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Can You Commute On A Full Suspension Electric Bike?

Commuting on a full-suspension electric bike is a common topic among full-suspension ebike riders, whether they are beginners or experienced. The internet is filled with diverse answers that sometimes create more controversy instead of clearing doubts.

In this post, we share key information about using full-suspension ebikes for commuting and what you need to know before investing in one. Further, the best place to check out excellent ebike models.

What Is A Full Suspension Electric Bike?

Full suspension ebikes are a relatively new type of bike that features a powerful motor, long-lasting batteries, and other incredible features.

These electric bikes have a rear shock and front suspension fork, allowing riders to have more control over the bike as well as traction and increased comfort. Compared to normal bikes, full-suspension ebikes might feel different.

What’s great about full-suspension electric bikes is that they are easier to ride and far more comfortable. This has to do with their efficient design and components which eliminate back and leg pain from excessive pedaling and bad posture. With a ebike, you can maximize your movements and travel farther without having to put in a lot of effort.

Having a full-suspension electric bike will help you reduce tension in your body as well as enjoy riding once again.

Thanks to the full suspension system, you won’t have to struggle to try to maneuver the bike, and this also applies to the tires. Since most of the bikes have fat tires, they are able to absorb bumps and rocks on the road, keeping your bike in contact with the ground.

Can You Commute On A Full Suspension Ebike?

A common myth about full-suspension ebikes is that they cannot be used for commuting around town. The reality is, they work perfectly in any terrain, including pavement and other roads.

If you’re thinking about getting a ebike to reduce your car usage or because you want to have transport without having to invest in a car or a motorcycle, full suspension electric bikes for adults are perfect for you.

You can easily commute and still use your bike to discover new places in uneven terrain without having to modify anything of the bike or purchase different tires or similar.

Using your electric ebike for commuting can grant you so many benefits for your health, including getting outside more, meeting with friends, discovering new places, and more. There are no limits when it comes to full suspension ebikes.

Before investing in a full-suspension ebike, we recommend you check your local town or city’s regulations regarding using full-suspension ebikes on the street. Some regions, states, and cities have strict rules for electric bikes, including full-suspension electric bikes. You might be able to use your bike but not in bike lanes, for example.

Reasons To Use Your Electric Ebike For Commuting

full suspension electric mountain bike

There are many reasons to use an electric bike for commuting, and in this part, we’ll share the top reasons why you should do it. No matter if you’re a beginner or experienced rider, or whether you have an electric bike or are considering getting one.

Get Anywhere In Minutes

Ebikes are fast, and if you’re tired of walking or spending money on local transport then you’d be glad to know that a full-suspension electric bike can solve all your issues.

Full-suspension ebikes are faster than common bikes, therefore you can get anywhere in minutes without trouble. Plus, you get to explore the city and do a bit of physical exercise in the meantime without having to do a lot of effort.

Reduce Body Discomfort & Pain From Pedaling

Continuing with the last statement, using your full suspension ebike for commuting can seriously improve your life when it comes to reducing body pain and discomfort.

For people with knee replacement, back pain or similar, electric bikes for sale are not only comfortable but help you make your pedaling more efficient thanks to their power assistance.

That being said, you can enjoy riding again and go anywhere you want knowing you won’t be sore the next day.

It’s Safe

Many people believe that ebikes are not safe, or that they’re very close to motorcycles. When in reality, they’re considered a very safe vehicle.

With powerful brakes and proper usage of gears, your full suspension ebike can be extremely safe. And if you add up that thanks to the fat tires and full suspension system you have increased stability, and the risks of falling are nonexistent.

You should always ride carefully if you’re on the road and with the right protective equipment, such as a well-fitted helmet, as well as following traffic laws.

You Can Carry Many Things With You

Electric bikes are spacious, and if this wasn’t enough, they often have a rear rack on the back where you can tie your backpack or a child seat.

With a ebike, you can get anywhere in minutes and take things with you all the time without worrying about falling or getting tired.

Where To Find Quality Ebikes

After reading this post, we’re sure you want to invest in a full-suspension electric bike, and we have the best ebike models for you to check out.

We recently launched a new electric bike called the Magicycle Deer, an excellent SUV you can use for commuting as well as in other places. What we love about the Deer is how easy it is to use it and the incredible features it has.

We also recommend you take a look at our electric bike specially made for commuting, the commuter ebike. These ebikes are perfect for either experienced or beginner riders looking to change their lives and the way they ride a bike.

Magicycle is proud to create innovative and modern full-suspension ebikes everyone can use.

If you’d like to read more articles like this one, check out our blog.

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