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Ebike charging: slow or fast?

Are you also troubled by the long charging time of your electric bike? Sometimes you want to ride out to go to an appointment, but find that the battery is not fully charged - you will be late by the time the charging is complete. If you choose to charge the car at night, then you will face the problem of easy overcharging, which is very harmful to our electric bicycles. Therefore, when buying an electric bicycle, we often care about the charging speed of the product. Of course, we tend to buy an electric bicycle that charges faster, so that it brings more convenience rather than trouble.

However, some people will ask: is fast charging a good thing? As the fire and explosion incident of fast-charging ebiks does exist, is it certain for fast-charging electric bikes to be good? It is with all of ebiking…high performance comes with significant drawbacks. You might think that the higher cost of a faster charger is the only consideration when upgrading chargers, but…it's not! You will notice that there are not many ebike chargers available on the market that charge at more than 5-amps…and that is because of the dangers of charging an ebike battery too fast. For the purpose of this article we will consider how to choose a faster charging electric vehicle under the premise of safety.

l  How to ensure the two things at the same time?-- fast charging and its safety
In fact, charging problems can indeed be avoided, as long as we choose an electric vehicle with higher charging performance on the basis of safe charging. We need to care about the safe charging amperage as much as possible to keep it below 5 amps, preferably 3 amps, and then calculate whether its charging time is fast enough.

At this point Ebike Charger Math is used. One of the questions you should ask when buying an ebike is how large is the battery in Amp-hours (Ah) and how many amps is the charger it comes with? Then using ebike math you can quickly calculate how long your battery will take to charge. For example, one ebike is that charging a 10-Ah battery will take 10 hours with a 1-amp charger or 2 hours with a 5-amp charger. If you divide the amp-hour rating of your battery by the amp rating of your charger, that is how long it will take you to fully charge your battery.

Additionally, choose an ebike with a battery protection system that will help with fast charging more safely. Commercially sold ebike such as Magicycle’s ebikes have some kind of Overcharging protection that protects the battery. One of the things it does is limit how fast the pack is allowed to charge. Also, its integrated cooling system is in charge of preventing excessive heat to further ensure the battery's safety and longevity.

Magicycle is well-known for the high quality of its brand name components, and the battery fast-charger is no exception. Magicycle has carefully selected the Modiary company to make its chargers. Modiary is widely respected as a quality manufacturer of lithium battery chargers, focusing on high-efficiency and safety since 2006. On the basis of safe charging, their 52V, 3A fast charging system makes the charging time of electric bicycles within 5 hours at high speed, which is a great improvement in our charging efficiency.

l  Furthermore, the following are some charging tips for long battery life.
Tip No.1: Charge a New Electric Bike Battery for 12 Hours. This long initial charge ensures current is flowing through all the cells and helps to condition the battery right out of the box.

Tip No.2: Charge Your Ebike Battery Regularly. The lithium chemistry batteries used on electric bikes, and really most electric bikes, should last longer with regular use and, therefore, regular charging.

Tip No.3: Avoid Temperature Extremes. An electric bike battery feels the same way about the weather as most electric bike riders do. Moderate temperatures are better.

Tip No.4: Don't Overcharge an Electric Bike Battery. Don't just leave your electric bike battery on the charger for long periods of time. Overcharging can cause the battery to discharge itself and then charge it again. This cycle of minor discharges and topping off continues, creating a series of poor charging cycles.

Tip No.5: Don't Store an Empty Battery. Sometimes you may need to store your electric bike battery. Perhaps, you're about to take a trip. Maybe it is too cold outside to ride. Regardless, don't store the battery empty, rather look for it to have about 40-to-70 percent of its full capacity.
Battery charging is an important part of maintaining your ebike battery in great condition. Follow the charging guidelines, and you'll enjoy great reliability and a long life span. Ebike maintenance is just a lot easier when you have a high-powered and safe charger, and that's exactly what you get with the right bike you chose.

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