May 26,2023

8 Reasons Why People Love Their Magicycle Ebike

Magicycle has been set up for less than two years. In the past year or so, we have insisted on being responsible for products and customers, so we have gained more than 4,000 customers, and countless electric bike enthusiasts have fallen in love with our Magicycle Ebike. You may be hearing about Magicycle for the first time, but let us tell you why Magicycle has garnered so much love in less than two years.

1. Complete Product Line

the complete product line of Magicycle

Since we released our first Magicycle Cruiser version last year, as of today we already have 5 electric bikes at different price points to meet the various needs of our customers. Old generation electric cruiser bike allows riders to conquer all terrains no matter snow or sand; New Cruiser Pro equipped with a more powerful battery and other upgraded components brings cyclists a longer and more pleasured riding experience; Ocelot with the lowest seat position on the market let you no longer struggle on your riding; The belt-driven Commuter makes your ride more stable and comfortable; The lightest folding Jaguarundi let you are able to bring your ebike further.

At the same time, we have also made a lot of efforts on ebike accessories. We have established cooperation with over 100 accessory suppliers around the world. Through strict quality control, we insist on providing customers with the best quality accessories products at the lowest price.

2. Own Factory

Magicycle Factory

In 2010, we moved into our new purpose-built factory in Wuxi which is the manufacturing capital of the world. Our production department in Wuxi, China covers an area of 10,000 square meters with 150 employees and an annual output of over 300,000 units. We have the best manufacturing equipment in the industry and have expertise in the latest technologies such as smart welding machines, electrostatic painting machines, Taiwan rim calibration equipment, and more. Our ebikes for sale are produced using hydroforming, the same method used in the automotive and aerospace industries to create stronger, more defined aluminum end products. Our packaging has been carefully selected to be the right thickness to ensure the best protection for your ebike.

3. Responsible Customer Service

Generally, you can only contact customer service by email when you make your purchase in other ebike brands, which will take a full day or even more. However, the LiveChat created exclusively by Magicycle, online 24/7, allows you to enjoy the services provided by Magicycle at any time, anywhere. Of course, if you prefer to contact us by email, you have our word that we will reply to your email within 12hrs. Besides these, our customer service colleagues are also your sales consultants, talk to them and you will get unexpected surprises.

4. Longest Warranty Period

In the electric bike industry, manufacturers are usually only willing to provide a warranty of 6 months or less, because the maintenance of electronic products not only takes time but also increases their expenses. But Magicycle's willingness to provide customers with a two-year warranty is not only because we have enough confidence in our products, but also because we want our customers to enjoy riding without any other interruption.

5. Quick Delivery

All Magicycle fat tire electric bikes are stored in our warehouse in Ontario, California. After you place an order, we will submit the logistics information to the warehouse and arrange shipping within one day. In most cases, our customers can receive their beloved Magicycle ebike within 5 days.

6. Best Value For Money

Magicycle Long-Range Cruiser Pro

As we mentioned before, Magicycle is still a young brand. Our current goal is to establish our brand reputation and let every ebike rider know Magicycle no matter if you own one or not. Therefore, on the premise of ensuring product quality, our product prices are highly competitive in the entire industry.

7. Continuous Innovation

In any industry, without innovation, it will be eliminated by the market, and the electric bike industry is no exception. People in the Magicycle product department continuously collect the latest product inquiries in the industry every day, conduct round after round of discussions and investigations, and give the best product idea to our engineers for design and production. Whether it is an electric bike or an accessory, Magicycle would never stop the pace of continuous innovation and development. The next Magicycle product is definitely something worth looking forward to.

8. Customer-care

We have established platforms for our customers to communicate on various social media including Facebook, and we will also actively answer questions from customers on these platforms. Also, you can also earn points in our Magician points system in many ways, and the points can be exchanged for cash and deducted when you purchase our products. For every reason, posting videos/photos, birthday gifts,s or shipping delays, you can get free Magicoins. We hope that everyone who loves Magicycle fat tire electric bikes for adults will feel the care and warmth in the community of Magicycle.

Even though there are already so many positive reasons provided by our customers, we will continue to work hard to boost the experience of our customers in terms of products and services. It is not easy for a young brand to be accepted and loved by the public. However, no matter how hard the road is, Magicycle will keep going. As our slogan said, Ride Free, Ride Fun, no one can stop you!

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