May 26,2023

7 Tips for keeping Safe While Riding Ebikes in the Heat

Picking one of those electric mountain bikes and hopping on it during summertime is incredibly exciting. Everything around you could be active and fresh, but all of you have to face one most prominent challenge every summer — the heat. Annually, there are an increasing number of people dying from heat-related illnesses.

However, that does not necessarily mean you cannot ride in summer. Instead, if you can do it in a proper and appropriate way, it will be a lot of fun as well. Below are xx tips for you to beat the heat, just stick with us.

1. Ride in the Early Morning or Late Evening

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The best time for riding in summer is the early morning and the late evening. During these 2 time periods, the temperature won’t be that high compared with that of the rest of the day. Also, you won’t have to get exposed to the sunlight for a long time, preventing you from getting sunburned. Also, using your electric bikes in strong sunlight for long periods can cause overheating of both batteries and motors, resulting in bad performance of your electric bikes for adults. So just remember less heat, less sunlight, and more comfort.

2. Keep Hydrated

According to statistics, many deaths in summer result from dehydration. Many people tend to get dehydrated while riding on an extremely hot summer day. Some people may not take it seriously, which is wrong definitely. When our body loses too much water, we start to feel dizzy and tired no matter how strong and healthy we are.

The most usual way to keep hydrated is drinking water. Before hitting the road, people would tell you to drink enough water, but you have to do that according to your own needs. That means you can’t drink too much to fill your stomach just because people recommend you to do so. Instead, you just need to keep yourself hydrated and bring a water bottle to refuel your body halfway.
Magicycle Cool Water Bottle

A water bottle can make a huge difference while you are riding on hot summer days. Magicycle has a cool water bottle designed for cycling. You can just use it with only one hand while cycling. For more information, check the link below.

3. Apply Sunblocks

While it is important for our health to get sunlight, excessive exposure to it can lead to risks like skin cancer and sunburn. Moreover, the pain resulting from sunburn can make you have the worst riding experience. So if you are to take a bike ride in hot sunlight, sunscreen should be applied in any case.

Also, if you are going to ride for a whole day, remember to reapply sunscreen every 2 or 3 hours.

4. Outfit Yourselves with Protective Clothes

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Once you are taking a bike ride in the heat, you have to wear appropriate clothing to keep yourself cool and comfortable. Basically, you don’t have to wear clothing that is designed for those professional cyclists. All you need to consider is whether the clothing is light and breathable or not.

Furthermore, many of you are sensitive to sunlight and can’t open your eyes in it. In this case, you can wear a pair of sunglasses.

5. Don’t let your battery get too low

In extremely hot weather, you can’t treat your ebike batteries as usual, but keep an eye on your battery percentage. Once it is getting too low, you have to stop and charge them in case they are broken because of overheating.

To charge your batteries, you can choose a route where there are charging stations. You won’t have to bother about charging halfway in the sunlight, which is annoying and troublesome.

6. Take a break if needed

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Riding an ebike can be easy and entertaining, but if you work too hard in hot weather, it will not be that funny. In extremely hot weather, your body will not work as efficiently as usual. To keep good performance in your body, you need to take more breaks. The normal way is to find shady spots to keep cool and refuel yourself with water.

What is more important is that if you feel exhausted and dizzy, you’d better stop and take a long break to prevent getting heatstroke.

7. Plan Ahead

The last and most significant tip is to make a comprehensive plan beforehand. You can take a look at the weather forecast to see if the temperature is suitable for you to take a ride out. Then, depending on the situations you may encounter, pack all kinds of things up like food, water bottles, tool kits, chargers, and anything else. Simply, it will be as easy as usual if you make full and enough preparation.

Well, those are the 7 tips to ride ebikes in the heat. Like I always say, no matter how you are going to do that, your safety is the top priority. Therefore, when it is too hot to stay out for only a while, you must stop to ride out to avoid getting heatstroke.

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