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6 Mistakes to Avoid While Commuting on an ELectric Bike

You guys must find out more and more people are trying to commute on ebikes, and it is not surprising as you can get a lot of benefits from a commuter ebike. Your life can be easier and fresh, even running errands, which may be dull and boring, can be interesting. By keeping in touch with many Magicycle owners, we find out that those who are new to electric mountain bikes can make some mistakes unconsciously, and we used to publish a blog about the 5 mistakes you should never make with an ebike. Of course, there are other mistakes that an ebike beginner can possibly make unconsciously. In this article, we will continue to share with you xx those mistakes collected from Magicycle Owners, just keep up with us.

1. Try to do too much

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This may be a phenomenon in North America, but it is a little bit strange that ebike commuting is kind of wrapped up in fitness and macho culture. Actually, we often hear from ebikers who want to commute with ebikes but are worried that they can meet these unwritten requirements from other cyclists, like what if their commuting would be short, or they don’t have the appropriate gear. To be honest, reaching those so-called standards does mean you are a real ebike commuter.

Therefore, just stop listening to those people, there are no specific rules for ebike commuting, and all of you guys are welcome to try it. Whether you are going to do it for saving parking fees, your fitness, mental health, or climate change, just get an ebike and give it a shot if you really want that. Also, if you are not sure which ebikes to have, Magicycle has many spots in America for you to have a test ride, check the link below to see where they are located.

2. Overload

We found out that many people who want to start ebike commuting tend to buy a whole bunch of new stuff and gear, like GPS trackers, bike suits, panniers, etc. Of course, if you have money and love doing that, just go ahead, not a problem. What I mean is that it is not a requirement if you just start to ride an ebike. All you need may be an ebike and a pannier bag where you can put your stuff. And hopefully, you can develop a habit of riding electric bikes for adults finally, and I think that is the time when you need to figure out which ebike gear to get to improve your riding experience.

3. Select A Route

Basically, there are multiple ways in most cities to get to a destination on an ebike, and these ways are definitely more than you do with your car. If all you’ve been doing is driving a car to a specific destination, you may have a so limited mental map of your cities. Therefore, we think that it is really important for you to keep experimenting with the routes and looking for routes that have less car traffic, parks, and trails that are not on most city maps. There are just some cool ways to get around on an ebike. Sometimes you can just find a beautiful route, and in different seasons you can find different. In wintertime, if you live in a city with lots of snow and ice, it is going to be a great experience. The key point is just to keep experimenting, and it’s worth the time to maximize your efficiency and your pleasure.

4. Dress like a cyclist

Magicycle Cruiser

There is sort of 2 approaches to ebike commuting, one is to wear your regular clothes, ride slowly in a relaxed manner and enjoy the experience, the second way is going to go quickly for fitness. In my opinion, neither one requires you to dress like a cyclist. In the first scenario, you just need to wear regular clothes, but in the second scenario, I would like to say that it is better to wear athletic clothing instead of cycling clothing as it is more practical for an ebike commuting. You may need pockets for your cell phones, keys, or wallets, or you might want long sleeves to keep the sun off your ski. We don’t mean to judge anybody for wearing cycling clothing, but there is a wrong perception out there that you are not a real ebike commuter if you just wear regular clothes. I don’t think that’s true as what works for you is the right thing you need.

5. Use a backpack

Pannier Bag

A lot of you may tend to use a backpack while ebike commuting. It’s fine as you can put your stuff in it and it is convenient. However, when it comes to hot weather, a backpack could lead to your sweaty back. This is annoying especially when you still have your backpack on your back, sticky and uncomfortable. And you are likely to get a cold facing blowing wind. Nobody wants to get sick while they are trying to have fun by ebike commuting.

6. Think about speed rather than efficiency

When ebike commuters first get started, they tend to go as quickly as possible, but we found out, that what is more, is efficiency, and I mean this in two ways. One way is to think about transportation efficiency. Being on an electric bike is just way more efficient than a car in downtown areas. Going for lunch, for example, whipping out on your ebike is way faster than looking for parking in a car. And efficiency applies to your ebike as well. It’s tempting to go very quickly, but you need to have the right ebike that can help you get to your destination without ending up with a sweaty mess, like the Magicycle Ocelot Pro. And this is way more important.

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