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5 Tips for Riding Electric bikes in the Rain

Riding an ebike can be a fascinating way of commuting, especially when the weather is fine and pleasant. However, what if it is rainy weather? Actually, we don’t recommend you to ride ebikes in such bad weather, but sometimes you just can’t avoid this situation. In this case, you have to know how to stay safe while riding in the rain.

In this article, we are going to share with you some essential tips to ride ebikes in the rain.

Can ebikes be exposed to water?

The answer is yes. Most electric bikes for adults in the market are lightly water-resistant, and ebike manufacturers will provide the waterproof level of their products as well. Some of them may tell you that their ebikes for sale are water-resistant without telling you the waterproof level, but you are still not supposed to soak your ebikes in water completely. (I know most people would not do that.) Anyway, light water exposure for ebikes is acceptable.

5 Tips for your ride in the rain

Once you have to ride your ebikes in the rain, there should be a lot of things you must be aware of, let’s check the xx tips below to keep you safe along the way.

1. Install a headlight

Riding electric bikes in the rain always means low visibility. You won’t be able to see things around you clearly in such circumstances. Moreover, even though it is bright enough to allow you to observe the road situations, the rain blowing right on your face would have a huge impact on your sight.

What is more dangerous is that you have to share the road with many four-wheeled vehicles, including those big trucks. With limited visibility, it could be so dangerous that you may get involved in road accidents.

To choose a headlight for your ebikes, some points should be taken into consideration. First, it should be bright enough to show you the road ahead. Second, since you are to ride in the rain, the headlight must be waterproof. Third, its battery should be large enough to avoid frequent charging.

Fortunate for you, Magicycle’s LED Headlight can run up to 18 hours. Of course, it is waterproof and bright enough for you to ride your ebikes in the dark. Also, it is 360° rotating, making sure you won’t miss any blind spots. Check the link below to get more details


2. Bring Waterproof Accessories

Most people bother about riding ebikes in the rain because they don’t want to get wet or catch a cold. Also, except for your ebike, it could be quite annoying for your own stuff to get wet, such as your phones, clothes, shoes, or something else. Whatever they are, you just need a waterproof bag to store them.

Magicycle has a waterproof rear rack bag that comes with a rain cover, providing double protection from water. Also, it is expandable and has a large capacity of 35L after expansion. The multiple pockets and built-in compartments inside allow you to better organize your belongings. Check the link below to get more details:


3. Apply brakes earlier

Under dry weather conditions, your ebike brakes can work normally. Even though you brake suddenly, it won’t be a problem. However, when it comes to riding in the rain, you are not supposed to do that as usual.

The wet roads on rainy days could make it more difficult and dangerous for you to get to a complete stop. Although many of your ebikes like Magicycle Ocelot Pro are equipped with hydraulic disc brakes, you are still recommended to brake early and steady instead of braking suddenly as it will make your ebikes skid to a halt. You don’t have to take that risk.

4. Make sure drives can see you

Like I said above, the visibility is really low while riding in the rain. Not only should you be able to see things around you, but you have to make yourself visible to people, especially drivers and pedestrians. Once those drivers around you can’t see you clearly, you may get hit badly.

To keep yourself visible, you can install tail lights on your ebikes, which can warn the cars behind you while braking. Of course, there are smart bike helmets on the market. They have an automatic light-sensing warning light that can warn the cars behind while you apply brakes, just like a tail light.

Shop: Tail light, Smart bike helmet.

5. Maintain your ebikes completely

Last but not least, remember to maintain your ebikes after every ride in the rain as your ebikes may be damaged under such a condition.

Basically, there are 3 steps. First, you need to clean your ebikes completely, but one thing you should avoid is never jet washing your those electric components like batteries, motors, and smart controllers. Second, you can oil the chain as rain will wash off-chain oil, which would have a huge impact on ebike performance. Finally, make sure your batteries are dry. Even though they are lightly water-resistant, it is not beneficial at all to keep your batteries wet. You can just use a dry cloth to wipe off the water.

Also, there are more details about ebikes maintenance, if you want to know more about that, check the blog below:


Alright, these are the tips for riding ebikes in the rain. If you really need to do that, keep it in mind that your safety is always the top priority.

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