use temporarily. Yet, in the long term, it is a bad decision as the performance of the cheap bike could only get worse and worse. On the other hand, if he goes for an expensive one, he must wonder if it is really worth the cost.

Read below, and you will find out the answer to the question” If hunting ebikes are worth it” and how to invest in the best hunting ebikes within your budget.

What is a hunting ebike?

Let’s make it brief. A hunting ebike is a sort of electric bikes specially designed for wild hunting. I think it's easy to understand when you see the name "hunting ebike", but we still need to get down to some necessary details.

Electric hunting bikes come with features that enable riders to conquer tough roads, take lots of gear for hunting with them, and move faster and smoother through wild lands. Among those features, the key and essential one should be the motor. The motor on the hunting ebike must be powerful enough to propel the bike through rugged terrain so that hunters can focus more on prey rather than on the roads and pedals.

Also, a reliable electric hunting bike is supposed to have different levels of PAS to make adjustments on the speed easily. With a hunting ebike, the hunter can switch wisely between the PAS model and full-power mode while hunting.

In addition to the electric motor, hunting ebikes have many features like a full suspension system, large load capacity for bringing hunting gear, a large battery, etc. These are all for improving the overall experience of hunting on an electric bike for adults.

What are electric hunting bikes good for?

There are several obvious advantages of a hunting ebike. No matter what you are going to do with it, like scouting, or setting up some traps, hunting ebikes can do it with ease. Below are some advantages.

1. Hunting ebikes are comfortable

A well-built hunting ebike must come with both fat tires and a full suspension system. With fat tires, hunters can have more options. Basically, many people would say that fat tire ebikes provide more traction, grip, and shock absorption. That is why it is comfortable to ride fat tire ebikes. Moreover, a full suspension system will take comfort to the extreme by providing more shock absorption.

Owning a hunting ebike with fat tires means that you will have a pretty variable tire pressure. In this case, you can go anywhere from 5 to 30 PSI on the tire pressure, finding out a pretty significant change in performance based on what you set that tire pressure. Higher tire pressures are going to give you less rolling resistance, allowing you to achieve a higher speed, and better acceleration and it will be better on smooth ground like pavement. And if you go with a lower tire pressure, you're going to be able to get better traction and maybe a little bit of better suspension out of the bike overall.

2. Hunting ebikes are more powerful and quieter

Unlike motorcycles, which are powered by gasoline, electric hunting bikes can operate in silence. We owe it to powerful electric motors. They don’t have many moving parts and can work at a lower speed, which creates less noise and vibration.

With the ability to work in silence, hunting ebikes can run without disturbing wildlife. That is a perfect solution for hunters to get closer to their prey silently. Also, the great power of the motor can help hunters approach their prey faster. I have to say that this ebike just makes things easier.

3. Hunting ebikes are friendly to wildlands

As a matter of fact, many people are still using motorcycles to go hunting. It is really noisy while operating, not to mention that it could cause some pollution.

However, when it comes to hunting ebikes, things are totally different. Compared with traditional motorcycles, hunting ebikes don’t produce too many carbon emissions since they run on electricity. These invisible reduced carbon emissions can protect wild lands in the long run.

4. Hunting electric bikes can cover great distances

Many hunting ebikes are designed to have large batteries for covering a longer range. Obviously, no one wants to be stopped while chasing his prey, and hunting is a long process, requiring a lot of time to prepare and wait for the best chance. If a hunting ebike drains the battery quickly, well, it is going to be the worst experience you have while hunting.

Magicycle Deer - Best Hunting Ebike for Sale

Based on the brands you choose, the price of hunting bikes can range from $2000 to $6000, even more than that. It is quite a cost absolutely, so you’d better make a wise choice.

Here we would love to recommend Magicycle Deer, which is a full-suspension ebike suv. It comes with a responsive full suspension system that can absorb shocks and vibration on those rugged wildlands. With an 1100W(peak power) powerful hub motor, Magicycle Deer is able to traverse through wild lands fast and easily.

Also, Magicycle Deer comes with a 52V 20Ah battery, providing a range between 60 - 80 miles. The 52V voltage guarantees a higher efficiency of the battery, granting more power and saving more energy loss. For hunters who tend to carry a lot of hunting gear, Magicycle Deer is designed to have a load capacity of up to 400 lbs and a longer rear rack. With the help of accessories like pannier bags, hunters can pack up and carry the right hunting gear to catch their prey with ease.

Magicycle Deer Ebike SUV is now available at only $2,499, absolutely great value for the specs. Now you can use the promo code DEER 100 for purchasing one Deer. Limited offer, come and grab one.

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