magicycle bike reviews May 26,2023

Thin Tire Or Fat Tire?

A while ago a friend of mine said he wanted to buy a bike, but was struggling to choose fat or thin tires. Thin bikes look lighter and more nimble, while fat bikes look cooler and more durable. This may be a question that is difficult for many people to decide. In fact, it's best to choose the tire that suits you best, that will faithfully carry you over a wide range of time and space, quickly, comfortably and smoothly.

But even so, I want to highly recommend the fat tire bike. why? Because it is suitable for modern life with a variety of riding needs. We may first come to know and ride the thin tire bike, which is light and suitable for beginners to learn; but gradually, it may not meet our more needs: we want to ride in spite of in rain and snow, expecting stronger powerful bikes; even sometimes we want to go to higher mountains, wider open fields, and experience more travel on our bikes. And in these times, fat tires are the best choice!

Of course fat tires!
Fat tires are a result of advancements in wheel technology, bicycle tires that are much wider than regular tires and can be used for riding on a variety of terrains. Leaving your bike tied to a tree and going the rest of the way on foot to prevent pedaling your way out of a hole is now history. Thanks to the extra grip the wide tires provide, no surface will be a match for the wheels. Fat bikes are extremely appealing to cycling addicts that do not allow anything to confine them to indoor activity. Fat tire bikes provide improved grip and traction on the most troublesome terrain. Regardless if it's wet stone, muddy paths、sandy beaches or snowy hills, these bikes will take you anywhere.

Fat tire ebikes are likely to adjust to any kind of weather, which is just perfect for the energetic you. They will not slip on wet stone or asphalt. Neither will they sink in mud or snow, making them the perfect means of transportation to get from one point to another, especially when public transportation is not running. Also, since they weigh more than regular bikes, fat tire bikes are very likely to resist strong winds, without endangering the rider.

Beyond that, fat tires don't need to be inflated very much, as they provide high comfort standards at lower tire pressure. The pressure fat tires can support can go as low as 15 or 10 psi, maybe even lower.

Is there a shortage of fat tires? 
Even with all the flashy advantages, fat tires have their downsides, otherwise my friends wouldn't have hesitated in choosing tires. Whether the lack of fat tires is vital or not varies from person to person, but it does exist.

Just because fat bikes are ideal to ride on snow or soft surfaces does not mean that riding them is easy. Many fat tire bikes have only one speed and you need plenty of muscle power to move forward. Furthermore, since the fat tires increase the overall weight of the bike, they also move slower and are more difficult to handle. 

Professional explorer Mike Curiak, who has ridden thousands of miles on a fat bike, said, “It takes me to places that are off the beaten track, and it's impossible for a normal bike to get there.” However, Curiak also said he never considered using the car for regular road use. The huge friction and resistance brought by the wide tread also limit the use of fat tires in conventional environments.

E-bike--The best solution to all the problems
Is it possible to avoid the downsides of a fat tire while enjoying the joys of it? How can this be done? Fortunately, technology has already solved these problems for us. The new functional e-bike not only exerts the unique advantages of fat tires, but also provides a huge amount of power to help us ride with its powerful battery. Like Magicycle e-bikes are a great choice, whether you're rushing to work or want to catch a glimpse of the sunset across the city, an e-bike that combines smoothness and speed will help you. The e-bike with fat tires is not inferior to the practice of one concept, even far more than others: Go farther, ride in more challenging conditions, and have more fun.

Thin Tire Or Fat Tire? Choose the free one with modes you want according to your mood, instead of being restricted.

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