May 26,2023

Top 4 Tips for Your Ebike Maintenance in 2023

When it comes to riding your electric bikes smoothly, ebike maintenance is a must. There are so many parts for ebikes that need to be looked after periodically. It may be kind of troublesome and complicated for many riders or those who are rarely involved in ebike maintenance but don’t worry, as you click in this page to read this article, you will learn how to do ebike maintenance.

Top 4 Things to know to Do Ebike Maintenance

here are gravel ebike, road ebikes, commuter ebikes, Cruiser electric bikes for adults, etc. Even though they are different in terms of their functions, those differences won’t make a huge difference when it comes to ebike maintenance. So, check the things you need to know below before ebike maintenance.

1. Regular Cleaning

Cleaning ebikes

This can be the most basic step, but don’t underestimate its effect. Normally, it is not recommended to leave your batteries and motors in the water. Therefore, you can prepare yourself a hose, a bucket of water, and a brush as well to wash your electric bikes. Some of you would like to use a powerful jet wash, but it is absolutely improper because its strong power could wash things off like some loose ebike components. One more thing to avoid is that never ever wash your ebikes upside down as your ebike will be filled with water and it will not drain out naturally. For more details about it, you can check out the video below:

Regularly, it is reasonable to wash your ebikes 2-3 times a week. However, you can change that number according to your riding conditions.

2. Chain Oiling

the chain of Magicycle Cruiser

The chain of your electric bikes should be oiled and lubricated on a regular basis, but how often should you we do that? That depends on the condition you ride in. For example, if you ride on clean tarmac or city streets, you will need to oil your chain less frequently compared with those who always ride in the mud. There are 3 steps for you to oil the chains of your electric bikes.

Step 1: Cleaning

As you ride your ebikes many times, the oil on the chains must carry much dirt or sand, which is one of the factors that makes them less smooth. Therefore, you can just use a cloth to wipe off the dirt on the chains, but don’t use heavy degreasers or strong cleaners, which will wash off the protective and useful grease on the chains.

Step 2: Oiling

Once you finish cleaning the chains, you can start to oil them, just spin the chain while applying a drop of oil to each link of the chains. In this step, you need to make sure those drops of oil are applied to the inner side of the chain. This is going to distribute the oil evenly. 

Step 3: Wipe off Excessive Oil

With too much oil on the chain, dirt and sand will come back again. Thus, you can leave the chain alone for a few minutes after oiling, then use a cloth to wipe the excess oil off. 

If you don’t like oiling chains because of the grease, then you can choose Magicycle Commuter. It is belt-drive and doesn’t need maintenance at all. Also, with a durable belt instead of a chain, your rides will be much smoother and quieter. Check the site below to get more information about Magicycle Commuter:

3. Tires

Kenda fat tires from Magicyclebike

Wheels and Tires are essential parts of an ebike because they propel your ebikes forward, therefore, you need to make sure your tires are inflated and move smoothly. Also, there are 3 steps for you to do that.

Step 1: Keep Your Tires Inflated Appropriately

Check the psi level of your tires before every ride. That’s because tires that are underinflated will not move naturally or smoothly. Moreover, underinflated tires will make it much more possible for you to have flats. 

Step 2: Get Yourself Prepared for Flats

Actually, if you ride out all the time, things like flats will inevitably happen, so it is more reasonable for you to prepare for that. Usually, you need to carry a spare tube, a mini bike pump, and a patch kit so that you can keep riding with a replaced tube or a patched-up tube.

Step 3: Get a pair of  Replacement Tires

There must be situations where you can not fix your tires. However, most electric bikes for adults are heavier than regular ebikes for sale. It is not fun at all to push your ebike back home. Therefore, getting a pair of puncture-resistant tires is strongly recommended.

4. Battery Maintenance

Magicycle large 20Ah Battery

Finally, let’s talk about battery maintenance. To maintain the longevity of your batteries, it is recommended by most manufacturers that you should keep your ebike charge on the battery between 30% to 75%.

The other consideration when you are maintaining your batteries is your charging port. You need to keep it clean all the time in case there is sand and debris getting into it. That is true for most riders who are always riding off-road or on those uneven and rugged terrains. For more information about battery maintenance, you can check this video:

Last Words

There are still some other things about ebike maintenance besides the battery, chain, tires, and cleaning. Whatever they are, ebike maintenance is something that you can’t ignore or underestimate if you want to keep your electric bikes performing perfectly. Of course, this is not only for the performance, but it can extend the life of your ebikes. For more useful information, just stick with Magicyclebike.

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