May 26,2023

Belt-Driven Ebikes - How a belt Is Better than a Chain?

Well, imagine that you are considering buying electric bikes for adults, perhaps you may come to a confusing decision: Should I purchase a chain-driven ebike or a belt-driven one, which is quite different from the traditional chain? We know many of you tend to choose chain-drive ebikes for sale as you seem to be more familiar with them while the belt is something new and strange to many of you, like what are the differences between them? In this article, we will tell you exactly how the belt can be a good choice.

The Advantages of Belt Drivetrain

Magicycle Commuter Ebike Dawn Yellow


Compared with a chain, a belt can sustain as long as it, even longer than that. We’ve been using the Magicycle Commuter ebike for a few months, and there are not any problems with the belt itself, nor will it break or stretch.

Belt has been used in the automotive industry under high pressure for years. In a word, the belt is robust. One tip you need to know is that if you are riding an ebike with a belt, you need to avoid twisting the belt, which can damage the cords.


Both chain and belt need maintenance, but the latter needs much less maintenance compared to the chain. During a year of riding a belt-driven ebike, you may just need to maintain it for estimated 4-5 times. However, if you are cycling with a chain, you have to clean or lubricate it at least once or twice a week, depending on the conditions under which you are riding.

The belt can stay very clean because there is not any oil on the belt. We need to oil a chain as there is metal-on-metal contact. Also, the belt doesn’t absorb any sand, dirt, or mud. When we ride a belt-driven ebike in winter or autumn, it could really stand out as you don’t need to worry much about cleaning.

Cleaning the belt is a very easy straightforward job, all you need is a bottle of water and a brush, then you must know how to wash the belt and the sprockets. When you finish it, you are good to go, easy and simple.

Here I have another tip for you. If you are riding your electric bike with a belt under muddy conditions, we would recommend you to higher the tension of your belt. That is because when the tension is high enough, that will help the belt clean off the mud itself.


The chain and belt, which one lasts longer? The belt is a clear winner. It lasts around 3 times more than the chain. When you use the chain for too long, you may have to swap it 2 times during a year, but with a belt, you can go over 20,000 kilometers. For most of you, I believe it is the biggest improvement over the chain.


Magicycle Commuter Onyx BlackIf you want to put a belt on your electric mountain bikes, you need a specific frame and can not just go out and put a belt on any frames of electric bikes for sale. Swapping chains are feasible as most ebike frames are compatible with chains. However, with a belt, you need a specific frame made for the belt. And this kind of frame should have 2 important features. First, it needs to be stiff, which means that it shouldn’t flex side by side in case the belt jumps off the cog, especially if you are using the belt for ebike touring, your electric bikes for adults are going to flex more with the heavy load.

The second feature your frame needs to have is the belt spitter so that you can put the belt on your ebike. That is because you can not split the belt as you do on the chain.

Some Downsides of a Belt Drivetrain

The advantages of a belt are pretty good, but what about its downsides?

1. You can’t use belt drive with derailleurs. A belt is designed to run in a perfectly straight line. That means it cannot be paired with derailleurs, chains, or cassettes, but it can be used with a gearbox at the crankset or an internal gear hub at the rear wheel.

2. You need a belt-compatible frame. Like I said above, if you want to swap out your chain with a belt, you have to make sure the electric bike frame is compatible. That is because belts are usually one-piece, your electric bike frame will need to be designed with a belt splitter in the rear triangle so that you can fit a belt to your ebike. The frame also needs to be “stiffness test approved” to ensure that the frame will not flex sideways too far, causing the belt to wander off the rear cog.

3. There is a higher upfront cost. a belt drivetrain is not super cheap, but they are cost-efficient provided you get the full mileage out of your belt drivetrain. We’ve estimated you will go 125 kilometers per dollar. This is the equivalent of a chain drivetrain costing you about $60 per 7500 kilometers.

4. It is a less efficient drivetrain. Derailleurs are undoubtedly the most efficient drivetrains available. As you need to employ a gearbox system on a belted bike, there will always be additional frictional losses. There can be additional resistance at the belt too, but it’s a much smaller percentage than the gearbox itself.

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