May 26,2023

How to Charge an Ebike While Camping?

When you are tired of the routine in cities, what would you do? There are many options for us to choose to calm our minds, to find a place where we can get a truly peaceful mind. Going camping with our ebikes is one of the best options as we could take adventures and explore nature by riding electric bikes.

That sounds great, but people have a major concern about this entertainment: how to change an ebike while camping? We know there aren’t charging ports in most camping spots, and this is truly a serious problem for riders that camp with their electric bikes for adults as none of them would love to pedal an 80-pound ebike back home. Well, don’t worry about that. In this article, we will walk you through everything you need to know about charging an electric bike while camping.

3 Methods to Charge Ebikes While Camping

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1. Solar Panels

It is pretty cool to charge electronic devices, including ebikes. This technology is always applied to charge a battery of larger capacity. Of course, you can use it to charge your ebike batteries, which is our main focus today.

To make use of solar panels to charge your ebikes batteries, you will basically need a solar panel, an inverter, and a charge controller. There are many solar panels for sale to choose from, which could be light or heavy. As charging an ebike battery doesn’t require much electricity, you could just get a lighter solar panel in case you will have to carry it around with you.

Also, another issue with this charging method is that it is less efficient than the original charge and can take a few hours to fully charge an ebike battery.

2. Generators

Generators are always applied when there is a power outage. Depending on the scenario, there are always home generators as well, which are more portable and easy to carry. You could make a connection between a generator and an ebike battery with a charging cable when you want to charge your ebike battery. Also, you will have to adjust the power output depending on the specs of your battery.

3. Power Bank

Regular power banks are only made for cell phones and they can be applied to ebike batteries. Of course, there are power banks for sale specifically designed to hold much more power. Just be sure to be clear about the capacity of your ebike battery before you get to purchase a power bank. Of course, one straight way is to ask for help from sellers.

Calculate the electric power you need

Before you head out and select any of the 3 charging methods above, you should have to calculate how much you need based. No matter which way you choose, solar panel, generator, or power band, you must select the correct size of them based on your batteries.

In general, you must be clear about the watt-hour of your ebike batteries. You can normally find this number in the user manual, but if you can’t any of this, you could make the calculation yourself, below is the way:

Formula: Watt-hour (Wh) = Ampere Hour (Ah) x Voltage (V)

Example: 48V x 10Ah = 480Wh

Take Good Care of Your Ebike Batteries

While camping in the wild, you are recommended to keep an eye on your batteries. Once it is rainy, you can hide in the tent while your ebikes can’t be taken inside either. If you just leave your ebike out there in the rain, not only the battery but the rest of the other components can be damaged. In case it is raining, you’d better take an outdoor bike cover.

Also, you must make sure the battery is not exposed to extreme temperatures as they can have a huge impact on the performance and health of it. The extremely hot temperature can make a battery run out faster while the cold cause a lower output and shorter lifespan. Therefore, the simple way is that don’t leave your ebike exposed to direct sunlight or extremely cold temperatures.

The last point is about a safety hazard. When you are using a different method to charge your ebikes on a campsite, you should always keep an eye on it and avoid charging overnight in case the charging method doesn’t work well and cause the battery to catch fire. This can be pretty dangerous especially when you are in a forest.

Bring a Second Battery

One of the easiest ways to avoid running out of battery is to carry a spare battery. Before you are ready to go out camping, you could first fully charge your ebike, then bring a second battery that is fully charged as well. If you are not going to drive a car, you must at least equip your bike with a pannier bag for storing the battery or just tighten it on the rear rack with a strap.

If you are planning on driving to a campsite with an ebike, a bike rack is absolutely needed. Most bike racks you can buy on the market are designed to carry at least 2 ebikes, which can be really convenient to transport.

To go camping with ebikes, there are a lot of things to consider. Please be sure to read our blog about how to camp with ebikes.

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