May 26,2023

5 Steps to Revive Your Ebike Battery for the Upcoming Summer

Tell us, are your ebikes still sitting in warehouses eating dust? In those cold days, it makes sense to leave your ebikes in storage, but now the summer of 2023 is coming, you know it is time to bring your ebikes back to life and immerse yourself in the adventure that awaits.

Well, back to the point, I know some of you are having problems with your ebike batteries. They just don’t work after sleeping for a whole season. In fact, this can happen to every ebike owner, but don’t rush to say your battery is just broken, here are 5 steps that may help you revive it.

Why Is Your Ebike Battery Not Working?

1. Charger

The charger may be faulty, which can’t charge your battery properly. To confirm that, one simple way is checking the sound of the charger. When it is working, not only will the light turn read, but also the charger itself will make a sound.

2. Worn-out Battery Cells

An ebike battery is commonly made of a lot of cells that store energy. As the battery gets older, those cells can possibly malfunction due to misuse. Normally, we won’t find out this problem without opening the battery case. If you think it is necessary, you could just take your battery to local ebike experts to do some in-depth checks.

3. Connection Problems

That you can’t turn on your ebikes doesn’t always mean that it is the issue of the batteries. Maybe there is a loose connection between your ebikes and batteries. Therefore, you can try to check out all the connections to make them tight.

4 steps to Revive an ebike Battery

52V 20Ah battery

1. The charger should work

As mentioned above, if a charge is not used for a long time, just like a battery, it may be faulty as well. By following the steps I said above, you can confirm if the charge is working. Of course, if you are not sure about that, it will be alright to seek some help from an expert. Just remember not always to assume that it is something wrong with the battery itself.

Another key point is that your charger must be compatible with your ebike. I mean some people may be using a charge that doesn’t come with the bike itself. We don’t recommend that as it can damage your battery possibly.

2. Try to charge the battery fully

Presume that the charger is functioning. You could try to charge the battery fully. Based on the capacity of the batteries, it takes a few hours, even a whole day to finish charging because the last time you turned on the battery was probably a few months ago.

By the way, to avoid potential battery hazards, it will be better to keep an eye on the battery once you decide to charge it overnight. After the charging is finished, unplug the charger and leave the battery to rest for a few hours.

3. Keep the cells balanced

The combination of multiple cells makes a complete ebike battery. All the cells are designed to hold the same amount of energy. However, if some of them are weaker or stronger than others, the capacity of the battery can reduce more or less.

To keep those cells balanced, you could use a battery balanced which is for sale online, costing around $50. This device can help your battery charge evenly and keep all those cells balanced.

4. Discharge the battery

It seems a little bit weird to discharge a battery, but it does help to revive your battery which has been sitting idle for a few months. To do that, you must fully charge your battery. Then you just pick a good day and keep riding until the battery is totally running out. Try to repeat this whole thing a few times, you'll rejuvenate your battery and perform at its best.

What if the 4 steps don’t work things out?

The above 4 steps are just for the general case, and if none of them don’t work, maybe it is time to get to local experts that can help you check out the battery thoroughly as they are supposed to be familiar with electronics and battery technology. We don’t recommend someone without expertise open the battery case and do some challenging tasks because it can waste your time and doesn't do your battery any favors.

If your bike was purchased online, you must seek help from the customer service team. In most cases, they will ask you to ship the battery back to where they are. You need to check out the warranty to see if the shipping fee is covered.

Ebike Battery Maintenance Tips

To be honest, if you try to take good care of your battery, you will find it even unnecessary to read some steps for reviving batteries. When it comes to storing a battery, you must avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures, whether it is cold or hot. Also, you will want to keep it away from fire sources. For more details, please check out our blog about ebike battery maintenance.

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