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Full Fenders
Full Fenders
Repair Tool Kit
Repair Tool Kit
Front Light
Front Light

Magicycle Ocelot Step Thru Fat Tire Electric Bike

Custom-Fit for Riders of All Heights

(UL 2849 Certified)

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2-Year Warranty
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15-Day Return
Magicycle Ocelot Ebike
Designed for people of various heights, the Ocelot Pro can fit everyone with the adjustable seat. All of you guys can find the best riding position on the Ocelot Pro. The step thru frame allows riders to get on the off the bike easily.
52V 15Ah Battery
52V 15Ah Battery
The 52V 15Ah battery system leads to improved efficiency, a longer range and an extended battery life. No worries about battery fire with the BMS built inside.
Tektro Mechanical Disc Brakes
Tektro Mechanical Disc Brakes
Never compromise when it comes to your safety. The mechanical disc brakes provide unparalleled stopping power, reducing braking distances and giving you the peace of mind you deserve on every ride
750W Motor
750W Motor
With the 750W peak power output, you can reach your potential and push your limit. Embrace the true happiness and fun that comes from the power.
The Position of Controller
The Position of Controller
The controller is installed in an aluminum alloy box, which is welded with the frame as a whole to provide double protection
Front Fork
Front Fork
Smooth out any bumps with this front fork. It will absorb shocks and vibration effectively, reducing the riding fatigue for both your hands and your body.
Adjustable Seatpost
Adjustable Seatpost
The Seatpost can be adjusted freely to fit the rider's height, which is great for getting a perfect riding position.

Real World Range Testing

On Throttle

28 MPH
28 MPH
Top Speed
52V 15Ah
52V 15Ah
Battery Capacity

Pedal Assist

10 MPH
50 Miles
17 MPH
45 Miles
20 MPH
40 Miles
25 MPH
35 Miles
28 MPH
30 Miles
electric bikes ocelot for adults
electric bikes ocelot for adults
electric bikes ocelot for adults
electric bikes ocelot for adults

Tailor-fit comfort. For every rider.
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52V 15Ah lithium battery
Backlight Display with USB Charging
Short-circuit proof 3.0A fast smart charger
Charging Time
3 - 5 Hours
30-55 miles
Total Payload Capacity
52V 750W FOC smart controller, Current Range 7-22Ah (IPX8)
Hub Motor
750W brushless gear motor
Frame size
Recommended Rider Heights
4'10" - 6'2"
Pedal Assist
Intelligent 5 levels pedal assist with 12 magnet cadence sensor
Kenda 20"x4.0"
Front Light
6V LED light
Front Fork
Alloy Mechanical lockout suspension fork
KMC chain
Brake Lever
Aluminum alloy comfort grip levers with motor cutoff switch
Super Soft Cushion
Half twist throttle
Integrated front light
Seat Post
Diameter 30.9mm length 300mm
Shimano-14-28T BROWN/BK
Wellgo alloy pedal with reflectors
48T, 170mm forged alloy, dual-sided bashguard
Heavy Duty Aluminum
Bike Frame
20" 6061 Aluminum Frame
Shimano 7 Speed Gear Shift System
Tektro Mechanical Disc Brakes
13 Gauge on the Front / 12 Gauge on the Back
Package Dimension
153CM x 36CM x 88.5CM
Assembly Instructions Video Assembly Instructions Video

Assembly Instructions Video

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Customer Reviews

Based on 121 reviews
Michael Argo
Excellent quality and strong support

We purchased our bikes over a weekend and by Friday they arrived. Assembly was easy and nothing was damaged (as I have seen to be issues with other manufacturers). My only concern to date is the lack of instruction online. Everything is geared to the Ocelot Pro which has a totally different controller display. However, the support team can usually direct me to the answers I seek. I would highly recommend the Ocelot, but if you can afford it go with the Pro.

Bud S.
simple and solid...

So... I got this to ride to work. Only 2 miles one way. Not bad. Now I'm a fat guy and this thing holds up great. I'm over 50 miles on it and I haven't had a single problem. Easy to assemble, headlight is bright.

Donna Cade
Tons of fun and very useful

I picked this bike up to get around easily and quietly on my hunting property, but had so much fun with it, I use it around town as well.
It has a very sturdy frame, which was really important to me for hauling things around. I'm a bigger guy, and it handles my weight just fine.

M. Evans
Great bike

I have to say, the Bike is better than I expected. It rides and handles great.

Jimmie Roan
I just love this electric Bike

I was impressed with this purchase. It was very well packaged and it came a day or two sooner than the expected delivery date. Last night I was finally able to ride it for the first time and I loved it. Great power and pspeed, so far so good.

Ocelot FAQ Ocelot FAQ

Ocelot FAQ

Are step-thru ebikes worth it? Are step-thru ebikes worth it?

Step-thru ebikes are the best choice for professional needs, if you need a bike for the office then they prove to be the best choice. No matter what kind of formal attire you have, these bikes will keep you comfortable and relaxed. You also won't need to worry about your dress getting dirty.

Are step-through bikes less stable? Are step-through bikes less stable?

No. Traditionally, the construction of a step-through bike is less stable and weaker than that of a traditional model. But Magicycle Ocelot step-through bikes are designed with thicker and more durable frames to avoid deformation when going uphill. The thickness of the tube wall is designed to be 4-5mm, while the ebike industry usually has a thickness of only 3mm, and it is a single cavity. This technology solves the problem of insufficient strength of the step-over model down tube in the bike industry.

What's the Ebike Classification of Magicycle Ocelot? What's the Ebike Classification of Magicycle Ocelot?

The factory default setting of the Magicycle Ocelot is Class 2, but it can be unlocked to Class 3.

What is the recommended tire pressure of Magicycle Ocelot? What is the recommended tire pressure of Magicycle Ocelot?

Magicycle Ocelot should be between Min: 5 PSI ~ Max: 30 PSI. Usually, you can check the recommended pressure on the tire sidewall which is how much you should inflate your tires.

Does Magicycle Ocelot has Gear Shifting? Does Magicycle Ocelot has Gear Shifting?

Magicycle Ocelot is equipped with a high-quality 7-speed Shimano gear shift system. The gears are there to help you ride more efficiently on the flat, power up any hills in your area, and give you that flexibility if you run out of battery while out and about.

What's in the Magicycle Ocelot gift package? What's in the Magicycle Ocelot gift package?

①Bike Repair Tool ($19 Value): We carefully selected the following repair tools according to our ebike features: 3 wrenches, 6 Allen Wrenches, and 1 screwdriver.
②Magicycle Full Fenders ($107.99 Value): Reducing the amount of water, mud, and grime that sprays up into your face, all over your bike and your backside is enough to warrant their use.
③Front Light ($35.99 Value): Integrated front light keeps you to be seen all the time.

Can I have a test riding before purchase? Can I have a test riding before purchase?

Sure! Here is the Dealer Map. You can put your address in and choose the nearby shop for a test drive.