Electric bicycle accessories May 26,2023

Gear up! Let's Upgrade Your Electric Bike!

Making your adorable electric bikes unique is definitely one of the most joyful things ever, and makes you different from the others. Whether you're looking to boost your ebike's performance, give your regular bike an ebike upgrade, extend the using life of your ebike, or just save money due to the current high gas price, there are quite a lot of budget-conscious upgrades you can do to help your ebike ride effortless and keep for a long period.

We have collected some of the most helpful recommendations for upgrading your ebikes which allow you to be the most stunning one on the street!

A high-power light

Magicycle Headlight

As we discussed in our previous blog, front and rear lights can reduce accidents by allowing you to be noticed by other road traffic participants, front and rear lights can reduce accidents by allowing you to be noticed by other road traffic participants, while a high-powered headlight can keep you from struggling when riding at night.

A 2nd battery

Magicycle Large battery

Every ebike handles the battery in various ways. Some are not able to be removed and fully unified. By that means, you might buy an additional battery that matches one of the bottle cages. Others are as facile to replace as the batteries on a toy. Aside from the differences in design, the needs vary widely depending on the type of ebike you have. In spite of all the differences, the extra battery will always be revolutionary.

The majority of ebikes for sale enthusiasts misestimate their ebike's cruising range that they actually need. However, it doesn’t indicate that a 2nd battery is not necessary. Battery power anxiety is not joking, even if hitting max range is less likely than you think. You'll feel assured if you forget to charge the main battery or if you prefer to ride to further destinations.

A suspension Seatpost

Magicycle Suspension Seat post

Tires are a crucial part of the suspension that makes an ebike enjoyable. It's actually quite easy to diminish stress and enjoy a more comfortable ride. Combine the right tire pressure with the right saddle and you have a very comfortable ebike. If you're still looking for a more comfortable ride, a hanging seatpost is another easy solution.

The seatpost is an often-ignored part when it comes to the riding experience. For many people, the seatpost is totally forgotten. However, when it comes to ebike design, the seatpost is never overlooked. One of the most common enduro road bike features is a thin, flexible seatpost, and when weight matters, it just makes sense to go that far. However, ebikes are a little different.

With an electric bike, there is no need to count every gram. Arguably this is true of most bikes, but when you have a motor to help you go up hills, the weight really goes away. When weight isn't a concern, a suspension seatpost becomes the real deal. It's easy to install and offers excellent ride quality. Gravel bikes seem to be the most obvious place to hang a seatpost, but city bikes are also a great option. You can pretty much float on poorly maintained roads with a suspension seatpost.

A reliable lock

Magicycle Foldable Chain Lock

As electric bikes for adults are literally a high-value item, a trustful lock is something really mandatory. Every ebike manufacturer will probably send you a free password lock or some other regular lock for free, but even then you will still need a reliable quality lock to secure it to an immovable location. If your ebike is unfortunately stolen, integrated wheel locks and after-the-fact tracking won't stop you from walking home. Recycling ebikes is a hassle and can mean damage. Therefore, why not get a quality lock and use it all the time?

Locks with wires, while great at deterring opportunistic thieves are rarely used on their own, so are best used as a backup to your main lock. Regardless of what you choose to use, an important consideration should be the visuals. Given enough time, a thief can crack any lock out there. The point is not to keep your bike from theft, which is impossible, the point is to make it not worth the trouble. Rope locks can be silently cracked by thieves in seconds, so choose locks that are visible, and strong enough to require enough time and noise to crack another ebike to become a target.

A big enough rear bag

Magicycle Rear bag

We normally ride our ebikes for short or mid-distance traveling, hanging out for picnics or visiting friends who are not far away from your location. At this time, carrying some necessary items seems unavoidable. A big enough rear bag integrated on the rear seat helps you store as many things as you need without falling from your ebikes and more effort.

A mini bluetooth speaker

Magicycle bluetooth speaker

Wearing an Apple Airpods and listening to your favorite music is a pleasure, but the problem of earphones falling off due to sweat has always plagued most ebike enthusiasts. But, a portable mini bluetooth speaker may solve this problem perfectly. Imagine riding your favorite Magicycle ebike on the road, a small but high-quality bluetooth speaker plays the most rock music, attracting the attention of all passers-by, making you and your Magicycle the most turning heads on the street!

Fat tire electric bikes could become your family, your brother, your lover, your favorite toys and your most reliable friend. Like most people, you like to make yourself up, dress up your most precious electric bike, make your future riding happier, and become the most eye-catching on the street.

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