What is Good and Bad about Ebikes? May 26,2023

What is Good and Bad about Ebikes?

No doubt, the sales of electric bikes are going insane, especially when the weather is getting warmer and warmer. Have you found that more and more people around you are having ebikes for all kinds of uses, such as commuting to the workplace or school, running errands, or just having fun and enjoying the calm wind? That’s how ebikes are getting popular.

However, the popularity of ebikes comes with heated debates. People are arguing about whether an electric bike is necessary or not. Some of them may think that it won’t be that different to ride a traditional bike, which is cheaper and lighter. Well, to be honest, we can’t say which one is better, an ebike or a traditional bike, but we could tell you what is good or bad about ebikes to help you make a wise judgment. Please read below.

Advantages of Electric Bikes

Ride off-road on the Cruiser Pro

1. Higher Speed, Less Effort

I still remember when I first gave a shot at riding an ebike, it was an incredible experience. The speed is really fast and I don’t need to put in a lot of effort. In general, we can reach at least 15 miles per hour on an ebike in either PAS mode or full throttle mode, which is absolutely enough for city commuting or off-road riding, not to mention that many ebikes can go faster than that. In heavy traffic, an ebike is even able to go faster than a car.

Concerning speed, the important point is that we can be more willing to go out on an ebike because it can be as easy as dring a bottle of water. When we feel tired or exhausted but have to go out for something, riding an ebike will never make us feel worse.

2. Accessible for All Ages

Obviously, electric bikes are accessible to all age groups. There are electric bikes for kids, which are small and fit in their sizes. Also, we have electric bikes for adults as well, which are the most common ones in the ebike market.

As we all have access to ebikes, they have become best friends to families who love to enjoy nature. All family members can ride electric bikes to interact with everyone and be in nature instead of having specifically one person drive a car. In a way, riding an ebike is a combination of fitness and fun.

As for the old, ebikes are far more accessible and easier to use compared with traditional bikes. Many old people have issues with their knees and joints, and they are unlikely to put a lot of effort into pedals. With an ebike, those seniors will be able to regain the happiness of adventures.

3. Cover a Longer Distance

Believe it or not, an ebike can cover a longer distance than a traditional bike even if its battery has a limited capacity. Yes, the truth is that we can go for much more miles if we just keep riding a traditional bike, but how many of us would love to do that? Are you willing to ride for 30 miles without holding the purpose of racing?

That is why ebikes can go for more miles. All we need to do is use the throttle or pedal and leave the rest of the work to the bike itself. That is what an electric bike is made for.

Disadvantages of Electric Bikes

1. Higher Cost

To be more specific, an electric bike commonly costs more than a traditional bike. It is quite normal as electric bikes come with many costly components, such as a battery, an electric motor, a more sturdy frame, etc. It takes much more to manufacture an electric bike of average quality, not to mention those premium ones.

Also, there will be ebike maintenance involved. We may have to take good care of it before its performance is getting worse, and that takes time and money as well.

2. Heavier Weight

Apparently, an electric bike is way heavier. A traditional bike can weigh about 20 lbs while an ebike can weigh 80 lbs and more. In many cases, the 80 lbs weight can cause a lot of trouble. For example, you are not going to carry 70-pound stuff upstairs and downstairs.

Of course, the extra weight does not matter before the ebike runs out of battery. However, if the battery dies, you don’t want to pedal your ebike back home, especially on a steep hill.

Also, another problem with the weight of an ebike is that they are not easy to transport. Unlike a folding ebike, which can be folded into a smaller size, a normal electric bike are too heavy and big to be stored in the trunk of a car. In this case, you may have to use a bike car rack to transport 1 or 2 bikes.

3. Restricted by Laws

Unlike traditional bikes, electric bikes are not allowed everywhere. In the United States, the laws for electric bikes can be divided into 3 categories:

Class 1 ebikes: A max speed of 20 mph is accepted and they can be used wherever a traditional bike is allowed.

Class 2 ebikes: These ebikes can reach up to a maximum speed of 20 mph as well, and they all have throttles that are used to propel without using pedals.

Class 3 ebikes: They are allowed to reach a maximum speed of 28 mph, but they can’t be used on specific paths or trails.

Besides the above rules, some states can be covered by different ebike rules. It is recommended for all of us to check out our own local rules.

It can be sometimes annoying to ride an ebike while taking all the restrictions into consideration, but you don’t need to worry too much as these regulations don’t always make a difference.

Time to Make a Choice

Well, what do you think of ebikes after reading all the pros and cons above? If you are still hesitating, maybe you could have a test ride. That is a good way to avoid making a bad decision.

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