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8 Things You Need to Know When You Go out on a Rainy Day with Ebike

If you want to go out with your Ebike but is on a rainy day. What do we do if the weather forecast indicates rain and you plan to ride a bike? 

The rain is not an impediment to going out on a bike. Enjoying the muddy roads with friends is one of the most fun things about cycling. Of course, you have to take into account some safety tips and thus enjoy the route in the best way. In this article, we are going to give you some tips to help you go out on a rainy day with your Magicycle Ebike.

So, let's go for it!

Use Fenders

A fender is an element as simple as it is useful in the rain. Obviously, the normal thing is that a top bike does not have fenders. And that installing one to go out in the rain is not an easy task either. But there is something simpler: there is a plastic plate that is inserted into the bottom of your saddle. Once used, you fold it and store it in the jersey. Cheap, simple, and very useful. Check out this product: https://www.magicyclebike.com/products/magicycle-bike-cover-600d-super-waterproof

Waterproof and dirt-proof: it will protect your bike from dust, dirt, sun, rain, bird droppings, leaves, UV rays, and pollutants. Keeps your bike looking like new for a long time. Made from waterproof Oxford fabric, when you need to ride, you can easily shake off all the water with just one swipe. This will go a long way to saving you time

If your bike doesn't have it, use a fender for easy on and off. It is a very useful complement, you can equip it on your front or rear wheel to prevent water and dirt from splashing on the road and thus avoid getting wet or dirty more than necessary.

Safety Distance

When there is water on the ground, you need to brake early. It is recommended to brake very lightly first so that the pads clean the braking surface and expel excess water. After this action, we can press the brake harder so that we can brake better. We must always bear in mind that the braking distance when the road is wet must be greater compared to when we are driving on dry roads.

Stay Visible

When it rains, visibility is lower than the normal weather, so we recommend that you bring lights on your bike. Remember that the more the rest of the vehicles and pedestrians see us on our bikes, the better. So we recommend that you take at least one front and one rear light. Or wear yellow clothes.

Appropriate Clothing

It is important that cycling clothing is special and waterproof so that your clothes do not get wet. A raincoat would be ideal. There are many qualities, colors, and prices.

The pants suffer a lot when cycling in the rain. They are splashed with water and mud, they are also close to the chain and can get covered in grease. We recommend that you wear waterproof pants, which will help you arrive at your destination clean and dry.

In the same way, if the rain surprises you and the wind makes you feel cold, you can look for a newspaper or also advertisements in a mailbox. Placed inside the jersey, on the chest, it prevents the wind from getting cold with the water on your clothes and giving you a cold. Of course, it is best to have waterproof clothing.

Lower your tire pressure

Yes, lowering your tire pressure is very useful for riding on asphalt or very wet dirt. By reducing the pressure, the contact surface between the tire and the ground increases. It will cost you a little more to advance, but you will do it more safely.

Tires with less pressure deform more and conform better to the ground, increasing grip and contact surface. Be careful not to drop the pressure too much as we could damage the tire and increase the risk of punctures.

Caution when driving

Drive much more carefully than when you go under normal conditions. Slow down, no running or racing is necessary. With wet ground, the grip of the wheels is reduced, and it is much easier to lose balance when the electric bike hit the ground. Take turns slowly and perpendicularly so you don't lean on the ebike too much.

Be careful with the white lines on the road and the pedestrian crossings, when they are wet they are very slippery, so pay close attention and slow down if you go through these sections of the road.

Avoid accumulations of water

You have to be vigilant and not go through areas with abundant accumulation of water. The puddles can be very deep but visually they don't seem so, so you have to avoid going over them and if you do it because there's no other choice, do it very prudently, going slowly or getting off the bike if necessary.

Degrease the ebike when you're done

With rain, the dirt adheres more and better to the grease or lubricant of your transmission. If we are also talking about mountain biking, why continue? It is very important when you return, wash the bike so that the mud does not dry out, and degrease the chain. You can do it later, but it will take triple the effort. Prepare the degreaser before leaving, then it will be 5 minutes.

In short, riding in the rain is a fantastic experience. And it has benefits. With these tips, you can ride in a safer way. For any questions, Contact Magicycle, and we are happy to help.

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