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How to Choose a Commuter Ebike? 2022 Buying Guide

What is the best commuter ebike? It’s been 6 months since 2022 started and the global citizens’ views on this question has changed a lot as well as the pandemic are continuing to result in different consequences. More and more people living in the cities switch their means of commuting to riding an ebike.

However, there are various modes of electric bikes, including those produced and manufactured for city commuters, that is how “commuter ebike” comes into being. By reading this article till the end, I believe you will be much clearer about “what is the best commuter ebike”.

Is it worth getting an electric bike for commuting?

Before getting deep into that question, some of you might wonder if it is really worth it to pay that money for only commuting. Here are the things: it is exactly worth it. Riding electric bicycles can make your daily commuting much more comfortable. By providing power through PAS, ebikes push you forward at an amazing speed while avoiding sweating. Imagine when you are in a rush to work because of getting up late, you can just hop on your commuter electric bikes and get to your destinations effortlessly. You won’t be exhausted and tired by running all the way. 

You may say you are able to take public transportations instead of running. Yes, it is, but there are tons of people who are always in a rush to work. Do you really want to get on those crowded buses and trains? Not really, right? Moreover, riding commuter ebikes can prevent you from getting stuck in traffic congestion. 

What to look for in commuter ebikes

So, since you are clear about the necessity of commuter ebikes, it’s time to know what features you should chase when you are planning to buy one of them.

1. Fashionable and Stylish

It is one of the most important features of commuter ebikes, making sure they are fashionable and stylish. I believe most of you city commuters are young people. Unlike the seniors, young men focus more on the look of ebikes instead of its power or something else. In other words, fashion and style are the top priority. 

Whether you are commuting to work or just hanging around in the city, you are likely to dress fashionably. That is reasonable because it is a little reflection of how people’s life is in the cities. Usually, for both men and women, preparing for that nice dressing takes much time. However, an old-fashioned commuter ebike will ruin your good and happy day when it doesn’t match your perfect dress. 

2.Light and Easy to Carry

There are not so many buildings in rural areas and riders from there don’t worry about the unbearable weight of fat tire electric bikes because most of the time they don’t have to carry their ebikes up and down. Many Ebikers in the rural areas can easily park their ebikes in the doorway and in their houses where there are not so many steps and stairs. 

Compared with rural areas, things are not so easy in the city. Most citizens inhabit high buildings. Moreover, there are always situations when they encounter unavoidable steps and have to carry their ebikes up and down. If the electric bikes are those fat-tire ones with heavy batteries, it will be exhausting for riders to lift them up, though it may take only a few minutes. Thus, just pick commuter ebikes which are light and easy to carry.

3.Belt Drivecommuter ebike

Commonly, most electric bikes make use of chain drive. It is okay for ebikes to use either chain drive or belt drive, but when it comes to commuter ebikes, I would like to strongly recommend belt drive for several reasons. 

1. Never Get Rusty

For chains on ebikes, riders usually have to maintain it from time to time, such as oiling and something else to prevent them from getting rusty. Once they do, you need to replace the chains or you are going to have a worse riding experience. However, if you choose belt drive, it is something that will never happen. 

2. Low Maintenance

Like I said before, chains on the ebikes should be engaged in maintenance from time to time if you want a smooth ride, but that is quite a waste of time because you need to check the conditions of chains before every ride to keep you from accidents, but belt never need maintenance, which will save you a lot of time and money. 

3. Quieter and Smoother

When you are riding an electric bike with chain drive, chances are it will cause noise which is not great if it is at nighttime. However, with belt drive, your ebikes won’t make any noise but provide you smoother and quieter rides, not to mention that it will not bother anyone.

Magicycle Commuter Ebike
commuter ebike

As I’ve explained above, I believe you are sure about what features to focus on when you are picking a commuter ebike, but you don’t have to find it on the internet because I will give you my best recommendation right here: Magicycle Commuter. It has an amazing and incredible look when it comes to its whole look. That is because it is varnished brightly, which makes it look like it is shining. Both batteries and most brake cables are hidden inside the frame so the whole bike is nice and clean without any gear on it. With the thin tires and the frame made of 6061 aluminum alloy, it weighs only 25kg, easy and light to carry up and down. When you ride on it, it seems like you are riding on a traditional bike without a motor. You will not get tired or exhausted on it with the help of PAS, which keep your stylish and cool rides.

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