May 26,2023

What Is the Best Electric Bike for Hunting in 2022

Modern technology is regularly advancing and this is exactly true from the perspective of commuting, the way we conduct business, the way we travel, also, hunting is not excluded. Technologies are continuously changing exactly how we take part in hunting-- and also usually boosting exactly how we do so in the process.

One technical development that has stood out and gained much attention from hunters are electric bikes. Commonly, those hunters pick electric bikes for the reasons that electric bikes can take over rough surfaces and provide better hunting experience.

Even though many of those hunters are aware of those advantages, most of them don’t really know how to select electric bikes for hunting. Therefore, in this passage, I will tell you exactly how to choose an electric hunting bike.

The Design of Electric Hunting Bike

Although regular ebikes and hunting ebikes look quite similar, they are not the same for many perspectives. One of the most important ones is that hunting ebikes need to be quiet while operating. That is because any noise will scare off prey when the hunters are trying to get close to them by cycling. 

Also, hunting ebikes should be produced with stronger, bigger and durable frames. Usually, compared with regular ebikers, hunters need to carry much more gear once they decide to go for that prey, which contributes to quite a heavy payload. So you need to make sure to select an electric bike that can carry at least 55lbs, like Magicycle.

These also tend to have heavier and larger tires. Those terrains in the wild are always rough and rugged. In this case, fat tires play an important role in  keeping riders safe and sound, besides, it is beneficial for carrying payloads.

Front suspension is a crucial element of a smooth trip. A good hunting electric bike should be equipped with an effective front suspension which can absorb the shocks when you are riding on bumpy roads, offering you a much more comfortable ride throughout the whole trip.

The Benefits of Electric Bikes for Hunting

1.You can Make Stealthy Moves

Getting to your hunting spots without being discovered is one of the difficulties of this kind of sport. Moving into your duck blind or deer stand without generating noise is much more crucial. While strolling to your spot is a good option, carrying all your heavy gear along can truly be really inconvenient and sometimes they can even become some kind of burden. A fantastic solution to this issue is to make use of an electric hunting bike. Ebikes are really peaceful and they can take you to your place silently. Actually, riding an ebike will certainly also make less sound than strolling.

2. You can Take a Lot of Gear

Depending on the type of hunt you are participating in, you will need a great deal of equipment. If you are planning for a remote destination, you have to carry supplies to keep you safe while out on the trail. Those supplies include  adequate food and water for a few days and the necessary hunting gear. Therefore, before going hunting, it is really necessary to get a panniers bag. Having an electric hunting bike with a panniers bag will certainly permit you to bring your equipment in the wild.

3. They Are Easy to Handle

Lightweight and flexible, these are the two crucial elements for an electric hunting bike. For the reason that these ebikes are so lighert than regular electric bikes, it is very easy to carry them with you anywhere. Not only that, but they can be stored easily. So if you are planning to take a trip for a long distance, you can bring along your ebike without any concern. Most of the ebikes can even be brought with you on a plane. 

What Is the Best Electric Hunting Bike

As electric bikes are gaining more popularity in the market, there emerge all kinds of electric bikes for those hunters who are chasing different types of hunting. But what is the best electric hunting bike? Magicycle will give you the answer.

First, Magicycle has powerful motors. To go hunting by ebiking is not the same thing as riding on a smooth street road. You have to face bumpy roads and trails ,which will absolutely slow you down. However, to hunt for those deer or other animals, slow speed wouldn’t make any difference. Magicycle’s 52V powerful motors allow you to ride on and conquer all kinds of terrain, including dirt, sand, grass, etc. You won’t miss or lose your prey with Magicycle.

Second, since hunters tend to ride on bumpy roads, it takes an ebike much more energy because of the growing resistance, and that energy loss equals battery loss. That is to say, your battery percentage drains out faster on bumpy roads than on flat and smooth streets, but if you use Magicycle’s batteries and chargers, things are gonna be different. Its battery has a large capacity, providing a top range of 55 miles. Moreover, with Magicycle’s chargers, or fast-charging chargers, it takes you only 3-5 hours to fully charge a Magicycle, saving you much time for preparing before hunting.

Last but not least, Magicycle is far more affordable. As electric hunting bikes are produced with solid materials, the chances are they might be of higher price, like above $2000. However, the truth is not all the hunters can pay for that price because they need to save more money for another hunting gear. Magicycle manufactured electric bikes with high-quality materials, assuring the riding experience for every hunter. Also they are priced only under $2000, same quality, lower price, better experience.

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