May 26,2023

Did You Ever Consider Why Magicycle? Let Us Tell You

Does it take you a lot of time and energy to commute? Does gassing up the car cost you a lot? Do you want to do some exercise in your spare time? If you say “yes”, an electric bike will be your good friend! Nowadays, the price of gas has become more and more expensive. 

Driving a car bears heavily on us all while riding a bicycle is really exhausting!!! Compared with traditional transport like petrol vehicles and bicycles, electric bikes can save effort and be more convenient, cheap, and environmentally. The electric bike is a new way of transporting welcomed by plenty of young people. I think every commuter and sports fan, shouldn't miss it!

1.How to choose an appropriate power?
With many different variations of batteries like 36V, 48V, 52V, etc., choosing appropriate power becomes difficult. The main factor to consider is speed and terrain. The higher the speed you need, the higher power should be chosen. The terrain can be a flat surface that doesn't require much power or a hilly surface that may need a higher power to climb. There are various kinds of power you can choose to include 300w, 500w, 750w, etc. If you want to buy an electric bike for your kid for fun, I think 300W is enough. If you live in the city and just want an electric bike for commuting, 500w is enough for you. If you are a sports fan and want an electric bike for hills , you’d better choose 750w. The higher power will save your effort and bring you to your destination in a short time. Especially for those sports fans who want to climb hills or cross rough roads , high power is really necessary!

However, excellent high-power electric bikes are very rare in the whole market. I think Magicycle is really the most outstanding one of them! It has a 750W 86Nm high-power motor, which can satisfy all kinds of terrain, such as mountain terrain, grassland terrain, sandy terrain and even snowy terrain! I think you must have never seen such a powerful electric bike before! It can bring you a unique riding experience.
2. Which brand is better under $2000?
After my comparison, I found four brands of electric mountain bikes in the market under $2000 that sell well - Rad power, Himiway, Aventon, and Magicycle. In terms of the Performance - Price ratio, which one will be the best electric mountain bike under $2000? 

The most significant thing that we must consider first is power. As I said above, if you are a sports fan, you must choose the high power which can help you have more fun. Compared with the other 3 brands, Magicycle won totally in its 750W, 86Nm, and 52V battery. 86Nm can provide greater power than the 80 Nm on the other three brands of electric bikes. It can provide more assistance when you ride uphill.

In addition, If you are a busy commuter and don’t want to waste time charging, the 52V 3A battery will be your first choice because of its fast charging. Compared with the 48V battery of the other three brands of electric bikes whose charging time is more than 7 hours, the 52V battery of Magicycle can save more than 2 hours. You can finish charging (from 0% to 100%) in just 3-5hours! It can save you a lot of time and be more convenient for you to commute.
The last thing I would say is the LED multicolored screens of Magicycle which I love best! Compared with the black-and-white screen, an LED multicolored screen can help you see the numbers on the screen clearly in the sun! Besides, You can change the options on the screen according to your preferences. What a humanized design!

So, what could stop you from choosing Magicycle?

Magicycle is not just an electric bike. It is also a good partner that keeps you company, supports you in times of trouble, and meets whatever you need. All you need to do is take it home!

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