May 26,2023

Best Hill-Climbing Expert - Magicycle Ebike

Do you live in hilly cities like San Francisco, Seattle, LA, or Omaha? In these cities, it will be really tiring if you don’t own a car as you have to go uphill or down every day. Trust me, few of us like climbing hills, especially in summer, the rising temperature plus the crazy hills will piss you off. You may consider buying a bike, but cycling uphill is not as ideal as you imagine in your mind as it depends on your own labor force. However, when it comes to riding an ebike, things will be a lot easier. Electric bikes just can push you uphill without taking you any effort.

But here comes a question: What to look for in electric bikes for adults while living in hilly cities and climbing hills? Well, as you are reading this article, I am going to tell you how to pick up an ebike for climbing hills, just stick with us.

1. Powerful Motor

From my perspective, a motor is absolutely the most essential component for an ebike once you desire to conquer those hills on it. Basically, there are mainly two kinds of motors in the market — the mid-drive motor and the hub motor.

A hub motor is normally installed in the center of an ebike wheel, which is one of the most common ebike motors. And the mid-drive motor is in the center of the whole ebike, transferring the motor power to the wheel through the drive chain.

You must want to know what the differences are between these two kinds of motors. To be exact, one of the hugest advantages of a hub motor is that they almost need no maintenance as all of the motor components are kept inside a motor casing. You don’t need and can’t do anything for the maintenance.

Moreover, a hub motor won’t place any stress on your ebike chain and make any part of an ebike wear out or break down. In this case, your ebike chain won’t wear out quickly as the hub motor will allow it to stay idle by doing all the work itself.

Also, a hub motor got a disadvantage. When it comes to changing the wheel components like tires and rim as the rim of a hub-motor ebike is usually fixed so that the tires can not be swapped to your favorite ones.

What about a mid-drive motor? A big advantage of a mid-drive motor is that it allows an ebike to change tires easily since there is not a heavy motor in the center of the wheel. You can just swap out the tires as you do on a traditional bike.

One of the disadvantages of a mid-drive motor is that it can make your drive system wear out more quickly compared with a hub motor. Another more important one is that you can not shift when your ebikes come to a stop. You may not know what it means. For example, if you are in the highest gear and riding really fast, but you have to stop due to a red light, a pedestrian, or something else, you may forget to downshift the gear. When you are about to pedal again, you are going to take a lot of effort to do that.

No matter what kind of motors you are about to choose, you have to select ones of high watts, like 750 Watt, which is enough to help you go uphill without breaking a sweat. Here is what I mean 750 Watt is the rated power.

2. Large Battery

In the ebike market today, lithium-ion batteries have become the default batteries for most electric mountain bikes. Lithium-ion batteries are just better than other sorts of batteries in terms of weight, durability, and capacity. Thus, we would like to first recommend you a lithium battery. However, there are some other things to look out for before making a choice.


Ebikes for sale are designed and programmed to have a fixed voltage output. For example, an ebike with a 36V battery can not use a 48V battery, otherwise, the ebike will break down possibly.

A battery of less voltage will provide less power output for the ebike motor likewise. On the contrary, with the combination of both a high voltage battery and a powerful motor, climbing hills can be the easiest thing in your life.

II) Battery Capacity

As it is known to all, riding on hills can cost more energy for an ebike, which means more battery loss than usual. Therefore, you have to select a battery of at least 52V to guarantee a longer range, otherwise, your ebike will possibly lose the ability to climb hills halfway.

MAGICYCLE Ocelot Pro — the Most Powerful Long-Range Ebike

To sum it up, if you are to purchase an ebike to conquer hills in your city, the motor and battery should be taken into consideration first.

Magicycle got a perfect ebike for this purpose — Magicycle Ocelot Pro. It has a 750 Watt 96 torque powerful motor, providing an acceleration of up to 25KM/H. Even though you are in the middle of the hill, with both the PAS and this motor, nothing is impossible as the Ocelot Pro is a real expert in climbing.

Moreover, it has a 52V20Ah lithium-ion battery, offering a maximum range of 80 miles. With this battery, you can avoid situations where you are running out of battery halfway. The fast charger that comes with the ebike will allow you to fully charge the battery in only 4-7 hours. Your happy journey in your hilly city won’t stop with Magicycle Ocelot Pro.

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