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5 Benefits of Ebike Commuting - 2022 Buying Guide

It has been discussed so many times how a Magicycle Cruiser electric bike benefits while going out for hunting, exploring unknown places satisfying your curiosity, conquering hills, or getting yourself in shape from riding. However, there is also another extra electric bike that is worthwhile spending some time on. Around the country, workers spend more and more time commuting as a regular base. According to the statistics conducted by Census, in 2019, the average one-way commute in the United States increased to a new high of 27.6 minutes. This could be an entire hour in the car & subway every weekday. If you live in a big city like New York or Chicago, you may also have to endure bad traffic and a subway that can squeeze you into a breathless environment. Therefore, have you ever considered riding an electric bike for your everyday commuting?

As a matter of fact, electric bikes have become a mainstream mode of commuting in many countries. In Amsterdam, during rush hour alone, the bikes/electric bikes are twice the number of private cars on the road. Talking back to the United States, we’ve also recently seen a significant increase in riders looking for a strong quality ebike to become their primary ride for commuting. Indeed, we understand not everyone can have the chance of enjoying riding an electric bike, especially commuting from a suburban area. However, for those who are able to ride an electric bike to work, there are definitely some obvious advantages for them.


For the majority of people, this aspect really benefits them a lot. With the rising international fuel price in 2022, riding an electric bike can not only bring you a different and wonderful experience but also save a lot of transportation expenses for your family. As I mentioned in our previous blog, Americans use 562 gallons of gas a year on average. It means every American will spend more than $2400 on gas a year. But how about with a bike with electricity? Perhaps only the cost of one cup of Whisky.

What else? Maintaining a car and an electric bike also differ a huge gap. With so many components equipped on a car, going to the car retail store for maintenance is also an expense that has to be ignored. However, what do you need to do to keep your electric bike in good condition? A tool kit is enough. Concerned about your manipulative ability? Magicycle provides you with a 2-year warranty.

Getting In Shape

Getting fit with Magicycle

For most people, you'll be at the office for most of the day and will be sedentary at your desk. We do know that regular exercise is very crucial to our physics and well-being. Making time for it can be a challenge for most people. Riding an electric bike is an easy way to get in shape without doing a day for nothing. You've already spent that time, maybe even more, in the car you're driving to and from get off work. Why not make better use of your time by doubling down and using your commute time as your workout time? Cycling to work can have significant long-term benefits for your health. It looks like a piece of cake to us.

Less Pollution

As part of your physical health benefits, it's also important to mention that commuting on fat tire electric bikes for sale can make you feel more energized and ready for the day than if you just cycled. It turns out that exercising and spending time outdoors can help you be more alert and awake throughout the day.

This may be undeniable but is as well as important that riding an electric bike is able to reduce the carbon emissions and environmental impact compared to driving a car as our homeland Earth is already full of damage. Fat Tire Electric bikes never emit any detrimental gas and could help dramatically improve urban air issues which are pretty serious in major cities in the world. Besides that, as an electric bike’s size and weight are much smaller and lighter than a car, it won’t damage the main roads of cities and the countryside. And an electric bike doesn’t require the same quality of roads as cars. It could bring you to the final destination everywhere.

Better Mental Health

Better mental health with Magicyclebike

We have discussed it thousands of times that riding an electric bike can help you boost your physical health just like regular bikes. But it assists you for your mental health too. Getting outdoors gets your blood flowing, allowing your brain to practice motor skills, and elevates your mood. Riding an electric bike to work is more fun than sitting in a car stuck in traffic. Riding an ebike or scooter also makes it easier to stop quickly en route. Also, you can interact with other cyclists and pedestrians.

Many people who commute by ebike report that they are happier and in a better mood at getting off work than when they commute by car. This usually results in a more enjoyable and productive day for the rider. I don't think anyone would object to working happily and eager to get through the day.


What is the thing that you care about the most when you are on your way to the office? Time. Most Americans spend more than 30 mins on a one-way commute. Terrible traffic, crowded subways, and buses are always puzzling every commuter. However, with an electric bike, you can get rid of these problems. Very few traffic jams when riding an electric bike to work. If your commute is mostly on bike lanes, crosswalks may be your only traffic jam. Even if your commute does happen on the road, you're usually able to (safely) navigate the long lines of crawling cars with ease.

Overall, it’s obvious that so many advantages of ebikes for sale can be seen. Therefore, for those who are able to commute with an electric bike, we highly recommend you to switch your cars to ebikes and start enjoying your daily commuting!

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