May 26,2023

Electric Bike Supension: Everything You need to Know

Many factors can affect the performance of an electric bike, one of which is its suspension system, thus showing its importance. So do you know anything about ebike suspension? The ebike suspension is a key component for good riding. It can make the bike more comfortable and stable when riding on different terrains.

Actually, most of the ebikes on the market are equipped with suspension systems. For ebikes, you can choose from the front suspension, rear suspension, and full suspension. If you are looking for a mountain ebike or an ebike for rough terrain, then you need to know something about ebike with suspension.

What is ebike suspension?

Front Suspension Ebike

Ebike suspension is a common protection mechanism on most ebike types. The correct suspension travel helps absorb road shock, which in turn makes for a more comfortable ride. This is especially important for your rides over rough terrain or long-distance rides. Without correct suspension travel, all the shock from the road is transmitted to the rider, which can cause a lot of vibration and make for an uncomfortable ride. So How much suspension travel do you need?

Generally, electric mountain bikes have between 80 mm and 120 mm of suspension travel. And the ebike has suspension travel between 30mm and 120 mm. They are enough to keep your ebike in control and maintain a steady ride. The suspension of an ebike also can extend the life of the frame. Ebike without suspension will wear out and break down quickly, mainly when used on mountainous terrain. If you're looking for a new electric bike, it's best to consider one with a suspension system! However, electric bikes for adults have different types of suspension, which can also affect the specific performance of the ebike.

Types of suspension in Ebikes

There are three main types of suspension systems for electric bicycles: front suspension, rear suspension, and full suspension. The difference between these three systems is very intuitive. The front suspension system has a suspension fork and the rear suspension system has a rear shock. And the full suspension system is having both a suspension fork and a rear shock. Next, let's take a look at these three different types of ebike suspension.

Front Suspension

The front suspension, or suspension fork, of an electric bike, is an important component in maximizing the performance and comfort of an ebike for sale. The front suspension can effectively absorb external shocks and prevent the fork from bending, thus extending the life of the bike. The most common types of front suspension are spring and hydraulic. Both the Magicycle Cruiser Pro and Ocelot Pro are equipped with hydraulic suspension front forks, you can tackle rugged roads easily and enjoy a comfortable riding experience.

Rear Suspension

The ebike rear suspension system helps to improve the comfort and stability of your ebike. It allows the rider to make a jump while ensuring a smooth ride downhill. Most rear suspension systems use a spring-type suspension system. The shock absorber consists of a spring and a strut. The shock-absorbing spring filters the vibration on the road, thus giving you a smoother ride.

Full Suspension

The full suspension system includes a front suspension fork and a rear shock absorber. Its shock absorption performance is unquestionable. The full suspension system is often used in electric mountain bikes to better handle some complex terrain. For many riding enthusiasts, a full-suspension electric mountain bike may be a good option because they may want to do some difficult movements, such as riding a bike to jump in the air, which requires a strong enough suspension system to ensure the safety of the ride.

Benefits of ebike with suspension

Step-thru Ebike wtih a front suspension

Now you've learned about the different types of suspension systems. So what are the benefits of them for your riding? Let's get to know some of the benefits of an ebike with suspension, so you can decide how critical a suspension ebike is for you based on your needs. Read on!

Improve riding comfort

An ebike with suspension will be more comfortable than an ebike without suspension, and the overall shock absorption will be better. The suspension system reduces the impact of terrain bumps during the ride, providing a smooth and comfortable riding experience. Even if you ride on rougher or steeper terrain, you can still enjoy a comfortable and happy ride.

Riding an ebike with suspension is also beneficial to protect the lower back. Whether you have back pain from a previous injury or lower back pain from sitting still, an electric bike with suspension can protect your lower back while riding. The suspension absorbs a large portion of the bumps and disproportionate impact on the terrain, safeguarding your body and reducing the sensation of impact. As a result, you don't suffer from lower back pain while riding.

Keep rider’s safety

Some ebikes for sale may have body shake when riding, but ebikes with front suspension can avoid this. The front suspension fork is connected to the body and wheels, so its perfect role of it is to support the body. It also absorbs bumps from the ground, bringing it closer to the ground. When the rider is going fast downhill, there may be high jumps due to the force when crossing the obstacles. The suspension system also comes into its own at this point, ensuring that the rider is more stable and secure when landing.

Better Traction

For bumpy terrain, an ebike with suspension can use the cushioning of the suspension to protect the stability of the body, soften the body impact and suppress the body vibration. Its traction inhibits vehicle bounce and helps keep the tires in contact with the ground for a safe ride. When it comes to traction, this actually involves fat tire electric bikes as well. With the combination of fat tires and suspension systems, they can hold each other back enough to help you fight against all kinds of rough and treacherous terrain. The traction keeps the wheels close to the ground, thus ensuring the stability of your ride.

Why do road ebike have no suspension?

Road ebikes usually don't have suspension because they are built for speed and efficiency on paved roads. Their components are lightweight, which allows the rider to ride very fast. One of the reasons why road ebikes don't have suspension is that it adds weight to the bike. The suspension is a heavy component on the bike and all this added weight is not conducive to road bike riding. Therefore, road bike riders do not need to use the suspension!

The suspension system is primarily designed to protect the rider from rough terrain. Thankfully, road bike riders actually only ride on roads, which means they don't end up hitting a lot of bumps or gravel on their rides. Most of the time, they will also only be on smooth terrain, not on rough terrain. This is the second reason why road ebikes don't have suspension.

Why do mountain ebike have suspension?

Mountain ebikes have suspension because it helps absorb the bumps of riding over rough terrain, which makes for a smoother ride. It is still beneficial to our riding, especially when doing long rides or riding on rugged mountain roads. Besides, the suspension system can help improve control over rough terrain. It will be a great help for your special terrain riding. If you're looking for a new electric mountain bike, be sure to consider a bike with suspension! But if you choose an e-bike with suspension, it tends to be more expensive than a bike without suspension. With a larger budget, an ebike with suspension also is a good choice for you.

What is the best ebike with suspension?

There are many well-known brands of ebikes with suspension on the market, such as specialized ebike, trek ebike, giant ebike, etc. These brands of ebike with suspension are great. Magicycle also has some excellent ebikes with suspension, for example, Cruiser Pro. If you want an ebike with suspension, it is a good choice.

The Cruise Pro is equipped with a hydraulic suspension front fork with lockout and adjustment functions. One of the biggest advantages of hydraulic suspension is that it makes your ride more stable. Besides, the hydraulic system is very responsive, more so than most other suspension systems. Lockout and adjustment controls allow the rider to choose their favorite "ride feel". This makes riding on rough roads or off-road surfaces feel smoother and more comfortable.


Ebike suspension can help you absorb bumps in rough terrain and give you a more comfortable riding experience. There are three main types of ebike suspension - front suspension, rear suspension, and full suspension. Each type has its own advantages. At Magicycle, we have reliable ebikes with suspension. It will be the place to find your next perfect ebike. Whether you're adventuring or mountain biking, we have a number of electric mountain bikes for you to choose from.

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