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5 Mistakes You should Never Make with an Ebike

When it comes to riding electric bikes, there are many things you can do, such as riding to a park to have a picnic or to the beach for the sunset. I believe for most of you guys, ebikes can lead you to a happier and more pleasant world.

However, do you really know those things you can’t do before taking your fat tire electric bikes for sale out? Since electric bikes are not regular bikes, there are still some points you need to pay attention to. So in this article, I will tell you 5 things you should never do to your ebikes. These mistakes may be easily made by ebike beginners, just stick with us.

1. Avoid washing ebikes upside down

Fat Trie Ebike

Sometimes when you ride off-road or just on dirt or sand, your ebikes for sale will be dirty. I know it might be quite tempting to put your ebikes upside down so that you can clean your drivetrains, wheels, tires, and things like that easily, but this will possibly fill your ebikes with water. Here is the reason: normally, most ebikes are manufactured with drain holes at the bottom. You can check that on your own. One of the purposes of the hole is to allow that water to drain out naturally with gravity when you are washing your electric bikes. However, if you wash them upside down, chances are they will be filled with water and the water won’t be able to drain out naturally.

No matter how waterproof your ebikes are, this way will damage them definitely because they are just not supposed to be filled with water. Take iPhone as an example, even though your iPhone 13 is waterproof, will you put it in the water for 24 hours? Not really, right?

So what is a proper way for you to wash your ebikes? You can get yourself a hose, a bucket of water, and a brush to wash your ebikes. Some of you may choose to use a powerful jet wash, but it is absolutely improper because its strong power could wash things off like some loose ebike components. If you want to know more about ebike maintenance, check the blog link below:


2. Don't leave your ebike battery empty after a ride.

In fact, one of the worst things you can do for your ebike batteries is to leave them empty after a long ride. Sometimes you may forget to charge your ebikes and put them aside. It is okay if there is still 60 or 70 percent left for your battery. However, if they are empty completely, then leaving your electric bikes without charging them will definitely impact your battery's health because it will possibly make your batteries work improperly.

Therefore, before putting your ebikes in storage for months or even weeks, you can charge them back up to 60 or 70 percent, which is quite enough.

3. Leave your ebikes on charge for longer than they should be.

No matter which devices you need to charge, you may forget to unplug the chargers occasionally. This also applies to ebike charging. Sometimes you might leave your electric bikes on charge for days, even weeks. And leaving those chargers connected to your ebikes isn't a good thing at all, even though there are many smart chargers on the market, which will turn off automatically once the battery is full, This is because even if the batteries discharge only 1%, smart chargers will normally restart automatically. And the cycling will happen over and over again if you are really going to keep them charging for a long time, which will hurt the batteries as well.

To avoid this situation, you are recommended to use the timer on your cell phone and set a 4 or 5-hour timespan.

4. Never contaminate your disc brakes

ebike discs

It may not be easy for you to notice that, but the discs of your brakes are easily contaminated, even only touching them gently with your fingers can cause contamination. The reason for this is with contamination on discs, there may be squealing and consistent noise whenever the brakes are applied. And this will also weaken the braking force more or less. Therefore, don't get into that habit of touching them or spraying anything onto them at all. However, even though you don’t touch the discs, they will still be contaminated more or less, which means you are getting less braking force day by day.

5. Ignore the need for supplies

Ebike Pannier Bag

Some riders tend to take nothing with them when they are planning to go out for a long ride. Obviously, it is not recommended. There are always urgent situations where you need tools or spares to get you out of trouble. Moreover, when it comes to food and water, you need to take more of that than you expect. There is nothing worse than feeling hungry and dehydrated when you are riding out for a long time. And once you feel exhausted and hungry, you will lose interest in your long ride.

Therefore, before your long ride, remember to prepare yourself a pannier bag that is large enough to store things needed. Here I recommend Magicycle Pannier Waterproof Bag, which is 20L and compatible with all the cycling necessities like thin clothes, shoes, toiletry bag, laptop, bike repairing tools, etc.

There are 5 tips for you, especially for beginners. No matter what kind of rider you are, safety is always the top priority.

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