May 26,2023

Folding ebikes - How Magicycle Jaguarundi Differs from Others?

The most common cognitions of regular fat tire electric bikes to the public are heavy and difficult to transport, especially from long distances. Indeed, equipped with motors and batteries, the majority of electric bikes cannot be ridden for a long time due to the limited cruising range.

However, have you ever considered an electric bike that could be folded into your car and brought to the subway? As a matter of fact, it’s not an advanced concept and there are already quite a lot of foldable ebike models on the market. Nevertheless, despite their convenience, foldable ebikes have never really been the most popular type of ebike out there for some reasons.

More recently, however, folding ebikes have been back in fashion, and this time they may be here to stay - that is, with the help of some of the innovations that come with them. That's right, the worlds of easy-to-carry folding ebikes are merging. Therefore, for a better understanding of how foldable electric bikes benefit users, let’s start by looking at how good these ebikes for adults are on their own and the newest releasing folding ebike Magicycle Jaguarundi.


Magicycle Jaguarundi Folding Ebike

So we have already acknowledged that folding bikes can have some unique advantages for ebike enthusiasts but we've only scratched the surface. Do you have any experience of taking your bikes/ebikes upstairs? For those who have, apparently, it’s not that easy. Magicycle folding model Jaguarundi which weighs only 76lbs solves this problem perfectly - you fold the ebike in half and by doing this, you actually solve half of the problems associated with carrying an ebike. There are two major issues that you are able to solve by folding your Jaguarundi into 2:

Transportation: Sometimes you need to get from your location to your final destination without riding an ebike. This is usually because you're driving a long trip, or because the ebike is broken and you can't ride it. Whatever your reason, trying to stuff an ebike into a car is not easy. But hold on a second, what if the bike only took up half the horizontal space without adding much width? A folding bike can do just that. The folded Jaguarundi’s frame size is literally 30.71"×45.28"×24.41" which allows you to put your ebike in the car without much effort now! Go ahead, tuck it into the trunk and drive to where you've always wanted to go and ride your ebike. This is great if you like to travel because it costs you less money. With this bit of ingenuity, you can save money by not having to rent an ebike when you leave. The folding Jaguarundi could easily be stored in a car, boat, or ferry.

Storage: None of us are willing to put our beloved electric bikes in the snow and ice as it would be harmful to the electric devices. But due to the limited spaces at home, we are forced to do so sometimes. Wait, a foldable electric bike? We just noticed that Jaguarundi would be more appropriate because it's easier to store. It doesn't "get in the way" like a normal bike. You can hide it somewhere in a corner and just call it a day without any worries.


To some degree and subjectively, with a motor and battery on an electric bike, some extra weight is added to the ebike. Whether the extra weight straddles the line between "manageable" and "heavy" is up to you. If you find the weight of a regular bike difficult, yes, an ebike will be heavy.

However, it's worth remembering that the extra weight won't make much of a difference to your ebike ride. It's obvious when going up hills, but even then, if the extra weight overburdens the hill, you can just crank up the motor - you know, the thing that makes the ebike heavier in the first place. Carrying the ebike can be a bit of a challenge, but it's no big deal and all the benefits of the electric motor are worth it. With a more equal comparison, the Magicycle folding Jaguarundi is much lighter than the other regular electric bikes like Aventon or Rad Power, with approximately 20% less weight.

Hard To Break

The contradictory saying is that a folding electric bike could be broken easily as it is foldable and the major concern of the public who don’t want to purchase a folding ebike is that they believe it’s not durable. However, is it really true?

Most of you may acknowledge that 99% of ebikes are produced overseas and the ebike manufacturers are not fools. They know that folding electric bikes are at risk of breaking to consumers and have taken steps to reinforce those problem points and prevent any issues that may or may not happen such as using advanced welding methods like fish scale welding. The Magicycle Jaguarundi has been through more than 100,000 times of vibration fatigue tests to ensure it is strong enough. The result is a folding ebike designed to reduce the weight burden on these hinges/joints and increase the durability of the bike. So, the Jaguarundi folding ebikes actually last longer than some road ebikes.

Less Expensive

Motors for folding ebikes will raise the price. This is inevitable. That being said, folding ebikes are still pretty cheap compared to other kinds of ebikes. As with all ebikes, you must compare different ebikes and research the pros and cons of each model to find the best option for your money.

A good budget for purchasing a folding electric bike is from $1100 to $2000 (please forget the expensive carbon fiber construction). Magicycle Jaguarundi provides the best quality components with the least cost of $1599.

After all, as so many advantages are mentioned, are you looking for a top-quality folding electric bike? Do not hesitate, Magicycle electric bike Jaguarundi would be your smartest purchasing choice ever.

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