Bundle Sale - Magicycle Deer Step-thru E-Bike With A Hitch Bike Rack
Bundle Sale - Magicycle Deer Step-thru E-Bike With A Hitch Bike Rack
Bundle Sale - Magicycle Deer Step-thru E-Bike With A Hitch Bike Rack

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Bundle Sale - Magicycle Deer Step-thru E-Bike With A Hitch Bike Rack
Bundle Sale - Magicycle Deer Step-thru E-Bike With A Hitch Bike Rack
Bundle Sale - Magicycle Deer Step-thru E-Bike With A Hitch Bike Rack

Full Suspension

Front & Rear Shock


High-Power Motor

52V 20Ah

LG Battery

80+ Miles

Estimated Range

28 MPH

Top Speed (with Pedal Assist)

400 lbs

Max Payload Capacity

Bundle Sale - Magicycle Deer Step-thru E-Bike With A Hitch Bike Rack

Built for your all-terrain long ride trip

(UL Certified)


Extra $200 Off for 2 Bikes


Come with

Save $332.96

Full Fenders
Full Fenders
Repair Tool Kit
Repair Tool Kit
Front & Tail Lights
Front & Tail Lights
Rear Rack
Rear Rack
Waterproof Battery Storage Bag
Pets Lover Package B
$265.98 $195.99
Child Carrier Seat
Set Package B
$93.97 $70.50
Outdoor Biking Package A
$249.96 $142.90
Electric Bikes Password Lock
$39.99 $15.99
Portable Bluetooth E-Bike Speaker
$49.99 $27.99
HD Blast-Resistant E-Bike Mirrors
Hitch Bike Rack Expected Separately Ship in Late May
- +
Sold Out
2-Year Warranty
2-Year Warranty
Free Shipping
Free Ship in 1 Business Day
15-Day Return
15-Day Return
24/7 Support
24/7 Support
Features & Details

52V 20Ah LG Battery

750W/1100W Powerful Motor

Class 2/3, Top Speed 28 MPH with Pedal Assist

80+ Miles Range Per Charge (estimate)

180mm Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Shimano 7-level Pedal Assist

Free Shipping within the 48 Continental States

What's in the Box

Deer Electric Bike

E-bike Manual Guide

Repair Tool Kit

Battery, Charger, Front & Tail Light, Display, Front & Rear Fenders, Rear Rack, Front & Rear Reflectors, Bell, Bike Kickstand and Left & Right Pedals

Magicycle Deer Ebike SUV
As the first ebike suv in the US, the Deer is the first choice for recreational riders who love to use ebikes for all kinds of purposes, such as commuting or off-road riding. The full suspension system will give you the highest level of shock absorption and the smoothest bike rides. With both hydraulic disc brakes and a 52V 20Ah battery, the Deer provides the most comfortable experience.
Full suspension mountain bikes
Full suspension mountain bikes
Full suspension mountain bikes keep you in control and comfortable over rugged terrain. With its front and rear suspension design, the Magicycle Deer excels on rugged forest trails, rocky paths, and uneven surfaces, providing riders with a smooth and enjoyable riding experience across diverse landscapes.
1100W 96Nm Motor
1100W 96Nm Motor
With the 1100W peak power output, you can reach your potential and push your limit. Embrace the true happiness and fun that comes from the power.
52V 20Ah 21700 Battery
52V 20Ah 21700 Battery
"21700" represents higher capacity, greater power output, and longer battery life. The 52V 20Ah battery makes Deer a powerful long-range electric bike.
Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Stay safe wherever you go with hydraulic disc brakes. Get the amazing and responsive braking power at the flick of your fingers. You will be confident on every ride.
Smart Color LCD Display
Smart Color LCD Display
The display provides a customizable user experience. You can program speed limits, the power delivery of different levels of PAS, slow start, and more to meet your own needs and ride smarter.

Real World Range Testing

On Throttle

28 MPH
28 MPH
52V 20Ah
52V 20Ah
Battery Capacity

Pedal Assist

10 MPH
80 Miles
17 MPH
65 Miles
20 MPH
55 Miles
25 MPH
50 Miles
28 MPH
45 Miles

Tailor-fit comfort. For every rider.
Size guide
Size Guide
Bike Dimension




60-80 miles
Charging Time
4 - 7Hours
Frame size
Total Payload Capacity
Max: 400lbs
Bike Frame
18" 6061 Aluminum Frame
52V 20Ah LG lithium battery
Short-circuit proof 3.0A fast smart charger
Hub Motor
750W/1100W brushless gear motor(IP55)
Color LCD Display with USB Charging
Recommended Rider Heights
5'5" - 6'8"
52V 750W FOC smart controller, Current Range 20~25 Amps (IPX8)
Pedal Assist
7-level Intelligent pedal assist with 12-magnet cadence sensor
Package Dimension
Deer 26": 166CM x 33CM x 88.5CM /20": 154CM x 32CM x 77.5CM;


Kenda 26"x4.0" Fat Tires
Front Light
6V LED light
Front Fork
Alloy Hydraulic lockout suspension fork
KMC chain
Brake Lever
Aluminum alloy comfort grip levers with motor cutoff switch
Super Soft Cushion
Half twist throttle
Integrated front and brake lights
Seat Post
Diameter 33.9mm length 250mm
Wellgo alloy pedal with reflectors
53T, 170mm forged alloy, dual-sided bashguard
Shimano-14-28T BROWN/BK
Heavy duty aluminum
Shimano 7 speed gear shift system
180mm Hydraulic Disc Brakes
13 Gauge on the front / 12 Gauge on the back
Bike Frame
18" 6061 Aluminum Frame
Assembly Instructions Video Assembly Instructions Video

Assembly Instructions Video

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Tim Abell
Cruiser time

I have a magic cycle cruiser 2yr+old step through, it's not the pro cruiser because that was not out yet. I have 4000 miles on it and it is a machine.❤ The best bike I've ever had .I live in the Mojave desert and i think the deer model would be my choice. Everyone in my town of mesquite Nevada has seen this bike ,they all want to know about it. I do reviews with over 2 million Views of my pictures and reviews on Google. I am very interested in a deer and I need a new 20 V battery for my cruiser . I recommend magicycle. 👌

David Kemp
So far so good

No problems at all 650 miles in still. Love it

Zia Mehr
Best E-Bike at this pricepoint, by far!

I've had this bike for almost 1 months and a little over 600 miles. Couldn't be more pleased.

Justin Fehringer
Bought a trailer nothing better than going to the dog park and letting him ride home!

The deer plus a puppy trailer equals a great day!

Amelia Hill
Great bike, impressive customer service

I've gone hundreds of miles on this purchase now and I still love it. I've seen no issues with usage, no problems with the batter or charge, and I can honestly say I really like this bike. I've used it on roads, large parks, through mild terrain, and up/down many hills (paved and unpaved).
After receiving, I did have to make a minor adjustment to the brakes, but otherwise it was easy to put together and use. The instructions could be more clear, but other than that, I think this is a great bike to get for those looking for an electric bike. It performs as advertised and in my opinion, it goes beyond that. DO IT! Get this bike!

Deer FAQs Deer FAQs

Deer FAQs

What is a full-suspension e-bike? What is a full-suspension e-bike?

A full-suspension electric bike has both the front fork suspension and a rear suspension shock. Both shocks work together to absorb most of the rocks, bumps, and uneven terrain and the vibrations that come with them. The absorber makes for a much more comfortable ride and more efficient on rougher terrain.

Is a full suspension e-bike good for long rides? Is a full suspension e-bike good for long rides?

One benefit of a dual suspension bike is its ability to absorb shock and vibration from rough terrain, providing a much smoother ride than a hardtail bike. So you can ride for long periods without experiencing discomfort or fatigue, allowing you to explore more of your destination.

Do you need a Full Suspension on an Electric Bike? Do you need a Full Suspension on an Electric Bike?

Consider the type of terrain you'll be riding the most. If your trails are rough, rocky, rooty, or steep, then choosing a full-suspension mountain bike could be the right move. If your goal is to descend as fast as possible, a full suspension will provide more traction and control, and provide more line options. Full-suspension electric bikes are also a good option for those whose hunts or backcountry adventures take them to the top of a mountain or rocky hill.

What's the Ebike Classification of Magicycle Deer? What's the Ebike Classification of Magicycle Deer?

What's the Ebike Classification of Magicycle Deer? The factory default setting of the Magicycle Deer is Class 2, but it can be unlocked to Class 3.

What are the effects and functions of the hydraulic suspension front fork? What are the effects and functions of the hydraulic suspension front fork?

Alloy front suspension fork with lockout and adjustment, 80mm travel distance. The hydraulic suspension front fork allows the wheel to "travel" along the fork for a few inches. This dynamic movement helps absorb the jarring impact of rough terrain and gives the rider a more comfortable ride.

How to reach 28 mph? How to reach 28 mph?

The default speed setting is 20mph, Magicyclebike is able to reach 28mph (45km).
First, press the "+" and "-" buttons at the same time. Then the setting page shows up in the display.
Second, select the "Advanced" option and press the "i" button to open the advanced setting page.
Third, select the "Power Set" option, which determines how many levels the pedal assistance provides. The default value is 0-7. Set it to 0-5 and then press the "i" button to save it. After this, a small sub-page will come up showing the voltage percentage that is put on each level of pedal assistance. Set level 5 from 96% to 100%.

What kind of weather can I ride in? What kind of weather can I ride in?

Magicycle is built to the IPX6 water-resistant standard. It indicates your bike is resistant to multi-directional water splashes, meaning it is okay to ride or park your Magicycle in the rain. Light to moderate raindrops or splashes from a wet road will not harm your ebike, but be wary of harsher weather and rainfall conditions. Additionally, do not stay too long in heavy rain.
The general rule of thumb is, if weather impacts your visibility and has the possibility to affect your bike's functionality, it is likely not a safe riding condition. With that in mind, safe riding!