May 26,2023

5 Bad Habits to Break to Become a Better Rider

There are an increasing number of riders as the electric bike market has been growing rapidly. Whether you are an ebike expert or just an amateur, or no matter how long you’ve been riding electric mountain bikes, there must be certain bad habits you possibly slip into. These bad habits can affect both your performance and riding experience. In this article, I am going to list the most common bad habits below and tell you guys how to break them. Let’s see if you’ve slipped into anyone of them.

Use wrong gear while climbing hills

Magicycle cruiser pro

One of the most common bad habits of riding an ebike is choosing the wrong gear while climbing hills. We all know that the higher speed gear you get, the harder you have to pedal. And if you are climbing hills with the highest gear, you have to pedal twice harder than you do on smooth roads or streets. That is a waste of energy.

In this case, we suggest that you use PAS with the lowest speed gear. Magicycle Cruiser Pro has a 750W 96Nm powerful motor. The 7-level PAS allows you to climb hills easily and effortlessly. With a Magicycle Cruiser Pro, you won’t feel that you are running up steep hills and slopes with the highest level of PAS and the lowest speed gear.

It is not that simple to climb hills with an ebike all the time. Here we got a blog to tell you how to climb hills on Magiyclce Electric bikes for adults. If you are interested, just check the link below:

Never maintain your ebikes

maintain your magicycle ebikes

There are many riders out there who never maintain their ebikes the first day they receive their electric bikes. Many riders think that ebike maintenance is quite unnecessary as their ebikes seem to work normally. However, this bad habit will make your bike rides more dangerous and less pleasant.

Ebike maintenance is critical to your safety. If you just leave your ebikes alone and wait until some components pop out, your ebikes are likely to be broken, or worse than that, you will get injured.

Also, ebike maintenance can help you spend less on repairs by finding problems beforehand. Therefore, make sure you carry out regular checks and maintenance for your ebikes, such as tightening any loose components and lubricating your chains. Want to have more details about ebike maintenance? Check the blog link below:

Set up a wrong seat height

Magicycle pearl white cruiser pro

A wrong seat height can lead to different kinds of discomfort. For instance, a too high or low seat height can put much more pressure on your knees, causing injuries if it lasts for a long time. Moreover, your lower back will be painful with an incorrect height.

So, how do you get an appropriate seat height? The most common thing is that people set their seat height too low. I don’t think it is a bad choice for those who just start riding ebikes for sale, just don’t keep that position for too long. And for the rest of you, here is a method for you: put the heel of your foot on the pedal. make sure your knee is completely locked out when your foot is at the bottom. (The pedal should be at the bottom as well.) Next, adjust your seat to the point where your heel nearly loses contact with the pedal at the bottom.

With a proper seat height, you will have a slight bend to your knees as you spin the pedals. If not, your seat height may not be adjusted properly.

Put your headphones on while riding

A piece of music can make your bike rides much more relaxing and pleasant, but it could be quite dangerous if you can’t hear the outside world with loud music. The worst situation is that you are not aware of the cars in the blind area of vision and get hit.

To prevent potential car accidents, you’d better not put on your headphones while cycling. However, if you can’t really ride without music, there are headphones specially designed for cycling. You can check them online.

Break the law

A lot of people hate ebike riders because some of them would not follow the traffic rules, disrupting traffic order. Wherever you are, breaking traffic rules could be dangerous and tarnish the image of all ebike riders.

Some bad habits like running a red light are really common even though the number is decreasing year by year. This simple move can have a huge impact on many drivers, especially when you are in a morning rush.

Moreover, there are a lot of mad drivers out there who don’t care about your safety at all. They won’t slam on the brakes for your life when you are running a red light. Therefore, for the safety of both yourselves and others, stop doing that.

These are the most common 5 bad cycling habits for most riders. Of course, there are still all kinds of bad habits left, like putting excessive loads on the rear rack or never pumping your tires. In my opinion, the bad habits listed above are much more vital and significant and worth your attention. I believe your ebike riding will be improved a lot after breaking all these bad habits.

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