magicycle ebike review May 26,2023

What Else to Consider While Buying an Electric Bike Except for Wattage

As there are numerous kinds of ebikes launched in recent years, it can be a real chore for us when it comes to buying a suitable ebike. When deciding to buy one, you may not know what are the basic features an ebike should have. Sometimes too much attention is paid to the price in order to save money. This would bring more problems to the ebike that need money to maintain due to the bad quality of it. However, there is no need to worry so much because we will provide you with a list of things you need while buying an ebike, which can guarantee that you will find the most cost-effective and suitable ebike for yourself.

First, when it comes to an ebike, one of the most important components is the motor. It is like the heart of people. Wattage is the measurement of the potential power the motor can generate. Wattage plays a decisive role in what speed the bike can hit. Much like a faucet, it is the total force behind the flow of water as it comes out of the faucet tube. An ebike with a motor of 500 to 700 watts is recommended because it is capable of reaching speeds from 30 mph and more. With higher wattage comes higher speed. And with higher speed comes a better riding experience.

The second is the thing that runs the motor, the battery. Before getting an ebike, it’s better to figure out which battery will meet your needs. Some may use your ebike for workouts or adventures in the outdoors. The other just uses it for an easy way to get to work. The battery is important to the ebike because it relies on electricity to run. The capacity of power in the battery can determine how many miles an ebike can run for once it has been fully charged. The price of the battery varies according to its quality and its usage. Batteries of high quality and price, such as Lithium-Ion, Nickel-Cadmium, and Lithium Cobalt batteries can be a good choice for a long journey or an adventure if you don’t care about the money. If you do really care about the price, you can choose an ebike with a Lead-Acid battery only for a short commute. It can also be a gift for a crying kid wanting to join the electric bike craze. Batteries like Nickel-Metal-Hydride, Lithium Manganese, and Lithium-Ion Polymer can be used for a not-too-long and not-too-short journey.

Thirdly, our safety is the priority. The braking system is all about safety performance and riding experience. Excellent brakes can make you feel comfortable while riding and ensure your safety to the maximum. The price of a brake differs according to its quality. It’s not the case that the more expensive a brake is, the better it suits you. You should choose the brake system according to your own needs. Hydraulic brakes and mechanical disc brakes are the most common types of braking systems. Both of them have their merits and shortcomings in aspects like price, maintenance, and adjustment. Due to the more complex structure of the hydraulic brake, the price is relatively higher than the ebike with a mechanical disc brake. So the price of the mechanical disc brake is acceptable for most people. At the same time, the simpler structure of mechanical disc brakes will greatly reduce your workload because the repair process is easier although you may need to do the maintenance more frequently. The hydraulic disc brakes perform slightly better in the braking effect, but both of them are excellent in locking your ebike wheel to ensure the safety of the rider. Therefore, it’s recommended that you choose the braking system according to your need and budget.

Fourth is about the tires of the ebike. It is well known that the larger and wider the tires of their ebikes are, the more stable and smooth the riding experience would be. The size of the tires matters most when the ebike is used in off-road adventure or hunting which demands a high level of stability and applicability. The ebike with fat tires is suitable for all terrains and can give you better grip and stability while riding.

Last but not least is the display of the bike, such as the LCD on the handlebars. The LCD screen can directly show you all the data you may need while riding, such as the distance covered, current speed, battery levels, and the time you have ridden. A screen with good quality can make you see the information of the ebike clearly while riding, which is very important for your riding experience. Features like a rear bike basket, front and rear fenders, a loud bell, a bright headlight, a water bottle holder, etc. can elevate your sense of happiness to the maximum while riding.

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