May 26,2023

Electric Mountain Bikes vs Mountain Bikes, What Are the Differences?

According to statistics, there are more than 100 million hopping on mountain bikes to have bike rides at least once a year. Many of us ride mountain bikes just for entertainment while others are doing that for commuting to work. Anyway, we can see that a huge amount of Americans use mountain bikes, and most of them are still wondering whether it is necessary to replace their mountain bikes with electric mountain bikes.

For those who have fallen into the field of ebikes, it is quite easy to understand why to choose electric mountain bikes. However, for those who haven’t, well, they have a lot of things to take into consideration. Basically, if you are a newbie to the electric bike industry, you need to at least know the differences between electric mountain bikes and regular mountain bikes, don’t you? In this article, you will find your answer, let’s do it.

Weight Differences between Emtbs and Mountain Bikes

fat tire electric bikes

Weight is probably one of the most impressive differences. We could just carry a mountain bike all the way. Even though you get them upstairs, it is not difficult unless you try to do that for hours. (It is tiring absolutely) Generally, there is no problem carrying a mountain bike. However, when it comes to emtbs, especially full-suspension electric mountain bikes, it will be quite the opposite.

Believe it or not, almost any ebike is heavier than a regular mountain bike. Taking Magicycle Cruiser Pro as an example, it weighs 76 lbs, which is 34.5kg. For those who are not strong enough, they might not be able to carry an ebike up for quite a long time. So why are electric mountain bikes heavier? They are several factors below.

Tires: To gain more traction and grip, many electric mountain bikes are usually equipped with 26-inch fat tires or even fatter ones. They are way heavier than thin tires on normal mountain bikes, and most of us can’t just grip them with one hand. (Unless you got big hands.)

Motors: An electric motor is another piece of component that accounts for a lot of the weight of an ebike for sale. It is inseparable from an ebike as it provides electric assistance. An ebike motor could be located in the center of the 2 wheels of an ebike or the center of the crank. There are mainly 2 kinds of motors on the ebike market: hud Motors and mid-drive Motors. To know more about these 2 kinds of motors, you could check out our blog.

Batteries: The batteries on electric mountain bikes are not like ordinary batteries. They are bigger and of larger capacity. Some ebikes are removable while others are built into the frame. Anyway, ebike batteries are not as light as they look.

What does Riding an Electric Mountain Bike Feel Like?

Well, to be honest, riding an emtb could feel the same or totally different compared with a mountain bike. Most electric mountain bikes on the market have both PAS and throttles. So generally, an emtb could work in 3 ways: Throttle Mode, PAS mode, or using both of them.

Using the throttle mode all the way can make you feel the most excited on an electric mountain bike. You could just free yourself from pedaling by simply twisting the throttle. The only little disadvantage is that it consumes battery capacity faster. By using the pedal assist, you can get electric assistance as well. And it is actually not tiring at all as the electric assistance will get to you pretty quickly when you pedal with a little bit of effort. When the electric mountain bike reaches a specific speed, no effort is needed on the pedals.

By the way, there is something you need to know when it comes to pedaling. What I mentioned above about pedaling is all about the cadence sensor, which is a sort of widely used sensor in the ebike industry. If your electric mountain bikes apply torque sensors, then the situation could be different. To know more about cadence and torque sensors, you are welcome to check out our blog.

So, we were talking about 3 ways that an electric mountain bike can work. The last way is that you could use both PSA and throttle, which can save more battery and effort as well. In these 3 ways, electric mountain bikes do make a huge difference compared with mountain bikes.

Of course, to feel the same as riding on a mountain bike, you can just turn off the power system, but it may not be as easy as you think because an electric mountain bike could be really heavy to pedal, just like I said above.

3 Reasons Why Emtbs Are Better than Regular Mountain Bikes

long range ebike

1. Travel Longer Distance

Generally, both electric mountain bikes and mountain bikes can help you commute, getting you from point A to point B. You could just ride them for all kinds of purposes, like visiting friends and running errands, wherever you want to go. However, do you ever think about how far you can really go on a mountain bike? To make it as far as you can, you need to keep pedaling, which can make you exhausted. But when it comes to riding an electric mountain bike, you can absolutely travel a longer distance without getting too tired. To go as far as you can, you could just choose an Emtb with a larger battery. For instance, Magicycle Ocelot Pro is equipped with a 20Ah lithium battery, helping you enjoy a long journey with ease.

2. Inspire You to Ride More

A study shows that nearly 50% of people who own mountain bikes go for a bike ride once a week, while this number for emtb riders increases to 80%. It is not strange because electric mountain bikes just bike riders easier. All you need to do is hop on the bike and twist the throttle, that’s it. If you realize that you don’t ride your mountain bike as often as you expect, then it will be great to invest in an electric mountain bike.

3. Climb Hills Easily

We know that some of you may live in cities where there are many hills. Obviously, it could be pretty tiring to ride mountain bikes uphill. Can you imagine anything worse than pedaling up a steep hill? With an electric mountain bike, this won’t be an issue anymore.

One important thing you need to take into consideration is if you need to climb hills on electric bikes for adults. That is the motor power. Absolutely there are many electric mountain bikes out there, but not all of them are equipped with motors that are powerful enough to conquer all hills. We recommend you purchase emtbs with motors of at least 700W or 750W.

Now ebike industry has been growing rapidly, there are just a lot of ebike brands emerging globally every year. That is the reason why we strongly believe that it is the best time for you to switch to an electric mountain bike.

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