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Can an Ebike Help with Significant Weight Loss?

The short answer, of course, is "yes!" If not, then why bother to present this information, right? But we all want something more than the short answer when it comes to our health, so let's take a closer look. Here are five principles really do matter. These can get you started on the road to better health, including weight loss that will make a positive difference in your life.

Principle #1 -- What You Eat Matters

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DISCLAIMER...I am not a doctor and not qualified to give medical advice. Do your own research and also consult your doctor.

It is definitely true that what you choose to eat does matter to your health. There are numerous types of eating plans available, and it can be confusing and time-consuming to choose one that is best for you. But it is important, so take the time and do the research, and discuss it with your doctor.

Perhaps the most exciting development in recent months is the growing popularity of the Keto eating plan. This is a low carbohydrate, high-fat way of eating that focuses on avoiding high carbohydrate foods such as bread, potatoes, sugar, fruit juices, etc. Remarkably, even some very traditional medical sources are beginning to view Keto as an effective weight loss plan that also provides significant improvement in metabolic health.

It is not at all unusual to hear people speaking of reversing their Type 2 diabetes by sticking with the Keto eating plan. It is an unusual plan, in that participants lose weight without the worry of portion control.  Again, be sure to consult with your doctor before engaging with a new eating plan.

Regardless of what eating plan you choose, it remains obvious that what you eat matters. Don't expect to lose weight riding your electric bikes for adults if you are also filling up on donuts at every opportunity. Aim for a good balance of diet and exercise.

Principle #2 -- Exercise Matters

Yes, what you eat does matter, and so does exercise. These two health factors go together like ham and cheese. Dieting is not as effective if the exercise is missing, and exercise is not as effective without a good eating plan.

Does the exercise have to involve electric mountain bikes? I'd love to say "yes," but no, there are many great forms of exercise. E-biking does have its advantages, and we'll point those out. The main thing is to get adequate exercise, whether it's walking, jogging, swimming, kickboxing, or some other discipline...get out there and do it!

Principle #3 -- Time Matters

Time is a very important factor in good exercise. In fact, my cardiologist often says longevity is more important than intensity. In other words, how long you exercise may be more important than how hard you exercise. One great key to effective exercise is setting aside adequate amounts of time.

This is where we begin to see the advantage of e-biking as a primary exercise. E-biking pulls together several very attractive features...fresh air, sunshine, scenery, enjoyment, etc. Let's just say it right up front -- e-biking is a ton of fun! Because it is so much fun, that makes it easier to get the exercise of heart-healthy length.

How long should you exercise? The Mayo Clinic recommends at least 300 minutes per week of moderate aerobic exercise. This is an amount of exercise that can truly assist with weight loss. On your ebikes for sale, that could mean daily rides of about 40 minutes, or perhaps one hour of riding five days per week. That's for the greatest effectiveness, but remember, every little bit helps. 

If you are just getting started, try 20-30 minute rides every other day, and progress upward whenever you feel ready. As needed, divide your exercise time. When you can't fit in a 60-minute ride, try two 30-minute rides...maybe morning and evening. While riding in the sunshine is great, night riding can also be an answer to increasing your exercise time.

Principle #4 -- Consistency Matters

One 5-hour ride per week will give you those elusive 300 minutes, but it is not advised. It will leave you tired and sore, and probably not looking forward to the next ride. Good consistency of exercise elevates your mood, improves your health, and leaves you looking forward to riding again. Just as with the principle of time, the advantages of e-biking make it much easier to exercise with consistency.

Most of us prefer doing something fun, especially when we know it is good for us. E-biking is definitely fun and obviously good for us, and so we are likely to do a better job of maintaining consistency of exercise. Your body will release endorphins on a regular basis, enhancing your mood and leaving you with a good feeling of accomplishment. As an added bonus, you will likely feel more mentally alert, as well.

Principle #5 -- Comfort Matters

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This is a big item! Although we know it's important and we really believe we need more exercise, the odds are against us if the exercise is not reasonably comfortable. If we are out of breath on every hill and exhausted at the end of the ride, then probably time and consistency will suffer. This leads us right back to the advantage of ebikes for sale.
Generally, electric bikes for adults, and especially MAGiCYCLE electric bikes, are very effective exercise machines because the intensity can be tailored to our physical condition. To put it another way, the level of exercise is completely in your control. If you want a lot of exercises, you can ride without turning on the motor. And if you want no exercise at all, you can ride with no pedaling at all! 

But what if you want just a little exercise, but without wearing yourself out? Magicycle makes it easy! You can choose any one of the 7 levels of pedal assist, and you can customize each of the 7 levels to make them perfect for you. You can easily understand how this can help with time and consistency.

For example, you might set Level 5 at 50%, meaning that as you pedal the Magicycle, the motor will do 50% of the work. Or you may decide you want a little more exercise, so you select Level 2 and now the motor only does 25% of the work for you. And here’s what’s really nice — if at any moment you decide you’re working a little too hard or getting a little too sweaty, you can just stop peddling and let Magicycle do all the work. 

This customization of intensity allows us to optimize our exercise so that it is more comfortable to put in the needed work. With that kind of comfort, e-bike riders can maintain the exercise time and consistency that leads to lifestyle changes and important loss of weight.

The MAGiCYLE Advantage for Weight Loss


Many electric bikes have only 3 or 5 levels of pedal assist. MAGiCYCLE has 7, and very importantly, all 7 levels are fully customizable by the rider. You get to decide the intensity of your riding exercise.


The MAGiCYCLE Design Team goes all-out to be sure you get a bike that is not only safe and reliable but also very comfortable for sitting and pedaling long distances.


MAGiCYCLE puts the customer first! They own the factory, and you get quality control from start to finish, backed by a 15-day return policy and a 2-year warranty.

The best electric mountain bikes are for sale on magicyclebike.com! And limited offers are available right now! Free shipping, you don't want to miss them!

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